DAMAGE REPORT!! Losi Promoto-MX RC Dirtbike

Check out the Losi Promoto MX here:


After all the fun we've been having Everybody's dying to know how well this Bike and the rider and stunt Barbie are Holding up so the bike itself is holding Up extremely well still runs just like It did right out of the box functionally It has not been impacted at all visually We're taking a beating though the driver Himself really it's mainly his clothes And this is from where we're doing front Tumbles and skidding against asphalt so Yes his clothes are taking a bit of a Beating but they're real cloth next you Can see the lean bars are getting Scuffed up one time this little rubber Muffler actually popped off Then obviously what everyone's gonna see Is just scuffs and scratches and sticker Damage all over the bike where we're Really throwing everything at this but Honestly it's holding up extremely well This chain driven disc brake real spoke On the tire RC motorcycle as like no Other that I've ever driven in the world And it is actually holding up really Well it'll be linked in the bio

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