BEST LED lights on RC car EVER!

Check out the RC car here:
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This is the DeeRC 1215 RC car. In this video we take this RC car out for it’s first run. These lights on this car and the other car linked below are incredible! Let us know your thoughts about this RC car in the comments.
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Check out the RC car here:
Save with code: 30TRSLD1215

Check out an even better RC car here:
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About a week ago I was blown away by This RC car mainly because of the Amazing lights that are on the bottom of It and a lot of you guys appreciated the Price that we had for this too because Of the crazy sales but it also performed Well and I think looks really cool and I Thought this is probably going to be one Of the best or at least one of the Coolest budget under $100 ready to run Vehicles of the year until this guy Showed up this is by the same brand and Also on Amazon and everything we'll have It linked in the description box below It's a little bit bigger and is Brushless it's completely ready to run And at first glance it does look really Cool now I got to hand it to this one I Do like those shark teeth very well but This black look is very cool Too you know what I don't know why I Thought that was bigger that's about the Same wheelbase and everything but it is A brushless upgrade and here's the great News about this one the lights are the Same on this one as well as the other Now the thing we're losing on this Vehicle is the light bar that was up top But luckily we still have our light bar On the front bumper and the amazing Chassis lights my complaint is That if this is the price it's at why Can't these giant name brands put Amazing lights on their RC's too now

This comes ready to run with this looks Like at first glance a proprietary Battery I didn't tell you guys this About the other one but if you little Telemetry tells you how much juice is in The battery I really like that but check That out that's got a Dean's plug on There that means it is a universal plug You can put whatever battery you want in Here but the casing around this just Makes it fit nice and snug and perfect In there and the great news is it comes With two and a USB charge cable now this Is the newest RC in their Lineup by DRC I think it's amazing the Stuff that they've been coming out with And what great timing right around Christmas time there's that brush motor And we know that because of those three Wires I cannot wait to turn this on and Show you guys the lights in action Because they are amazing and because This is a brushless setup we're going to Do a speed test here and see how fast it Goes and then try to hit the big red Metal ramp and see if we can get some Air on this thing one nice thing too is The batteries are interchangeable so if You loved this one from just about a Week ago and you also love this one the Batteries go together so now you'd have Two cars and four batteries now you you Can probably see a faint glow under the Car but we can change the colors on the

Front of this the headlight we just Press that Button and those lights change color now That's just going on the repeat pattern I love that and then here's the bottom Those chassis lights look amazing we can Cycle through all kinds of Colors but it can pulse Colors and my favorite is this this one I love That that's a good one [Music] Too yeah you know what blows my mind What's That you know the night radian yeah you Have to manually change that on the Ground yet Amazon little thing for like Really cheap has a button on the Transmitter like can do it it's crazy I Don't know why the Kendo have that yet Was night radi not Kendo night I said it Right the first time fully proportional A very cool RC I uh also I checked Throttle duel rate is all the way up Sometimes we do a Speedrun and maybe I missed that boy That does sound loud maybe something's Rubbing it's loud Though that might be one of the loudest Ground Vehicles Abby are you sure it's Brushless yeah it's [Music] Brushless okay the loudest brushless SM I've ever heard to me it sounds like a

Tire rubbing or something let's let's See how fast it went what's your guess What's your guess 25 almost right on the money 23 good job Let's just listen to that for a Second that sounds Terrible a gear is not meshed right Right I agree you garan is messed up on Ours or is it just one it just sounds Like something's Rubbing all right all you Amazing wo careful yeah that that caught The Tires all you amazing car Tinkers what is wrong to make it make That noise why is that so loud I know Some of you guys are crazy like that and Can diagnose from a sound I've never Heard one run that loud before not a Brushless one no man let's listen let's Listen and see like okay visually you Know under the hood I don't see anything Wrong gosh it sounds like something's Rubbing sounds like it's coming from the Front I say it's the back you ready Yeah it's all over it's just like the uh The gearing is something messed up Inside no uh no grease in there Maybe Wheel's wobbling a lot all the Wheels Man you'll have to contact them I bet They'll make it right I'm sure they will Okay that's okay that's another thing

People are saying well what about spare Part listen what you got to worry about Is these companies that don't put a name On their car or whatever like even even I've seen things that'll just say like Brushless RC car four-wheel drive two Batteries and like that's the listing This is is DRC they put their name on The car they're creating a brand for Themselves they're trying to back their Branding right they want the customer Service they want to be established as Like the Amazon RC company and it's Linked in the description box below so Just for the sake of fun we are going to Ramp this a few times too but what I Will do is give you guys a followup and There have been questions of is there Spare part availability well yes there Is but on these newer releases they Don't have like a big parts list yet But if you reach out to them they'll Take care of you I've heard uh you know 99% of people have been pretty happy With their experience so far with these Newer RC's these budget RC's which by The way we have a coupon code down there Too and you might want to check out the Previous one that we did if you're on The fence about this one but I'm Guessing this is just a fluke okay the Way that's running is just super loud And as I said I'll follow up with them And you'll probably see a followup of

