$170 Chevy Silverado Remote Control Ride on Car! – Funtok RS03

Check out the Ride on Car here:
Save with code (ex. 11/30/2023): BGUSRD15
This is a budget friendly ride on that comes with a parental remote control that can override any input the child may put into the vehicle. Normally this RC ride on cost $270, but with our code you save $100! This is a licensed Chevy Silverado ride on truck. Let us know your thoughts about this RC ride on car in the comments.
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Check out the Ride on Car here:
Save with code: BGUSRD15

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I'm always looking for things to do with My two kids and it has to be something That can hold their attention for more Than 5 seconds and these ride on are Something that I have found that have Entertained my oldest daughter for quite Some time so today we're going to look At a rideon that is fairly budget Friendly for the rideon world but it is Officially licensed this is a Chevy Silverado pickup truck and it looks so Good it comes in white black red and Pink some of the safety features I Really like are the three-point harness Plus it has the parental remote control That overrides any input that's Happening on the vehicle so if the kit Is going Full Throttle forward I can Input my controls here and completely Take over the vehicle plus it has this PE button on the controller that will Will completely prevent any pushes any Input from happening even input from the Controller until you push the P button Again still yeah you got too close to The car turn away from it she's [Music] Going another unique feature of this is The fact that it has door safety latches I've had Rons in the past where the kid Can just barely push in the door opens This one has a little safety feature Where you have to press in and the door Opens and then once you close the door

The latch goes back into place so no kid Can just push it [Music] Open This comes completely ready to run with Everything you need to build this and to Run it included in the Box and it took me my husband and with Our two kids running around helping us Less than an hour to build in it was Super easy this takes about 8 hours to Charge and you'll get a little over an Hour of runtime it really just depends On how fast you're driving it speaking Of how fast this has three driving modes That range and speeds from about a mile An hour to 4 or 5 miles Hour no not Good the range on this is actually Pretty good from the remote control Farther than what I would be comfortable Letting my kid Drive now some of the really cool things That my kids love about this Chevy truck Is the rear bed that they can put their Toys in and like little rocks and pine Cones they can find they also like the Lights on the front these are LEDs that You can turn on and Off Night light and the steering wheel runs Off two double a batteries which are Actually not Included to make the cool horn sounds

Which I really Like But my favorite feature is on the Control panel you can pick up radio Stations or you can plug in Via MP3 or USB to play your favorite Songs it is really crazy that you can Buy something like this for the same Price as some of the RC cars we featured On our channel that is mind-blowing to Me now normally this is $270 but we work some RC sailor magic And with our exclusive coupon code down In the description box below we got you Guys $100 off making this car $170 and in my opinion this is a steel For a rideon this entertains our kids For hours and I love these things and if You don't have one for your kids I Highly recommend checking this one out Well for a fun fall day getting to spend The time out here with my kids and Getting to test this RC car it is an RC It's rideon which is really cool to be Able to relate RC in such a fun way with Our kids I want to thank God I also want To say a huge thanks to our Patron Family members your all support means The world to us and we just cannot say Thank you enough I will have one of my Favorite RC videos popping up right About now for you guys to go check out We'll see you over there bye [Music]

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