MAYDAY!!! Military RC Helicopter GOING DOWN! – Eachine E200s uh-60

Check out this RC helicopter here:
Save with code: BGE200S01
This is the Eachine E200s uh-60 RC military helicopter. In this video we check this rc heli out and then take it on its maiden flight. Let us know your thoughts about this military RC helicopter in the comments.
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Check out this RC helicopter here:
Save with code: BGE200S01

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Love how this looks flying through the Air super cool look at that profile with Those missile pods on the sides oh man Look at that aggressive stance looking At us the light on the front is optional I think they sell it with an optional Fpv camera for the front but I don't Know anybody that really does much with That this is just cool super cool you Guys have no idea how happy I am to this Helicopter it looks amazing I've always Loved scale military helicopters from The Huey to the Blackhawk and everything In between and just flying them on Flight simulators video games like Battlefield and Call of Duty and stuff It just is awesome and I think a lot of People feel the same way about it which Makes me so sad that the wheel was Popped off it's not just popped off it's Broken the little metal axle broken We've been through this before yep some Of you may remember this I think it's About a $500 GPS helicopter this is Called the E200 Pro this is the e200s so Is that ising yes they both they both Did I'm so sad and so mad too this one Was popped off and I thought maybe it Was my fault because I pulled it out of The foam a little too fast and it did The same thing and I showed you guys in That video so I took my own advice with This one because it's the same thing Basically except this doesn't have a GPS

And it saves money as far as that goes So I opened it slowly and before I even Pulled the helicopter out I noticed this Was broken so I was very very Disappointed I think like on that one I'm going to hot glue it in place Because that doesn't take a lot of Beating or anything and it should be Able to hold up well but that is very Disappointing to know that it's not just A fluke it's now two out of two that Have broken off other than that I'm Excited to fly this so let's put it in The air and see how it Does whoops got a little Close it's ready all right I like to Take 20,000 steps backwards when you fly Helicopters or anybody for that Matter it's not the biggest deal in the World to have a broken landing gear like That but you know it's not a cheap Helicopter either if this was like a $100 helicopter maybe I would accept That I really wish they could do Something about that it could just be Simplified with maybe putting some Packing under the helicopter uh so that The landing gear don't take a hit if in Shipping it has problems So this one bound much faster because I Didn't have to wait on a GPS lock uh Remember this is the 200s and then we Have the 20000 Pro and I took off from The pro box I'm pretty sure I got the

Naming yes you got it looks amazing Though I love love how this looks flying Through the Air super cool look at that profile with Those Missle pods on the sides oh man Look at that aggressive stance looking At us the light on the front is optional I think they sell it with an optional Fpv camera for the front but I don't Know anybody that really does much with That this is just cool super cool up or Down Nate well just okay you know what My battery might be low I'm Full Throttle uhoh yeah and it said it was Full so I remember I'm I'm about Full Throttle we're just going to see what Happens that's Full Throttle it's Fighting hard you know that happened With this other helicopter too in front Of me I had very short flight time on it Like very short with two batteries it Says it a little over a minute I'm still Up at Full Throttle it got a full charge but that's Full throttle and we're just going to Fight it to the End that's it that I had a short flight On the other one but not this short ah Oh man that's so sad now there's Full Throttle but I don't want it to like Fall out of the sky of course let's just Land it cuz that's it's really sucking That battery Dry oh and we landed crooked cuz we

Don't have a Wheel oh my gosh I turned it off and Didn't film the whole spool down what's Wrong with me we go There it shows 3/4 still something's up Let's just try Again does have different flight modes Because it's collective pitch we're just Flying it in normal n that's That is so weird Abby that's full Throttle and it is just struggling to Get in the air that's Full Throttle Right there can't go any more than that I'll put the other battery in it's Possible we have a bad battery so let's Just put the other one in even though It's not a full charge it's a storage Charge a hold on there did it right this Time it shows a lower battery did you Charge this one no I told you is what it Came with oh okay so storage charg cuz They only charged One Battery this one shows two lights out of Three so I'll be interested to see how It goes let's see throttle Up no look how weak it is oh careful That's Full Throttle so this thing this Thing has some weird throttle issues That's it that's full throttle and it's Coming down most helicopters I've never Had anything that flies like that if It's almost acting like these are old Nickel cadum batteries does that make Sense to you guys lipos generally have

Like a cut off you know they're they're Going and then they don't nickel metal Hydride nickel cadnum they slowly come Down this is acting like these lipos are Nickel Cadnum well we've got to watch the spool Down more than the flight You guys know no matter what we're Always going to show the honest truth Our honest experience even if it upsets Some of you and I'm sure a few people Will be upset in the comments because Maybe and I'm not saying anything Against any other YouTuber but in some ways I am there are Some good ones out there okay but maybe You just got done watching or will watch Soon your favorite YouTuber that didn't Show this issue and so now you think There's a disconnect uh in what I showed And to you I'm sorry you feel that way This was my honest experience and I Tested it with two different batteries Clearly the Fuller the battery is the Higher the performance and as the Battery sags down to 3/4 or so it just Gets weak and that's a real shame Because this is an expensive helicopter And I like it a lot I love the looks of It it's a dream come true type of Helicopter but with that experience I Wouldn't encourage anyone to run out There and buy it because who wants to Pay that kind of money for one minute

Flight time you know maybe there's still A chance I did something wrong but I Don't think I did I've flown these Things for a decade now I mean I think There's definitely some weird power Issue with the batteries and the way it Accepts That Power from them because it Was with both batteries um the Consistency is there and people kind of Get mad when I say this but this Helicopter is linked in the description Box below don't take that the wrong way Some people are still going to want to Buy it or they're just curious to know What it is what the price is what to Look out for and there are people that Appreciate our honesty to an extent that They'll click the link to look at this Helicopter but they'll buy something Else while they're on the website to Support us and show us the love for the Honest videos because that's the way These work we show it it's there you can Click the link to this helicopter it Doesn't mean you have to buy the Helicopter you can buy an airplane or a Battery or watch or whatever while You're on that website and we'll still Get credit for that so to you we say Thank you I also want to say a massive Thanks to God for blessing us with the Ability and the time to get in front of The camera and share these honest Experiences with you guys because not

Everybody will do that some people will Have this short flight and they'll work Out the details behind the scenes And but also there will be some honest YouTubers as well and they may not have The same experience that we had so it's Not to bash everybody out there but a Big chunk of people won't post the uh First bad experience we'll just put it That way and so all that being said Thank you God for allowing us the Platform the support that we have with Everybody that watches to be able to Have these follow through videos to Potentially burn the bridges put those Relationships at risk not only for you Watching but even for our own selves and Our own morals so I'm very grateful A big Thanks goes to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your Amazing support so please consider Signing up for patreon if you like Seeing honest videos like this maybe 10 Bucks a month was worth dodging a $350 Poor experience if you think that cloud Kind of looks like a headless turkey Running pretty Funny I love looking at different shaped Clouds like that don't you I do okay Well this is a bit of a let down I love It as a shelf Queen let me know what you Think in the comments guys should we Follow up if we did something wrong I

Will follow up and you know we will so Let us know we'll have another great Helicopter that is a third of the price Of this that outperformed this one and It's still scale has long flight times That thing is amazing we'll have that Video popping up right about now thanks For watching see you there bye [Music] [Music] Some of you Are let me say that again

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