This RC just look for that black panther The Crazy Lights we'll do a followup but We're still going to keep keep ramping This and having some fun with it with The understanding that you probably Shouldn't run an RC if it sounds like That we know that or telling you not to But I still want to hit the ramp at Least a few times to make this a fun Video all right let's see what he's [Applause] [Music] Got W he launched it on its Wheels nice Let's see it in Grass not too [Music] Shabby W it flies and it's Landing Nice I can't believe it's taking on the Tall [Music] Grass oh first Flip okay aby's at the controls this Yeah here we go she's going to do granny Mode at First Powers through the grass so this Thing sounds worse than I do I've got I've got some serious congestion going On ah and I tried to talk Abby into Taking the lead on this video because of It but I'm powering through it goodness All right always panic she uh does not Like hitting the ramp toward her I guess I don't know

For me it's easy comes with a wheie bar Too and she's proving why it couldn't Eat it it is fun it's it's powerful look At that being a little rough on this Thing to show durability I think so I Challenged someone to tell me in the Comments that you uh can't have as much Fun with this there you go Abby with This kind of RC look at that now we've got free Spin There as there was okay well just just a Ironic maybe I guess I don't know oh the Grass that was fast I challenged someone To tell me in the comments that you Cannot have as much fun with this kind Of RC as uh you know big expensive name Brand it's just as much fun it really is Granted I love my expensive stuff too This is just still a blast think she's Trying to trim it Up you guys have been asking about this Ramp a lot we'll put the ramp in the Description box if we can remember if Not someone remind us Please no Abby all right back to my this is my car I think I definitely hit my flip [Music] Limit now look here on our Channel we Like to show you guys The Good the Bad The Ugly everything in between and I'm Not telling you run out and buy this as A matter of fact you know it's loud I Want I want to reach out to the company

Because we're one of the first people in The world probably to have this and say Hey what's up why is it running so loud Is that normal hear from you guys too Before I recommend anybody go buy it I Can tell you that the small red version Ran really well and I'm going to highly Recommend you check out our video of That and if you're obsessed with the Lights on these like I am then you at Least want to pick up the red one Because with our coupon code it's like Insanely insanely cheap and we do have a Code for this one too they've just done This thing where they're like super Pumped to be showing their cars on our Channel to our viewers and they're Excited for the new release of these Things so they're giving us like Exclusive coupon codes and I'm Blown Away by that I mean it seems to be Pretty effective I make a dollar or so If you buy the thing through our link It's not like we're getting rich off of It but it helps it's mutually beneficial If you guys like seeing honest truthful Videos on our Channel then there's Multiple ways of supporting us you know You don't have to buy anything you can Just like the video leave a comment Watch all the way to the end it totally Helps us out but if you're uny RC you Might as well use our link or another YouTuber's link one of your favorite

YouTubers use the link it doesn't cost You anything it just helps people like It's the motivation to continue making The videos we have Patron supporters and Speaking of motivation I want to say a Massive thanks to God uh it's it's we've Had we've had such a bad week and by the Time you guys see this you know I might Be recording this a couple days earli or So um but just the stuff with ailia we We've made a couple posts about it if You want to be updated on our community Tab on our channel it's a little more Detailed there but we've had some scares Health scares with our daughter and it's Been just super Scary um but the rock that got us Through this scare is God and the Community built around our Channel and God and I just want to say thank you for Allowing us to speak so freely About this issue and our love of got an Appreciation for life and I think a lot Of you guys find it refreshing too Because not a lot of people will talk About it and um maybe they're afraid to Or maybe that's not the path in life That they're on right now or something But it's definitely not something that I Want to be afraid to talk about with you Guys I just want to say a massive thanks To God for everything in our life the Good the bad but it's just specifically For today in general I'm very grateful

Just grateful for um all the experiences That we get to have together as a family And with you guys sharing this Experience of this video and this C I'm I'm super appreciative finally a massive Thanks again to our patreon supporters Because we couldn't do what we do as Often as we do it without your insanely Awesome support now this will be linked In the description box below but I Highly encourage you to check out the Video that we'll have popping up right About now thanks for watching we'll see You there Bye

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