Losi Baja Rey 2.0

Check out the Losi Baja Rey 2.0 here:

This is the world's newest RC car this Is the Losi method Ford Raptor Baja Ray 2.0 I love the metal body it's gonna Make it way more durable to hold up to Crashes especially on 3s the lights are All over this truck the light bar up top Has individual bright LEDs as well as Some hidden lights down front and of Course we have a rear light bar the Tires themselves have been upgraded to Be way more durable to the less Forgiving 3s speeds of over 50 miles an Hour I love that Losi does a great job Hiding the battery down underneath no One would know where that was with the Hidden battery plug and on off button The last thing is two in one the hidden Roll cage under the body panels on this Thing are amazing and of course look at These shocks the movement on that is Insane this thing is definitely made to Off-road and hit 50 miles an hour the World's newest RC off-road vehicle will Be linked in the bio for you to check Out yourself

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