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After an embarrassing crash landing, Nate repaired his airplane and is set on achieving a buttery smooth landing. This is the FMS Sabre 80mm RC EDF jet. Let us know your thoughts about this rc edf jet in the comments.
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Check out the FMS 80mm Sabre here:
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The Sun is setting and we have very Limited time but earlier today I had Probably my most embarrassing and as Abby said probably as well my worst Crash at least it's ever been published On YouTube well not your worst crash Your wor landing and I'll take that it Was bad and very sadly it was on my new Favorite RC aircraft this f86 saber this Thing is beautiful so it's really just Awful to crash something like this so We're kind of uh racing against the Clock today to see if my repair job will Hold up in uh and REM you know flying This again after that crash just a quick Quick quick recap I had a bit of a Crunch here split the front of the Fuselage but not bad and I did glue that Back in place my uh ordinances or I Guess just fuel tanks they they snapped Off I glued them back in place my little Cap for the light came off and I tried To reinforce this with a little bit hot Glue that could have been prettier and The worst thing that happened was the Steering servo in here popped out of Place with the two screws that hold it In place but all of the retracts and Everything still function perfectly Nothing got stripped on that nasty hard Landing so I'm very hopeful that that Will hold up well and we can just get Back in the air and fly this again this Evening because it's still

Calm and I just haven't had a great Flight on this yet in super calm perfect Weather and I want to take full Advantage of it so racing against the Clock let's Go there's a lot I love about this thing But again those flaps paired with the Air brakes are just gorgeous and then The tail of the thing I don't know if It's supposed to just like look like a Light or maybe kind of like an After Burner thing you know just uh it just Looks great in the air and I might have Some limited steering now it might be a Little bit soft so I've got to be a Little bit careful on my takeoff and Especially on my Landing but clearly It's steering and that's very good thing So with no wind this is my third attempt On this thing what do they say third Times the charm isn't that right that's What they say Say Okay landing gears up you got those up Fast yeah well I'm trying to really Enjoy this thing and here here's the [Applause] Sound we'll roll it over back here and Bring it back around at zero throttle oh It flies so good you guys but the best Thing about it is the sound for [Music] Sure we snap it Kind of a snap at the top of

That what a beautiful evening to fly on Too I mean this is just awesome this is So Awesome see if I can get a little bit of A show pass and just uh you know it's a Big powerful beautiful thing even though I've crashed it there's a show pass kind Of out There nice if that was closer 1 minute Okay so we're going to probably shoot For about 3 and a half 4 minutes cuz I've got a 4,000 M amp in there and I Think that's a good safe flight time for Sure I don't know if I've done anything Inverted yet let's just go for a nice Little inverted uh pass out here we'll Roll it over and pull it upside Down we'll do an outside loop back Here bringing them back around so I Don't go in the Sun Off that building it just sounds real This sounds Real can't you hear that like right Before it got into it oh my gosh I love This Thing well that might be a real jet back There Actually 2 minutes thank You I love this thing absolutely Absolutely love it it's the best looking Aircraft I own especially foam and They've just outdone themselves on the Attention to

[Applause] Detail one time I'll have to fly this With the um fuel tanks off of It let's hit those air Brakes right now with Flaps well they really affect the flight I mean they I don't know I I think I Just need to maintain some power when I Kick those on you know this is the first Thing in 10 years I've flown that has Airbrakes it's a big deal it's that Might be why I crashed the way I Did they on again I kicked them on and Off I can I saw them go in that's so Cool and the fact that they're paired With the flaps too it doesn't affect it Drastically but it definitely does Affect it three okay listen to This [Music] [Applause] See we've got to listen to Our full traffic and stuff here Too man I like this thing and we'll kind Of prep for a landing here Abby okay so We're going to land I think right to Left because of the sun okay I'll drop The landing gear on this pass so Hopefully everyone can just see it Coming down it's so slow and comes in Multiple stages let's see if we can get The landing gear down right Now I hear it I heard It I really just got to pay attention

