MORE FEATURES than your PHONE!!! – Most Advanced Scale RC Airplane EVER!!

Check out the Tower Hobbies Seawind here:
This is the Tower Hobbies Seawind 1.4m PNP RC airplane. In this video we maiden this RC water plane for you, just not on water yet. Like the video to see Nate fly this off water!
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Check out the Tower Hobbies Seawind here:
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I've been waiting on the perfect weather To maen the Tower Hobbies sea wind snow PL too let's see can we do [Music] It now I got to commit Oh oh it's got some major red rash it Would have been bad and ironically the Perfect weather for this plane is like The anti- perfect weather I've got wind And snow on the ground so that's kind of Crazy I mean really it should be flying Off water but I want to fly this off of The asphalt today oh no oh I actually Hit the and maybe maybe some snow if we Can't make the snow work we got some Standing water back there that I'm Hoping might wait where are your Pontoons Nate it's you there's a well Let me just show you Okay let's just start off with the fact That this thing is awesome looking it's Unique and it's different and I love That check this out unlike many Airplanes this hinge is opened and Then at the seats that's so cute well Let's see it worked worked at the house There locks into place now the seats are Magnetically held in so you can access Your battery placement and all of my Spaghetti wire mess right there is Hidden by the seats Lego people anyone I'm sure aelia's got a toy or two that Could sit in here but uh our snow is Melting so seems like we're always in a

Hurry we're either avoiding the rain or I want the snow It's painfully cold today yes it Is what that okay here's the cool part Where's my Pones Wind oh those are retracts watch oh man I didn't even see that the plane is the Pontoons or are the pontoons that is so Cool I know I thought when I first got This out of the Box those landing gear Were optional but no they are there to Stay I had no idea I didn't either That's awesome I know I love that and They sit retracts like that how they go Side like that that really cool and it Feels well made to be very honest um so We also have flaps on this puppy which Is really cool the one thing I don't Like about these flaps is that they Share a Servo inside here not a fan of That the uh the lights are very hard to See right now but there are Wing lights And they're Bright there you go and they look good Got some flashes and stuff there's just A lot there's even a steerable Rudder Down there that drags in the water so When the weather breaks and we have warm Weather I'm excited to fly this for you Guys on a lake too and I'll be Interested to see how it actually does On water because you know that's not Super flush and watertight the nose

Wheel up there in the front see that H so I'm just oh by the way that's a Steerable nose wheel too it's very Impressive I I uh I'm way more excited About this than the Tower Hobbies Beaver That came out like the same time I got My heated gloves on today my fingerless Heated gloves if I can remember I'll Link them in the description box people Always ask about them and uh without Further Ado I just want to fly this and See how it does so let's go what a very Unique o I'm glad I checked my elevator Servo it's needs reversed oh my gosh Yeah You get your prop on right props on Right I think we'll find out real soon Oh my Gosh okay we have the worst crosswind Today it's 10 m an hour listen to this It sounds good Listen big fan added some Expo real fast We're clear for takeoff let's Go oh that's nice get those R tracks up Now we'll be fighting some wind today For sure oh my goodness but this should Be able to handle it it is a sea Wind oh that crosswind is bad guys this Is like a big tight because of the Vertical stabilizer it is like a big Sail and then of course the wing tips That kind of droop down those are Affecting wind drag as well so you know It can't slip through the air quite as

Easily as a normal airplane but we're Flying a very different airplane so I've Got to be prepared for that just Maintain throttle if you're ever ever Afraid of having like a wing tip stall Or something throttle is generally your Best friend unless the nose is going Down really cool really cool never flown Or owned anything like this oh look Above me Abby there's a big jet hair Liner right straight above me straight Above me three planes hot I See and uh get a couple F this I like I've wanted something that Is different And just fun and I uh I've had this for A little while just just not too long But it's a newer release anyway and Today I thought it would be perfect day To try I wanted more snow cuz you Know could be a snow plane too let's see Can we do it ha now I got to commit Ohan Out R didn't have wheel got some major Red rash that would have been bad I Don't know if I'm going to do that again Wow today's a good day to do this though It did It wow that's so Cool I want to see Tower Hobbies make a Cool comeback they had some of the best Budget and high performance airplanes For 3s back when I was learning to fly Like a P-51 and Abby's Millennium Master I want to see more of that and

Now this is so unique and different and Really because of how different it is uh You know the price isn't too awfully bad But they usually run full website sales On on their website so you know you can You can just look out for there's Constantly different coupon codes on Tower Hobbies which is really nice and This obviously will be linked in the Description box if you want to check it Out uh didn't get a lot of love when it Came out and I don't know if like the Beaver stole the spotlight because this Might be I think a lot of people look at This plane and think I don't have Anywhere to fly that and I I honestly Thought that too it's a water only Airplane or you can put on these ugly Landing gear if you want but I did not Realize and you know no one told me it's Not been talked about I've not heard Anyone mention this ret Tracks ret tracks this is going to be Very very hard to land Abby I am very Loud Place very nervous about the Landing I'm not doing any stunts on this Today because the wind is so insane my Goal my entire goal with this airplane Was to do what you guys just witnessed So because that was the only goal let's See if we can do it Again oh we like to push our luck don't We at least I Do look at that wind sock back there oh

