NEW! FMS Yak-130 v2 70mm RC EDF Jet FLIGHT!

Check out the FMS Yak-130 V2 here:
This is the newest jet in our fleet. Meet the FMS Yak-130 v2. This 70mm jet looks amazing and in this video we maiden this RC EDF jet for you. Let us know your thoughts about this RC edf jet in the comments.
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Check out the FMS Yak-130 V2 here:
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This is FM's newest version of the yak It's a yak 130 V2 I've never owned or Flown a yak I'm pretty excited because This thing is unique yes it's an EDF a 70 mm EDF and that's a fantastic size For a 6S battery and that's what we're Flying on today it comes equipped with Flaps all the regular control surfaces And ret tracks the one interesting thing About this Yak is there are no doors on The retracts once they go up that's it You've got the little holes there but That's okay because it keeps the cost Down a little bit this is I think Abby Said $340 yep that's not bad for a 6S 70 Mm EDF I think another thing that's Keeping cost down a bit is the fact that There are no lights on this that's okay Uh it's a very bright red and white Popping very good looking jet we have Very Robust landing gear with great Articulation both up front and in the Back and I love this newer very durable Landing gear that FMS is now Implementing I slapped it together in What should have taken me 25 minutes but I really honestly struggled to get this One bolt in place it just wouldn't line Up well otherwise it would have only Taken me like 20 minutes to slap it Together still under an hour I'm a fan I Like that kind of fat body style you see How wide that is kind of it almost looks

Like a big fat fish or something you Know I don't know got a belly on it it Does have a belly on it and I I do like It uh I like a bright red airplane that Pops in the sky I don't own anything Like this and I'm really just excited to Mten it so if you like what you see It'll be linked in the description box Below let's put it in the air and see How it Does make sure that gets locked on There [Music] Uhoh what [Music] Uhoh I think it's just getting caught Right here so I might have to shave that Off a little bit just a little bit use a Dremel it's this arm I just need to Dremel like a millimeter off of That yeah just getting caught there are You sure no it's not it's do even touch It okay let's see Oops okay maybe maybe it's that arm hold On do it Again that's what I'm Saying oh yeah I think you're right okay Well now we know be Careful maidens are always fun and scary And exciting and I don't know this thing Just looks really cool it just looks Like a red fast bullet that's going to Go through the sky 3200 mamp I think the Biggest battery they recommend was a

3,300 milliamp which I don't have so We're at 32 it fits it's Tight those shocks were doing work going Down the Runway yeah that was nice yeah true Maiden no safe in here no Auto Nothing got that landing gear up and it Did go up just fine I think it was Having issues coming down right So let's see I got to trim that up Really fast guys Had a good bit of roll in there we're Cooking at about 3/4 Throttle it's flying nice oh I like It Full Throttle roll it oh yeah that's really Nice oh this is [Laughter] Great let's snap It oh that's amazing wow that was Awesome and it's because of the battery Placement I'll show you guys at the end Of this flight Hopefully oh that's a great great great Snap oh I like this jet you know I had a Feeling it was going to fly either Really strange because I've never flown Anything like it or it would fly really Well and I'm liking how it's flying Still need to touch a trim I'm noing Down Some you know but we have a pretty nice Calm day now that God has blessed us With to do this Maiden flight

On oh it's nice oh yeah this is great Roll it over bring it back down around Out of that climb oh oh it's a great Little fighter Aggressive really cool jet let's see if We can do some kind of a knife edge over The runway I'm not sure what kind of Rudder Authority we have but we'll try It we'll try it let Wing over uh yeah we Got the rudder Authority I think we can Pull off a cleaner knife edge I of Course am way more comfortable doing That right to left so we'll just bring It in low over the Runway we have to try some flaps and I Don't know what kind of flight time We'll get so we got to be real careful Careful here but let you're at 2 Minutes H it's not it's not a great Knife edging jet it can hold it for a Few seconds but it's a you know you got To kind of fight it so there's full Flaps we'll pull those flaps off and Then try that again coming in the other Way or we maybe blood off a little more Speed when we hit them see see what kind Of FL we get out of That thrt There we go oh oh I like this oh I like This this is fun very sporty very Aggressive flying wants to fly with some Speed it feels Good feels good in the air wants to Climb let's see that climb

