BEST Performance for LOWEST COST RC planes Brand of 2023

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We love Arrows airplanes. They are a great value. In this video we take a look at a couple of our favorite, the P51 and Marlin. Let us know your thoughts on these RC aircraft in the comments.
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Check out the P51 here:
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Raise your hand in the comments if for Some reason you don't own an arrows Plane because in this video I'm going to Tell you at least in my opinion the many Reasons why arrows is now basically the Highest quality lowest price brand of RC Planes that you can even buy I've had I Think every single arrows plane in the Lineup and these are two of the best Ones depending on whether you're a plane Flyer or a jet flyer now there's a a lot To love about both of these but really Let's focus on that price point because This is a 4S EDF with landing gear a Steerable nose wheel you can pop those Off if you would like to but it actually Has flaps too the normal price of this By the way it does have a Rudder some of These planes don't have ruds around that Price point the normal price of this is About $200 I think they have an extended Cyber Monday deal going on it's only Like 10 or 15 bucks nothing to get too Excited about but in general these are Worth getting excited about we're going To fly this in today's video remember That's 4S now the P-51 comes in at Around $230 it's a 3s airplane and in my Opinion it is absolutely beautiful I Love the fact that it's also got Rudder Because some of these planes in this Price point don't have Rudder it also Has flaps and would you believe it or Not we've got ret trcks on this P-51 now

They have tons of planes not just these But we're going to fly these in today Video and if these were other brands They'd probably be about $50 more on Average maybe more than that I love the Arrow brand we'll have them Linked In The description box below if you want to Check it out and we've got a pretty good Day to fly so I just want to put these In the air and show you why I love them So much so let's fly now the P-51 also Comes with optional drop tanks and they Just slide on and off with the rail System I think we'll fly it today Without those just cuz we have a little Wind and it performs a little bit better Without them I do want to focus in this Video like I said this airplane is Extremely high performance but you're Not having to sacrifice quality for Price and that's where these zpacks have Come in I really like these they tend to Be about half price compared to some Other batteries that I have been using So these are really awesome and if you Buy them in like a dual pack bundle Where we have them Linked In the Description box below you can actually Save even more with that it's just a few Bucks if you buy a couple in a bundle But it is significantly cheaper than Comparable batteries on the market and Super high performance now of course I Had to wear my P-51 shoes while I'm

Flying a P-51 and I know because it's Happened many times in the past people Will ask where I got these and there are Like a 100 different warbird shoes so I'm warning you if I if I send you to This website and there's women's shoes Too just you're going to spend at least An hour there looking at the shoes but I'll link it down there for you guys Okay this is a very cool website so the Shoes are down there ah P51 ones on Asphalt are sometimes hard to take off Right Rudder Wow okay maybe I need a little more Expo I did put some Expo in for this Flight there we go we just got to get it This is a reiden basically guys just so You know and a little bit of right roll Trim so actually I uh grabbed this Receiver out of another plane and threw It back in this plane I don't always With my tactic setup because I don't Have unlimited tactic receivers I'll Have to pull one from another plane and Then throw it in this one and it's like You know it was bound it was trimmed up For that plane planing gear up nice it Was trimmed up for that plane that I Flew on and then I fly this and I've got To retrim it so that's what that Craziness was that you saw by the way This is 3s and I'm flying on about half Throttle right now so it's not even a Thing you've got to

Cook to get high performance out of it That's about a half throttle roll rate And it it's happy right around that it's It's not it doesn't you Full Throttle it And here's what we Go it flies great Full Throttle too Let's go up and even try to snap it just Little P51 snap that was amazing Wow I didn't know it could snap that Good I don't know if I've ever tried That on this one so roll This Way roll This way take it up and we'll snap it at The top here remember this is flying on A 3s battery which is insane chew that Flip down is that cool fun it just flies So beautifully if you want a P-51 that Is just the perfect little throw it in Your car uh keep it in one piece high Performance yeah really casual and fun To fly this is it I mean you can keep it Really scal too you just nice and scale If you want you could throw in a smart Receiver that would give you all kinds Of you know Telemetry and high Performance uh with um what am I trying To say I just heard a radio call and it Distracted me if if you wanted to put a Uh safe receiver in here to give you Um flight stabilization I'm I'm trimming And I'm listening to the radio uh then You know you could but I'm just flying On a nice dumb tactic receiver there's a Handsfree pass what what a beautiful Airplane I love the bright yellow on the

