FAST RC Jets UNDER $200! Arrows Viper and Sabre RC EDF Jets

Check out the Arrows Viper here:
Check out the Arrows Sabre here:
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Check out the Arrows Viper here:
Check out the Arrows Sabre here:

Check out Zee batteries here:

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We had so much fun the other day on the Channel flying three our season one Video I thought let's do that again Except we're just going to do two today These are very cool arrows planes this Is the new arrows Viper and this is the Arrows Sab saber I have to say it in Every video it's sub this is a 3s EDF Although everybody keeps telling me to Fly it on 4S I just have a higher seed Discharge battery for today's video and This is a 4S EDF Abby you've actually Flown this let's all blame Nate in the Comments for that one flare flare flare Flare flare flare good save good save I Knew I was getting low before Nate said To do a roll and that's why I was asking How long have I been in the air Nate it Was my fault and then you were like Don't Throttle Down anymore and I was Thinking I didn't and then I was like This is not going to be good and then it Just cut out and you were like more thrt I heard it there was no throttle to I Heard it it that's it which is why the Nose is so crunched in I flew that well I think we both yeah we both have yes Was I pregnant I have no memory of that Pregnant we're going to put these in the Air today unfortunately we're not as Blessed as yesterday with that calm wind We've got some wind today but that's Okay we can put these in the air with a Little wind no problem so let's put them

In the air and see how they Do giant spider look at that so he wants To go for a ride okay let's see if these Hand launches go as good is the last Ones you Had what's Up all right first one was good I think I found the secret sauce you found the Sauce huh well it's just a really high Discharge battery so this is a 3s Battery but uh they're 120c it might as well be 4S it Definitely helps with that extra Punch Remember this is a little 3s jet so you Wouldn't think think it have that much Power but I really like this airplane it Is a very very good budget EDF sorry About that oh I'm blinded woo that was Rough that was rough and it's cuz I'm Flying in Flight stabilization so my Bank angle was limited that's full bank That's the nice thing about these arrows Jets is they come with a vector flight Stabilization you plug it into in this Case I still have it on the fifth Channel even though we're only using Four total channels and you just assign It to a switch now for me that is Already assigned to Channel A by Default and so I just flipped the switch And I've got flight stabilization on and Off I think that all of them should be That simple yet they're not uh this one Is any of these arrows vectored things

Are so we're fighting some wind for sure But we're going to turn that off and Start flying a little more aggressively That was nice I like having a little bit More control over the plane but every Now and then it's nice to have that Flight Stabilization and we don't have Rudder It's our downside and still have a lot Of fun with It so the reason we're featuring so many Arrows things on the channel this week Is because they have these awesome sales Going on and so why not let you guys Know about them they're already Great Planes but uh if you can get them Cheaper then that's really cool if you Get them cheaper because you're watching Our video then awesome too so it'll be Linked in the description box below They're already good budget airplanes Compared to a lot of things that are on The market but you're not you're not Getting a loss of quality here okay it's Very very high quality I put this Together and I kid you not Abby saw me Do it she's putting out Christmas Decorations I had this together in 10 or 15 minutes it's just four screws a Little bit of glue to hold those wing Tip uh all the wing tips on and a little Bit of glue for the rear horizontal Stabilizer we're definitely flying about As budget as it gets right now for high

Quality I've got my Spectrum Radio the Newest one that's uh 300 bucks even That's the cheapest one they've had out Still seven channels in a long time for The you know the NX series anyway it's Got the Wi-Fi and all that stuff that You would want and I'm flying a nice Budget airplane that's actually on sale So it's even cheaper uh best time to buy It I have a budget receiver in here and Then my batteries I've got these new Zpacks and like I said 120 120c they are Very high performance batteries and this Is a 1300 mamp recommended battery EDF But I'm flying on a 2200 it's because The performance is there and I'm not Having to compensate anything but I'm Gaining ton of extra flight time so love That love that do a couple Maneuvers out Here maybe a nice clean Loop if we can Those is in the wind there's Full Throttle Not very clean still there you're at 3 And A2 minutes okay on the 2200 I'm not Too worried about flight time really bad But we'll probably land it here in a Minute or so that wind is nasty and I Apologize for it but you know in real Life it's not so bad in the camera YouTube World we're doing everything we Can to dampen that wind noise for it It's just something I can't really can't Really do much else about just cuzz it's That windy I think it's really cool that