Too close too close too Close oh man well we did it once and got It on camera so it definitely happened The wind is so bad today this the worst Crosswind ever it hurts it's one of Those days where it just hurts to be Outside I've put the landing gear down I Want to see if I can land no you know What The wind died down so here's what we're Going to do do it one more time oh this Cross wind everybody it's so bad but the Ruining your Plan okay it's actually more of like It's changed you see the wind sock now It's a crosswind for this direction Which I'm not doing it no you know what I'm going to do going to land it right And left on the runway because winds are In my favor so we're going to put the Landing gear down now the winds are Actually in our favor this is just a 3s 2200 so you know I don't know how much I Can push this battery we're going to see If we can actually land it on the Runway no come on baby don't stall don't Stall oh no I actually hit the that's Hilarious I forgot she was There oh my goodness that's hilarious Look at Her Landing she's going to need some More cast oh my gosh that's our stunt Barbie to those of you that have missed The motorcycle videos I saw the front

Shock Abby the front wheel I can't Believe it took that it bounced look at That see it moving you can see that Articulation Watch look at this see that yeah I see Really good I mean it ran over Barbie Just Fine think she might need a neck brace Or something after that one she got Those casts from the motorcycle Accidents when I've got more Cooperative Weather less crazy wind we'll try to do Some rolls and loops on this I wanted to Get it back in one piece today but let's See that Flight oh gosh we're fine we're at 4 Volts per cell we didn't barely use half Of the battery I just wanted impressive Cuz it's so big and chunky big chunky Bulky it's got a lot of drag in all Different directions uh it's not a great A lot of wind flyer but it handled it Okay just so you guys can see here the You only need six channels but the wires Initially had me really confused I Mounted my receiver back here on this Platform they did a great job with wire Management of the creation of this Airplane considering how many servos are Actually in here I'm very impressed I'm A huge fan of this initially flight Performance is definitely not one of the Highest but it's such a unique looker And functionality like you know the

Retracts and there's just a lot of Different things about this airplane That I love I like the IDE aide of the Magnetic removable seats love that Actually because it hides our wires and It's fun too I can get my kids out and Put a toy in I don't think Barbie's Going to fit in there she's way too big But something smaller the front seat in Watch this you think she'll fit in there Oh maybe real close real close I think She busted her other Knee cut her legs off we could do That I have seen guys I have seen guys Shave Barbies off at the waist and put Them in so they'll fit in their planes You know it's a it's a surprisingly big Airplane for the price too I just it's a Big airplane yeah it's big airplane so When I was assembling this airplane I so Wanted the canopy to just come off all All the way magnetically remove you know Uh I didn't like that it was hinged Because my hands kind of got in the way When I was trying to put the flap push Rod in the single servo and I don't love That either I would rather have two Servos and two push rods overall though This was fun I've needed something That's just purely focused on fun for Some time and I think I'm going to have A lot of fun with this plane because of Its uniqueness and this is what I this Is what I want so badly in the hobby I

Know everybody wants to see a B7 bomber Let's see those four Motors like e Flight everybody wants that where is it Or Tower Hobbies let's see you do it but You know unique different fun I love it It just makes me smile it's a head Turner and and just an absolute blast so I'm glad this exists Nate from the Future I didn't even realize this until Way after we recorded the video but Check this out I've been so distracted With the retracts watch the back of the Airplane oh my gosh and it also works of Course it works but when watch when the Retracts come down the tail goes up and Then Rudder still works but it doesn't Move in there magical it's magical this Might be like top 10 planes ever of all Time this is really cool Linked In the Description box below I'll put my Battery receiver transmitter everything That I flew on to help you guys get in The air so if you're looking for like a Ready to fly version of this we'll do That for you in the description box if Maybe this looks like something that's Out of your league let us know in the Comments I'll make a recommendation for You I love talking about stuff in the Comments and making recommendations and Helping people find the right plane for Them so let's hear from you guys in the Comments what do you think of this have You ever flown before are you wanting to

Fly let's get you in the air because I'd Love to I want to say a massive thanks To God because look I've been waiting on A snow day to go play with my toy in the Snow right and I did not expect that to Happen today and then I looked at the Wind and it's forecasted 10 m hour you Get up here that means 15 mph and we Sure had it and then the sun came out And all your snow melted that's it but You know what we still made it happen And I'm going to replay that touch and Go the snow touch and go because it's so Cool and we got it to happen and I Pulled up here thinking not enough snow But a big thanks to God for just Blessing us with today also a massive Thanks to our patreon supporters because We couldn't do what we do as often as we Do it without your amazing support guys If you want to find just a really cool Uh unique airplane because this is so Unique Abby and I will have a handpicked Video popping up right about now just For you thanks for watching we'll see You there bye

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