Front of this thing it's got little Touches of red on the wing tips so Orientation for this is just awesome Look at that isin't that just pretty mhm Love love the arrows P-51 in my opinion It's just the perfect size little budget Warbird and it's got the extra bells and Whistles we've got our flaps so we can Hit those flaps where's full flaps he's Back on the throttle we'll try to get a Nice slow pass over the runway here on The next one cuz the wind is coming out That direction I think I think we're Going to try a fun fun landing on this One if I can pull it Off really love this airplane you guys I Mean I it's just a blast of fly I'll Keep it in the air for another minute or Two cuz it's I'm not Done there's zero throttle and full Flaps throttling up throttling Up throttle up flaps up stall yeah I Know a little Scary let's do another loop out here Actually we'll pull into a cubet Probably I should have rolled out lower But Yeah there we Go just an awesome airplane and you know What it's uh it's not going to be in This video but I'll tell you I think Their Trojan the arrows Trojan is the Best little warbird I've ever flown and A lot of people would agree with me and

I want to hear from you guys in the Comments specifically about this brand First of all as I said raise your hand If you don't own any arrows but on the Flip side of that I'd like to hear from You guys if you do own arrows because I Want people to know it's not just my Opinion this is a great brand of Airplane uh that just knocks it out of The park on quality the Assembly of These took me like maybe 20 minutes to Put this together and the uh Marlin Which I'll show you here in just a bit Is like 10 minutes for assembly I mean It they it's high quality assembly Because uh another really well-known Brand is is probably where they're Coming out of in the factory but for Whatever reason they just uh have this Brand too let me see if I can Hammerhead It or sort of there we Go I'll tell you what let's do a fun Landing I'll see if I can pull it off It's been a while uh the wind just Picked up so it's probably not going to Be pretty but I got to try it so Abby Down here we're going to climb up okay This is always really fun climbing up Really high I can kick the flaps on like Right there just do something crazy Bring it don't forget your ret tracks I Know I know that's that's what's going To be fun about this okay so no retracts On yet but watch watch retracts down now

Oh no oh my goodness this wind is you Guys see which direction it's coming you Know what we're going around again gone Around definitely gone around haven't Had to do that in a while woo we oh the Gusts of wind are winter time that's What you get had me Nervous oh man Okay let's not be so show offy this time But we are going to do I got my switches In a different position too because of This tactic so full flaps there okay We're still going to do that and then Right over the runway still under some Throttle there's retracts the wind has Died down some so here we go Aha much better much better and that's The benefit of going around and I tell New pilots this all the time if you Think it doesn't look right don't land Now me because I get it in my head that I it's time to land I forc myself to Land sometimes and I probably shouldn't Have we all do it we're all guilty of it But that's a good example of going Around and saving the plane because Winds can change and and by the way that That tail wheel is steerable if you guys Can see that now doesn't retract but It's Steerable so as I mentioned we're Showing you really high quality for not Bre Breaking the Bank prices and this is A 4,000 milliamp Zack again if you buy

Them in a dual bundle where we have them Linked In the description box you can Save a few more dollars just by buying Two at once and they come in like half The price of like main main brand Batteries So they're amazing this is 120c battery It's crazy high performance I've never Had Expo on the Marlin when I flown it But today I decided to add some Expo so Let's see how that goes we'll go half Laps on takeoff even though they don't Really need It Hey nice still feels really like Sensitive and touchy and maybe I needed More Expo that's Okay I have always said if you're afraid Of flying an EDF the Marin is such a Good first one that might not be the Best trainer EDF that's out there there Are some ready to fly Trainers uh but this one is just you're Not going to break the bank with it and It comes with more bang for your buck Um not accessories but you know uh like Flaps than than some other competitors I Mean if you spent 200 bucks on another Jet of another competitor you're not Going to have flaps and you're not going To be at 4S with nice robust landing Gear steerable nose wheel it's just a Great great great first or just budget Friendly

EDF unlimited climb on 4S and that's What we're flying on and then we can Snap it up there and it's just really Really fun I love the Marlin it was one Of my first Edfs and I recommend it for Anybody can I knife edge this Thing yeah wow nice didn't expect that Cuz it's got a tiny little Rudder back There vertical stabilizer we'll try to Get that closer to the Camera it sounds good too it's 4S I Think what is it 64 mm can't really Remember But nice knife Edge and that wasn't even Full Throttle right into Full Throttle Roll over bring it Around super fun super Predictable easy to see looks [Applause] Great just a very nice sporty flyer if You're that kind of Pilot Yeah [Music] Yeah I could fly the Marlin every day And not complain about it at All you know I don't have it trimmed up Perfectly or anything it's just like I Said I'm swapping receivers and it makes A big difference when you when you fly Something Daily really makes a big [Music]

