$200 RC Helicopter Better Than $500 RC Heli? Eachine E135 VS F09-S

Check out the $200 Eachine E135 here: Save with code: BGBEIMEI End 7/31/2023
Is this cheaper rc helicopter better than this expensive rc heli? In this video we show the main differences between these two very similar looking RC copters. Let us know your thoughts in the comments?
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Check out the $200 Eachine E135 here: Save with code: BGBEIMEI End 7/31/2023
Check out the $500 RC Helicopter here:

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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This Coast Guard helicopter has gotten a Lot of attention online I'm talking Millions of views hundreds of thousands On our channel it's crazy and it's Awesome but it's expensive okay that's Like the worst thing going for it is its Price but everybody wants it so we found The helicopter that's not the US Coast Guard but is orange and white and a Four-bladed helicopter for about less Than half the price and we're gonna fly It in today's video and see if it's Worth that asking price we have a Brushless tail rotor a brushless main Rotor and two batteries so that's cool But will it be able to be worth close to The asking price today we're going to Put it in the air and see how it does so Let's fly all right guys for a true Maiden let's fly this thing and see how It does Oh there we go got it down and out Starts the motors this is a helicopter With no instructions Really yeah But that's okay it's a helicopter and There we go so right onto the gate feels Really good [Music] I forgot his hat was back Protecting that neck from the Sun aren't You That's good that's good I like that That's fine really nice that's

Hands-free which is what I wanted to Show you guys that builds confidence you Know I love how the tail of this Helicopter looks so it has altitude hold And that's why it's Locking in rock solid and it has visual Position hold on the bottom so there's No return to home because you don't have A GPS and that's saving you 450 dollars A GPS but so far Feels really nice so let's cruise around A little bit see how this thing moves in Comparison to that Coast Guard Helicopter because guys This is less than half the price we even Have I think there's a light on front See that you see that light it's Probably very hard to see but yeah there It is this is hovering very well you can See the Tilt too that's fighting the Wind that is so cool now because there's No instructions I'm gonna have to push Some buttons and see what happens that's Always scary but we're going to do it For you guys because you know we love Our subscribers let's push some buttons Let's see the left stick that's rates Definitely so it might not look it but We're definitely flying a tiny bit Faster So that's going to be great for fighting Wind I'm liking it and liking it let's push The button again back to rate one so

Sometimes there's three speeds this one Has two low And high a little bit of wind so I'm Glad we're back in high that's the left Shoulder button for those of you that Are going to buy this because I know a Lot of people want to buy this that wind Feels so good it does feel good we've Been cooking in the 90 degree weather Here now for something that's not that Hot but for us it's pretty hot I need to Reduce Fahrenheit Let's do the right shoulder button and See what happens hopefully we don't flip Forward Okay nothing I'm pressing it and nothing This is a very simple helicopter We have some trim buttons down here too I I assume they're all trim I'm going to Hit them and yep that's trim For sure Okay And there's a lock button so I'm gonna Push it even in flight and just see what Happens the lock button I think we all Know what that's gonna do oh I'm gonna Push it it's the only thing that's Labeled do you hate this helicopter no There I pressed it Landing I'm holding the lock oh yeah the lock Button just kills it don't push the lock Button I'm trying to tell you Oh that really locks it okay so if you

Hold the lock button it locks it down And out to start the motor I assume Let's see There yep just press the lock don't hit The like button when you're in the air Down and out starts the motors and then Throttle up this is a very easy Helicopter to fly and if you like the Way it looks now I know it's not the Exact Coast Guard but we're looking at I Believe this is like the coast guard for Another country or something don't hold Me to that but that's that's the Perception I'm getting you know there is No real like labeled information about This it's not a big name brand neither Was the Coast Guard helicopter really That thing fell under a few different Brands and this one doesn't come with The case so you're losing the case in The GPS you're gaining a second flight Battery which seems to be great Performance this one comes with two Batteries and I'll show it to you at the End of this video and if you just want An easy cruising scale helicopter with Flight assistance that is Altitude hold And visual position hold which helps you Fight wind when you're in a hover then This is a great helicopter for you There's a chance a slim chance we may Have a coupon code for you guys too so I Think this is you know remember the Coast Guard one is like serious only six

Seven hundred dollars on some websites a Thousand dollars it fluctuates I've been Working on getting the code for this one But at time of filming I haven't gotten Anything set in stone yet so check that Description box four coat because there Should be one let's see if I can land This a bit smoother Abby rather than Slamming the clock button so let's see What it looks like if I can Just Hover let's let it I'm actually letting It lock in you got to get your hands off The controls for about two seconds and There when it stopped moving from that Drift that was the visual position hold Kicking in so I want to land it closer to us so this One sounds pretty good too I The main rotor sounds great well you're Hearing the whining sound is The tail rotor Right let's land Just Throttle Down Throttle Down we didn't want to prop Wash plus the visual position holding Stuff kind of thought it there for a Half second but that's good and I think I can let off throttle Yeah we're down that's awesome that's a Really good little helicopter why do I Love watching it till the blades stop Don't we all Now this doesn't have a live Telemetry

To the radio and I'll show you the radio Here too but it does have the lights on The bottom of the battery and we have it Looks like about two and a half so it Could just be two out of four little Dots that are lit up to let us know how Much juice is left press and hold and it Does require four AAA batteries my hands Are super sweaty so I don't know if I Can get that open for AAA batteries this Is your rate button it stays centered Because that is your altitude hold just Like back in the day easier to fly Drones a nice scale helicopter the Blades do fold up for storage and Transportation I love the rear end of This helicopter the scale look a little Red LED that we could not see when it Was in the air because it's so bright Out today but yeah a cool scale looking Helicopter That comes with a spare set of main Blades actually four of them in there That's interesting the tail they give You a clear plastic in case you don't Want to see this that would look Actually probably a little more scale And to charge the batteries USB to USBC Which is what's on the battery so I Think the purpose of this helicopter is One that comes in at less than half the Price of this yes this has a bit more Scale detail but we still have orange And white and rivets and black and yeah

Rescue helicopters what does Castilia La Mancha meme guys someone Tell me Google Translate please yeah I Don't know it's probably a location but I what if it's Coast Guard Yeah it could be it could be uh just a Good alternative no GPS this one has GPS No GPS this one has little rubber wheels And scale shocks and sliding door this One's just solid but everyone complains About the price of this but wants it so Here you go that's basically the same Helicopter just no return to home and if You love it we'll have a link to the Description box below and when you click That link and you buy it through our Link it does a couple things it gets you To the exact right thing that we are Showcasing at the best price possible Especially if we have a coupon code but It also helps support our Channel and Our family at no extra cost to you so That's a great system in place it's one Of the best out there remember you can Like this video leave a comment share With a friend maybe if you want someone Else to know about a cool little budget In comparison not that that's cheap Helicopter I I really like it and for Today for today and getting out in this Beautiful weather sharing this Opportunity and this experience with you Guys and with my wife here helping me Out I want to say a massive thanks to

God and if you huge thanks to our Patreon supporters because as you guys Know we could not do what we do as often As we do it without the amazing support Of our patrons so we we thank you guys From the bottom of our hearts if you'd Like to see a comparison to the other Helicopter that we showed in this video So you can see what this is actually Doing versus that one we'll have that Video popping up right about now thanks For watching we'll see you there

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