Made In America RC Eagle Airplane! #rc #airplane #america

[Music] And now Full Throttle oh looped it you did I saw it I Recently had one of the greatest RC Experiences of my hobby Lifetime and it Just so happens to be one of the Cheapest this airplane that looks like a Cool little eagle with RC sailor Stickers was a flat piece of foam just a Couple days ago and it only took me Under an hour really taking my time to Put it together that's with the Electronics and everything that's very Cool but I also made a flying squirrel For Abby hopefully you like that little Tail there Abby in the googly Eyes aby's got the flying Squirrel and There She Goes we have a Flying squirrel with googly eyes I can't Believe how good you're doing with this By the way thanks it took me a minute That's why I was pretty quiet I just had To really first of all it's been a while Since I've had a plane

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