Here and try to all right you're at come In maybe at Half half flaps and stuff you're coming On 4 minutes now okay well this is Perfect there's half we'll leave it at That feels good looks Good oh my little skip but we'll save it See that's what I should have done the Last time you can skip it I just I Overreacted the last time maybe panicked I don't know once came in hot yeah yeah Well I was at half flaps and half air Brakes I probably should have been at Full you know I like to touch down it's It's always best if you can touch down In front of your eyes I like to Touchdown as close to us as we can it Looks good on camera but also that's That's when you I think stand the best Chance of having a good Landing but yeah I was a little fast on that so what a Beautiful evening to fly this on this is Just that golden hour it's Just awesome airplane and I think I'm Really happy with my repairs and you Know the crunch in the front there now Just adds more character to the thing so I'm okay with it's been through a battle That's All oh man okay we're good Abby what how Long of flight was that a little over Four so we're at 3.7 on a 4,000 on a 4,000 okay we're at 3.75 volts per cell and that's still

While it's warm off of the jet so 4 Minutes on a 4,000 is really solid on This I really didn't go much harder than That cuz and that's that's not flying Full Throttle so I had a blast hopefully You guys are having fun too let's put Another battery In guys do me a huge favor if you're Going to buy anything FMS we've got two Different links or at least one we'll Have a link in the description box where We throw FMS stuff for you if you buy Something from them will you please let Us know in the comments like hey I just Bought the FMS 1100 mm zero warbird and You know it was on and I clicked your Link before I hit by clicked your link We just want to make sure things are Working properly and stuff and that's a Really good way to do it um just just Our regular viewers and stuff cuz I Figure anyone that's watching now is Like a more regular viewer and you're Awesome so here we go let's enjoy This it's winter Time and I'm not shivering freezing well Actually technically it's still fall it Is wow we Are I don't know less than 10 days away From Winter status I think man it's [Applause] Crazy so yeah I the light's just amazing On this plus I got no sasses on so I Really can't long our

Prescription no you just like wearing Sunglasses at night don't you I don't Trust me I Don't oh my gosh what a perfect day to Fly this started off really Rough and then we Uh got it back in the air same day it Needed that front wheel to steer or I Don't think we could have pulled it off [Applause] What would you have done hand launch it Yeah I'll give someone 50 bucks if I can Hand be so cool there's no way that Would be hilarious there's no way I Think you would have to be running with It you have to run and jump off a cliff That's the only way to do it that'd be Funny I don't know I don't think me and You could do it just because of my Weakness Factor but probably two men Could do It what else can I do with this Abby I forgot to look at my clock what With what time you took off I actually Reset my timer On you hear that echoing off the Building that was the I don't know if But I can man it's the coolest sounding Thing we Own we get a cool new thing and I'm like There's no way they're going to beat That and then something like this comes Out and just just surprises Me woo lost some altitude

[Applause] There really just trying to cook it now You know like get a feel for low and More aggressive Maneuvers This like nope don't it looks so heavy When you try to do like a snap like that Yeah it's a heavy thing this is a very Heavy you can tell very very uh it just Hovers vertically for a long time though Oh yeah watch this let's do it Down let's keep it Vertical Is that Cool it's got some weight to it though All right landing gear come Down cuz we are uh well we're good but I've beening the throttle pretty well Just a little over three minutes let's Try to land her left to right this Time you're Landing yeah flaps and uh Air brakes too man this is going to Disappear Okay Oo butter that was good Nate that was Good that was full flaps and air Braes That one was definitely a Redemption Thank you say Too okay it makes me feel good to go From the way I started today to that Landing I'm like okay I can go home on That and really you can sleep peacefully Tonight sleep peacefully tonight yeah Based on the flights today