This can fly in so much wind but it's Also very beginner friendly so check This out flip it upside down kick the Switch and it kicks it back over that Maneuver that fast snap that it did uh Was on its own and so it's as I said Beginner friendly because you have Flight stabilization if you panic and You keep your hand on that switch that Can definitely save you and so that's Really cool let's try to bring it in for A smoothish landing it's going to be Very challenging in this crosswind today I think I'm going to land it in the Grass away from us cu because that's the Direction it's coming in so ah man yeah It's probably my best bet a little bit Of a walk to get it That's oh there we go oh I just touched The oh my gosh how's it look on The bottom oh yeah tell nothing yeah Absolutely nothing so it's I don't know I think it just I think it was more lift It almost just like a little tap I think I still had lift under the plane so BL My head off the wind let's switch Planes now who else has a secret weapon That could pull the receiver out and Just pop it right into another airplane Without having to change tape or reglue That down Nate does I do it's in the Description Box now this is a more powerful EDF this Is 4S and today I'll be running a 4S

120c uh zpack these will be linked in The description box below the website Where we've got them if you buy the dual Pack makes them a little bit cheaper but Actually about half the price of some of The batteries that I've been flying on a Lot lately I like their performance but Remember they're just standard LiPO Batteries so you still have to manage Them safely right which is not that hard To do you just want to storage charge Them if you're not going to use them for A long period of time but the high Performance on the 3s has me really Pumped to try them out on this 4S setup So uh it's strapped in it's a 2200 Milliamp this Sab saber can fly on I Think it's at a 2800 milliamp but I just Love 2200 that's my favorite size that's Also a recommended size for it this has A steerable nose wheel and a Rudder Whereas the others that we were flying Do not and we have flaps and of course Landing gear so there's quite a bit of Extra plane to be had here between the Steering wheel the flaps the rudder and Then 4S capabilities but we still have Our vectored flight stabilization in Here so just a big upgrade from the Other stuff I've been flying on the Channel over the last day or so I've Been flying so many hand launchers this Feels like a special treat Abby flight stabilization is on and I

Can already tell this thing has way more Power than the 3s things have been Flying here we Go Full Throttle I love this I Absolutely love it it really eats up the Sky it's been a little while since I've Flown it so it's a nice treat to be out Here flying it today I took off without Flight stabilization on but it does have It so we'll I'll throw something at you Here in a minute uh with It yeah so I think this snaps no it Doesn't I remember still wow that stayed Upright for a long time do that again That was wild okay yeah that was a fun Little maneuver let's build up the speed And climb it up and do that Again so like This takes forever to fall wow little Silver bullet that is cool oh my gosh Why am I struggling to film you I just Kind of let it do the Hammerhead that's That's basically a hammerhead if you Sort of you point the nose up and then Throttle off and then try to keep the Nose up and let it flip back over kind Of like a hammerhead I think I think That actually just is a hammerhead So we'll R over this time go sideways no Didn't do It very cool very cool the only thing That's lacking really would be like ret Tracks but you know for the price point You really can't complain let's get it

Upside down and then I'll kick the Flight stabilization on and just see if It's working right it's upside down Flight stabilization snapped it right Over you saw that now we're finally Losing in that Wind with flight stabilization on see if I can get maybe a little bit of a touch And go here a wild Angle there we go flight stabilization Off and we'll roll it out of that climb Climb it straight up and that's power For you this is a very powerful EDF I Like it it actually comes with uh Detachable fuel tanks I didn't bring Those today I think it flies way better Without them Flying a lot of vertical today aren't I That was a cool little very yes you're Hard to film today sorry we'll do a loop Out here this just has the power of the Punch it feels like it has more weight To it the other ones are much lighter But you get that extra cell in there and Then the extra gear and it definitely Adds the weight to it and I'm in love With this 120c 4S battery it's really nice let's Bring this in with full flaps and show You guys nose into the light Breeze that We have now see we should have just Started our day a half hour later and We' have had almost no Wind I do really enjoy flying this a lot

