Check out the RC Car here:
THIS RC Car is SURPRISINGLY……TERRIBLE. This is a 1/10th scale RC car but it needs a lot of work out of the box. Let us know your thoughts about this RC car in the comments.
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Check out the RC Car here:

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Very recently on the channel we featured A $70 small RC car and this made an Appearance in the background we told you Guys it'd be on the channel and here it Is this is a 10th scale readyto run Vehicle with a charger and a decent Sized battery 4wheel drive with very Hefty like look at the metal in here the Dog bones and stuff those are very very Hefty metal pieces that we did not have On our iron track spaas this reminds me So much of when happy and I started in The hobby about 10 years ago and I think We paid 160 170 for those 10th scale Ready to run vehicles and they were Short course that was with extra lipos Okay so we had they came with nickel Metal so we got extra batteries B but This is 130 with a lipo ready to run in This scale and here we are 10 years Later I don't know how this isn't $200 Or more so you know maybe we'll find out In this video and that's kind of the Point but that's a very cool looking Pretty beasty RC for 130 ready to run no Gimmicks maybe there will be when we Turn it on we do have a slightly smaller Radio but it's here we're going to hit The ramp that I am sitting on and at the End of the video I will show you guys Under the hood because it's a pretty Impressive RC so let's have fun with it This is why Stuff shows up on our Channel because we're not going to sugar

Coat things if there's a problem we have No steering we have throttle and that Sounds pretty powerful but there's no Steering so I'm just wondering if maybe Something is not plugged in but this is An opportunity to show you under the Hood too so put our body Clips in there And yeah hey it's just not plugged in so Good deal problem solved steering it's Backwards so let's see I pressed the Button and it just snapped all the way In so I don't know if those are Functional buttons or if uh I don't Think they are that's just busted in There so you know we're having some Issues and that's okay that's that's Working okay that's the that's the Correct way let's see if we can hit a Ramp all right let's go Nate okay I was Worried I thought that would be the end Of the video you know it's sitting a Little bowlegged and she's not the Fastest thing I've ever driven but here We go see if we can hit this ramp oh my Goodness SS it's terrible very hard to Control Obby it's slip slid and Everything it sounds so bad I can't wait For you to try It are they trying to make it look a Little bit like a traxxis hold on show Them what's on the on the transmitter Trus TR Trash trash TR Tred Tred what does that say trashed t r

We're going to go with trashes tracks Trash trash here we go here we go here We go here we go come on baby hit it hit It hit it Yeah that might be the coolest thing This thing does I feel like this is one Of the worst sounding Vehicles we've Ever had steering right I just turned it Up more cuz it needed wait look how look How bowed it is what is that camber or Toe no I don't know camber or toe I just Someone tell us in the comments yeah Look how it's sitting out there oh man Now look at the back one okay back is Sitting like that too but the front Worse my gosh it's $130 and it's a big Thing I mean it's we've had better Though we've had way better for that Price we Have where's the next WL toys 12428 That's what I want here we go here we go Oh that was Perfection baby Perfectionist this KS I'm going to pass The controls to you before a wheel falls Off and see if you can actually oh my go Thrown at me not throwing it at you I'm Throwing it at the trashed trashed no Look I mean here it says they're calling It the track star but I I think it Literally says trashed on the radio it Does it looks like a pee t r a s p e d Maybe it's trusted Trusted go Abby Go oh keep it on the road terribly it's

Pretty hard to keep it going in a Straight line oh my God that little $70 Thing we did recently is higher Performing it's right there it is really Legitimately higher performing than this Is this is pretty funny it's has major Left going left issue I think it's drag It's just yeah there's water there it's Not going to be good for that I can't no I know I know okay so I'm going to say This and I'm going to say it with with a Little bit of explanation okay this is Linked in the description box below Having said that there are so many People that are curious about cheap Stuff like this in the airplane world It's okay for me to say look at this Airplane that's garbage and doesn't fly People will still go buy it cuz they Want it for parts or something and I Don't know how the ground vehicle World Feels about that you know uh we're Showing you what this is and how it Performs we're literally telling you There's better out there for the money But there will be some people that still Want to buy this because it's peaked Their curiosity for one reason or Another oh my gosh let me let me drive Let me drive oh no Abby no here I don't Like this car look I love the changing Light on the radio the light show didn't You know Oh poor little thing it's really bad

Somebody would appreciate this and this Will probably I think this is the worst Performing ground vehicle we've had in a Long time it's slapped together this is Definitely the you know what it probably Is it's probably the extra Traxxas spare Parts they didn't use and they they Decided someone to put it together and It's a joke that's a joke it's a joke It's not you know it's like it's like Their defected parts or something and Hste of thrown it away they put it Together in this little RC 10th scale 130 bucks comes with a Battery and a charger they really Tried oh no speaking of Traxxas though Does anybody want to buy my xmax I Refuse to run it now because cost so Much to keep it it cost $100 every time I take it out well let's hit this one More time and I think that'll be a wrap For this but if you are curious it's Linked in the description box guys I Want to say a massive thanks to God for Giving us just a day to come out and Enjoy our sea together with my wife and With you guys too and just a pure sheer Honesty moment here with you guys I love The fact that we can put something like This on our Channel and it not change Anything about our Channel there are Channels out there that would scoff at The idea of something like this ever Appearing on their Channel I like the

Exploration of everything RC that's what We do that's who we are it's fun to get A Losi promoto motorcycle on the channel Or an Arma Craton those are a blast but That's not the entire world of RC I like Junk drones for their goofy quirky Gimmicks I loved having that helicopter On the channel even though it flew away And it fell out of the sky at 50 ft Those are the RC moments that make me Appreciate the good moments and this Kind of an RC hopefully this video will Help save people money and not buy this There's nothing against someone going Out and buying it after this video is Released I surely would hope that this Website will drop the price from 130 to Even cheaper and maybe then it's worth It to somebody but I'm really grateful I Really mean that to to not have like These restrictions on our Channel we can Do whatever we want whenever we want on Our Channel and it's because of you guys Watching and our patre supporters it Doesn't matter if we show something for What it truly is and again I'm grateful So thank you to everyone watching our Patreon supporters and God for today Just for this fun little moment of a Goofy junk little RC hopefully the next Thing on the channel will just be 10 Times more awesome and we'll just look Back at this and kind of laugh we'll Have a budget maybe a little more

Expensive than this but still a bu you Know what the armag granite that's 150 Bucks normally the voltage one right They change the price too much for they Change the price so that that was a good One you know comparatively but we'll Find something a good comparable price Point and and it'll be a handpicked Video just for you guys popping up right About now thanks for watching we'll see You there Bye

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