Anyway yeah I'm okay with that I'm okay With that it was so bad I even thought Like I even post that video uh but It's just it's out there now I think It's good for people to See boom landed like that Abby I I think It's funny though that when you crash All the professionals come out to let You know how much you did wrong that's You know what though I actually am okay With that and it probably sounds Horrible to you but like if you made Mistakes with baton wouldn't you want Someone better than you to tell you what You did wrong course of course but I'm I'm doing Professionals in air quotes I See they just can't see no there's web Professionals yeah I got you yeah if it Was a real professional of course take Every bit of advice they have I was Being funny without my pun being good I Guess I got to let this kind of settle For a second cuz it's still a little Warm but we're we're looking like 3.75 Volts per cell maybe it's coming down Still just Because it's getting a good reading but We're about 3.7 to 3.7 V volts per cell Now I hate when people base it off of This percentage I just can't stand that But I guess that's fairly accurate Because I probably could have flown for 30 more seconds and you know that's Pretty accurate

So he I you know what is really funny About that last Landing because of these Sunlasses I mean it's dark and when I Dropped below that tree line disappear Disappeared this is this is what Nate Saw see he's flying he's flying boom Darkness and then adjusted just like That my eyes had to adjust as soon as it Dropped below the tree line so I knew I Had to stay in the air for at least like 2 seconds before my eyes would hopefully Catch it it disappeared for about a Second on the gray as with the gray jet I don't know just that it was the tree Line that got me really one of these Days I'd like to fly out to uh like Arizona or somewhere out west and fly in A desert area I've never flown it's a Weird thing to want to do I'd love to do That I'd love to do that and I'd also Love to go to a mountainous area and do Real slop soaring someday that'd be a Blast I I would love that but for now I'm very happy with today's flights and My uh Redemption and recovery and Repairs of this saber it really boosts My confidence a lot because years ago I Was afraid to assemble something as Simple as an Aeros Scout I mean honestly I felt like I had to have my dad do it For me or hold my hand through the whole Process and I'm I'm 35 now so if that Tells you anything you know I just was Afraid of making a mistake and now here

I am putting it's not super complex but With the air brakes and stuff it's one Of the more complex foamies that I have Assembled it in under an hour with very Little complications and flew it in some Wild wind for a maiden and that went Pretty well honestly and I just had a Fluke happen earlier on that last flight The last video you guys saw of this to Repairing my own thing to being fully Functional Again and trying to get some of the Visuals back a little bit it's and then That Landing it's somewhat of a proud Moment for me um and I everybody needs Those in life and so I hope that I hope That you've got one of those coming Around the corner or maybe you just Recently experienced the moment that you Can be proud of too because feels like We've been getting beaten down a lot Lately Abby with some health stuff and Just just stuff just a lot of negatives Lately but there's a lot of good too and I just just want to hold on to this good Nugget and I'm glad that we got it on Camera and we were able to share it with You guys because um you know we all we All trip and fall it's just kind of like How we get back up again really Determines I think who we are and who Our character is so I'm pulling for you And I I hope I hope you had some fun Watching this video and maybe you get a

Little something out of it too and for That I want to say massive thanks to God Because um I I didn't let this one get Me down when this when this incident Happened Abby what did I say I wanted I Just wanted to go home and fix it yeah I Mean to the point of probably annoying Abby annoy me I had stuff to do she had Some stuff she wanted to get done but I Said hey can you watch the kids long Enough for me to patch this together cuz I need this I got to get this done so a Big thanks to God for just giving me the Motivation to get this done and a big Thanks to Abby too for the patience to Let me kind of take the rains and do This and you know eat up the day and Then come back out and fly this again All in the same day so thank you Abby But kiss her it is almost Christmas Time Also massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because today you guys funded The about 20 cents worth of hot glue That I needed to put this back in the Air so massive thanks to all of you Supporting our Channel and please if You've ever maybe you've watched our Videos for a year or something uh it'd Be a good time to consider signing up For patreon we have all kinds of Different levels of support if you want To if you get enjoyment out of our Videos we always have our patreon page

Linked in the description box below they Take very minimal amount from what you Guys are actually um supporting us with So you know it' be a great time to sign Up for patreon we would really Appreciate it last but not least I will Have one of our videos of this or like The A10 or just a really cool jet video Will be popping up right by now thanks For watching see you there Bye

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