Most FUN RC Biplane YOU WANT!!! – FMS Pitts

Check out the FMS Pitts here:
Check the plane out at FairRC here:
This is the most fun RC biplane I own. This is the FMS Pitts, and I LOVE flying this RC plane. Let me know your thoughts about this biplane in the comments.
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Check out the FMS Pitts here:
Check the plane out at FairRC here:

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I had so much fun flying this the last Time on the channel I thought we should Get it back on the channel again this is The FMS I think it's a, 1400 mm which Doesn't sound very big pits it's a 6S Airplane and we've got a 4,000 mamp Battery in here we should be able to get About a 5minute flight or so hopefully If I don't crash and uh yeah the last Time I flew this the canopy popped off And so that made it kind of interesting But hopefully that doesn't happen again I think that was user error oh it's Definitely user wa just like that Yeah wa climbed super fast today oh we Got our nice fully charged 6s battery I Think we're just using a 50 SE or so you Know I'm not any uh professional pilot But this plane just looks so good you Might think but I Was I don't even have this thing really Trimmed up it's got some roll still Going but will be okay for this flight Double roll double Loop out here might Even be able to pull off a goodlooking Knife edge that's what we'll try to do On the next pass bring it in kind of Slow over the runway here and then go Into a knife edge after This back Here Abby says this is one of my better Looking uh airplanes that I own and I Think I have to agree with that Especially that right there that that

Knife edge on a blue sky is just perfect It's beautiful that in rolls just do That all day long okay bring and it Would be impressive just because it Looks so Good the rolls do look Nice you got like the the V of the Stripes on the top and then you got the Vertical stripes on the bottom it just Looks good to the eye when you watch That was a really good nice Edge I like That a lot We'll snap it over here Abby I don't Think we snapped it on the last flight So we'll get up some speed here there's Full Throttle well let snap it should Yeah yeah that's a good stap we'll do it Again over Here maybe not I need to climb and get Some more speed work through this with Full Throttle we'll get it over here Snapping it here that's pretty good Little snap that's a little Wild Thing thank goodness for those battery Straps and that tray is nice I love that The battery is on a tray in here uh just Makes it really easy to get the battery Secure before you click it in place now That's been known you know trays can Come undone mid-flight but this one Seems to be pretty Secure touch and go yeah I can do touch And go but it's got to go I feel some Breeze now we're getting a little bit of

A Cross how's how's the inverted fight on This I can yeah okay We'll do an Inverted well you know what we'll do Your touch and go and then maybe try an Inverted Pass little fast little fast we got This oh man you did that last little one On one wheel one G does this not have Flaps no flaps oh [Music] Okay Yeah just a fun plane to fly I thought You guys would enjoy another kind of Little quick flight Video we'll do an outside Loop Here you know what we can do with this Let's do the ultimate Scary here we Go oh always scary to do loops like that But that actually did pretty good I Could have done that lower who likes Doing those when you're flying you're Just level and then then you nose down And commit to it oh I like doing that on Real flight yeah but not in real life Not real Life there's your go Abby oh that was Was that actually on purpose I don't Think it was Semi shouldn't have look like That I am I am Just I'm just a goofy flyer you know I

Try to do things that look good and then Then they don't look good and every now And then I get Lucky what's that called the Skip and go Bounce and [Music] Go just a good day to fly the winds are Pretty low although they're picking up Some now just in time for me to Land just a pretty plain deserved Another little flight I think we maybe Another Manders Here so nice fast fast we got a couple [Music] Here yeah that was better okay so no Elevator input you're going to drop some Some elevator input and you can maintain That altitude a lot Better all right which way am I going to Land which way am I going to land I Really need to land like this facing us Bo that's always terrify crosswind on a Bip plane is hard cuz it's like a big Sail you know it's going to be a little More of a challenge But I'll try to clean it up let's see We'll maybe be at a little bit of an Angle and if I need to I'll go around Kind of come in at a slight angle which Helps there we go that was good and then It did that are you kidding me are you Kidding hey it fixed itself it's all Good oh gosh I'm I'm taking it though And that's the landing that's that's

What the world gets to see hundreds or Thousands of people just NOS I'm Impressed you nosed it and then it fell Back down like it was supposed to a Stunt L that was let's see someone Actually do that inten like I just did Intentionally you definitely did that Intentionally should I do another I Think I got time yes let's do one more Try to clean it up and in this time I'm Going To that's the way our wind is Big thanks To God for getting us out here in front Of the camera today just to share this Experience with you guys and a massive Thanks to our patreon supporters because We might need some hot glue after this Oh slow it Down well maybe we need to land left to Right maybe you need to not be so fast On this one my goodness bleed some speed Off am I out of power I might be out of Power oh my gosh yeah this is it this is Definitely the land all right thanks to Patrons because Nate's going to need to Buy new pits or just some Glue there we go come on don't Know okay all right let I'll put the Voltage of the battery in the comments Or something so you guys can check it Out 3.85 volts per cell but a massive Thanks again to God and our patreon Supporters you guys are the best this Will be linked in the description box

Below and if you're interested in more Airplane crazy videos we have a Handpicked video popping up right about Al just for you thanks for watching We'll see you there Bye

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