Difference little skip there but that's All right now the nice thing about this When I took those flaps off you know When we did that on the P-51 it Ballooned up cuz I don't have any Elevator mixed in this one when you hit Flaps on or off I'm not getting any Ballooning at All just really fun to fly which is Probably why I'm just being a little More Quiet I'm just playing around with it I'm just Telling you guys the arrows brand if you Love flying and you're like man what's Happening to the Hobby everything's Expensive well first of all that's the World so sadly we just got to deal with It you know but this brand is kind of Like The Shining Light in the darkness Right now that lets us have high quality Airplanes and not everybody's going to Be into this you got guys that are only Big gassers arrows don't make big Gassers but if you're like me and you're Into electric foies and you like how Quality stuff this is it And their prices are very very fair and Every now and then they'll run a Sale and uh I think right now this one Is on sale for 15 bucks Off hear it uhoh yeah you probably need To land that was wild I forgot to check Your check your time but you probably

Need to land okay we'll land it I forgot That's my job when you fly Jets yeah I love this by the way the P-51 was at 3.81 volts per cell when I Landed it so it was perfect timing could Have flown a couple more minutes but now My batteries are at storage charge by Default and Uh get some throttle on so I don't Stall I love the Marlin I love it it's Just a great EDF it's so awesome it's Not too big it's not too small it Doesn't have really poor tendencies Um it's just a conversation that we can Have in the comment section I want to Hear from you guys that don't own an Arrows plane and I would like to know Maybe why and uh if if you want to vouge For me in the comments anyone that does Own an arrows speak up let them let Everybody know it's a it's a great brand Because it is I forget all the time that This little smart Checker can do my Non-smart batteries too so this one is Currently at 3.7 volts per cell in other Words that was a pretty good time to Land I probably could have flown for 30 More seconds and still been okay you Know I like to keep my batteries healthy And it's it's cold out so of course We're losing probably 30 seconds to a Minute of flight time and a little Performance but these batteries are such High performance I'm really not losing

Much there in my opinion to extremely Amazing airplanes and I challenge you Because you'll be hard pressed to find Anything equivalent for less money That's just where this brand shines now If arrows ever gets a big head and they Increase their prices I don't think They're going to be able to compete with Anybody but they've got the really high Quality for under the average price Point and that's why I'm flying these on The channel today because we're getting Close to Christmas time at least at the Time of release of this video and if You're looking for some good ideas I Promise you test the waters go pick out They've got gliders warbirds Jets small Things mediumsized things things there's A lot over there so whatever floats your Boat give them a shot because the Quality is consistent you know I mean if They put something out that was not so Great might be might be the albatross Cuz it feels underpowered when I hand Launch it but everybody tells me I can Put a 4S battery in that and be fine so I've got to try that in the future but It does feel underpowered on the hand Launch go watch our video and see me Crash it 10 times and you'll know what I'm talking about now hey it feels like I'm reming planes every time I come out And fly and in this case I did because I Yank a receiver out of one plane and

Throw it in another and that's what Keeps these in the air just because Tactic sadly is not a solid uh existing Brand anymore but I've got a lot of Receivers and I love my tactic setup so Anyway having said that it does feel Like I'm remaing which kind of makes Things a little sketchy every time I pop Something in the air and I'm glad I've Got AMA when I do that that's the Academy of model Aeronautics it's an Insurance program for those of us that Fly but it comes a ton tons of other Benefits and guys it makes a really good Christmas present if you sign up the Flyer in your family for AMA because you Know they're going to be insured and It's a great feeling to know that when You're flying but also it comes with a Magazine subscription once a month you Get a great magazine in the mail that Talks about everything or C they keep up With uh you know all the hot topics and Stuff so I highly recommend you sign up For AMA it's about the price of a couple Batteries it's half the price of one of These airplanes and it's a really really Good feeling to have it for the entire Year that you're flying so Linked In the Description box below and man this was Just a lot of fun I loved slapping these Together two airplanes put together in Under like 40 minutes maybe under a half Hour that doesn't happen very often and

I get to come out and fly such a nice Variety of airplanes a warbird and a jet In one video this is a blast I'm Thankful for today I'm grateful for Today and and for everything in my life I want to say a huge thanks to God also A massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your Insanely awesome support guys thank you From the bottom of our hearts now we Made a couple videos recently on the Channel about a few more arrows planes And if you've never flown anything Before one of the planes in that video Was a ready to fly trainer I think That's a really good video worth Checking out there's three planes in one Video so Abby let's get that one ready To pop up for them right about now Thanks for watching we'll see you there Bye Sh

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