Uh it's just a good casual 4S head Turner and I think the reason I like it Is this right here check out that Silhouette when it's sideways isn't that Just the best isn't that awesome yes It's a Flying Arrow check it out guys Over this way this way look over there Going to point the arrow to the like Button that means I'd be crashing that's The bottom right of the screen so let's Try to okay everybody can you hit right Down there like the video like the video Pointing to the like button right yeah I Did my best to put it there for You that's so nice the roll it's not a Dirty roll either watch this Abby watch How much elevation we lose on that I Just put in just a tiny Touch of down Elevator when we do that I feel like I Could just roll this thing forever I've Not done that before that was really Fun that was three that was really Cool just Screams well I like rolling This you're at 4 and a half okay we Don't want to eat it up too much more But that that's just fun to fly I feel Like I could just fly this all day cuz I Could well let's bring it in for a Landing see if we can make it nice and Smooth cuz we don't want to lose our Battery Today he's off on the throttle it's so Fast we'll go full flaps and just see if

We can bleed off all that speed over the Runway get it down and just there we go That was nice oh was so nice thumbs up Stop it right in front of us here what a Great EDF I I love flying this every Single time it might not look like much I don't know you probably have to just Like this in general to think it looks Cool man it flies great personally I Have my most fun in RC when I'm flying Something of quality or driving Something of quality but it's not Something that has just broke the bank Okay sure the maximum adrenaline rush For me is when I've got Ali machin's Son's $30,000 jet okay but I could not Afford to fly that on a daily basis you Know his son has a name right well zavy Zavy but for me and I I say this stuff And I don't know if people believe me or Not I know some guys do those little Bang good things we do sometimes they're Like 80 bucks or cheaper even sometimes When they're on sale you know I really Enjoy flying that cuz I know if I crash It first of all it's probably going to Survive the crash but secondly I'm out Way less money if I crash that so I like Things that are affordable but still you Get some performance and some technology And quality out out of it and I think That's where the arrows brand shines They are very much still a very high Level of quality of RC and you'll know

That you'll see that you'll feel that When you open the box and you assemble The plane it's very high quality stuff Like you know Dynam you got to get the Rubber bands the tape the glue the Screwdriver everything out to hope and Pray that thing is held together and Makes it back in one piece when you fly It something like this you assemble in Less than an hour because the level of Quality is just there and this week we Are here to tell you that they at least Are supposed to be having a Black Friday Sale if they're not yet today just keep An eye out over the next week or so cuz It's supposed to be happening okay That's all I can tell you communication Is kind of difficult sometimes so just Know that I like this brand I think it's Worth every penny at full price and There's a sale supposed to be happening Now or around the corner and we've got Links in the description box below where We've got all the cool stuff we've got This plane that plane we have our secret Weapon that's holding my receivers in my New favorite budget batteries the radio I'm flying on today all the good stuff That you've seen in this and people even Ask me about my shoes those will be Linked in the description box too They're very cool airplane shoes and one More thing you'll see down there linked Is AMA that's the Academy of model

Aeronautics the reason we talk about it So often especially now is because so Many people are flying and recording Their videos and doing not so smart Things and then posting those online I Think if they were flying with AMA they Would probably not do that they that Would mean they would be a self-educated Person and know that what they are doing Is bad for the industry you think that Freia remote ID and all this stuff gets You fired up well you're not you don't Need to thank the RC Sailors for that Cuz we fly here with permission we're Doing what we're supposed to do we're Legal we've got 's permission we have Permission to be here from the whole Gang that runs this place but you got Guys out there that are posting idiotic Things and and government and other People are seeing those stupid things And cracking down on all of us that fly The way we should so represent the hobby So that it doesn't in a good way so that It doesn't ruin it for everybody else Please and thank you and at least look Into the AMA The Academy of model Aeronautics it's linked in the Description box below now it was when we Only started but it's nice and calm now And I got to have a blast on my saber And just in general for today it's been A great day it's just been fun nice Little you know well daughter got sick

Today actually you know it's not not Perfect day but it's been a good day Overall and I just want to say thanks uh Big thanks to God for blessing us with Just life today I'm very grateful and on The subject of gratitude I want to say a Massive thank you to our patreon Supporters because without your support We wouldn't be out here in front of the Camera especially as often as we bring This free content to the world because We have patreon support it keeps keeps Fuel in the tank it keeps the batteries Charged it motivates us to come out here To give free content to the entire world So I encourage you guys to think about Signing up for patreon as well we had a Great time in yesterday's video Flying Three different arrows planes so if you Like these but you're still curious About arrows quality if you like flying Budget High Lev things we'll have that Video popping up just for you right About now thanks for watching we'll see You there Bye

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