Rate yep we're just going to climb Non-stop until I decide to stop It there we Go very Nice Very nice so sorry very nice roll rate Could be a little faster three minutes Okay not a bad flight for a maiden if I Must say you know we've got the climb The roll rate's just a little slower Than what you might think right out of The box but that can always be changed With rates and stuff I think it's just Because of the control surface size on The actual Wing it's not that big and it Doesn't have a lot of authority over the Jet but the elevator Authority is nice Just feels good now because of our Landing gear issue we're going to check It here is it down all the way no yes it Is so we're good on that let's try to do A right to left landing and see how this Goes we might come in at about half Flaps it's probably going to be a fast Landing there's Half let's See madeen flight madeen landing oh yeah That was beautiful right on the line Too what an awesome aggressive little Jet I really like this thing man and it Looks good in the air too for a maiden Flight I'm really happy with that Knowing I had to trim it up some in the Flight it is not trimmed perfectly so I

Wasn't 100% confident there's a few Maneuvers we should have tried like Inverted passes and stuff but I'm really Happy with that for a maiden flight now I will tell you guys where the battery Voltage is at so hang out for just a Second and let's see where we're at on This thing for a $340 6s EDF I'm really Liking this thing what a nice turning Radius on the ground too this is a great Jet check out the battery placement I Think this is why the snap is so Effective because when you put a battery More toward the center of a plane a Thing like a snap roll in the air can be More effective uh If This Were way up Toward the nose it wouldn't have the Same kind of tumble in the air so I like The placement but also it's a little Tight so if you're flying a 3200 which Is what we flew on today that is going To be be just a little tight in there The canopy didn't want to click in place So just make sure that tab is fully in There um because the way I was flying it You don't want to lose your canopy let's See where the juice is at what was that A 4minute flight Abby yep oh we had more Time we're only at 3.9 volt per cell and We're getting about a 35% reading on the Battery maybe 3.8 volts so I think we Could have easily I'm going to say this With confidence here there four minute Flight I believe so yeah 4 and 1/2 would

Have been totally fine maybe push it to 5 minutes but that would be time to land At 5 on a 3200 the way I was flying it Which I think is pretty pretty fair the Wiring kind of makes it a little bit Tight right so you really got to be Careful with that only one annoyance for Me it's not a big one just getting one Of those bolts to line up who hasn't put An airplane together and struggled with Getting one bolt to line up through the Entire uh assembly you know it's really Fine I was almost to a point of gluing That horizontal stabilizer in place if I Couldn't get that bolt to hold because I Was getting frustrated and it's a great Looking RC plane I think it pops well in The sky I think it tracks well in the Sky it's very predictable and a lot of Fun if you like things that go fast and Just kind of catch your attention for That speed I don't know if you'd be able To pull off crazy crazy stunts with this But I'd say it's a very aggressive Sporty flyer for sure but nothing Challenging with the flight Characteristics or on the ground with This at all it took off well it landed Well as you guys saw I'm really pleased With that Maiden flight so if you're Looking for a fairly budget friendly 6s EDF this is hitting all the nails on the Head it really is it's great unless you Have to have like lights or something so

If you're in love with it and you'd like To buy this or anything else on the Website we'll have this Linked In the Description box below maybe you find Something else there that you fall in Love with we'll actually get credit for That if to use our link to buy that new RC and we thank you guys from the bottom Of our hearts on the subject of thanks I'd like to say a massive thanks to God For blessing us with this beautiful day With fairly calm winds to fly and Maiden This new jet it certainly helps to have A day like today when you get to get out And fly something and just get it Trimmed up nicely and have more fun Flying it but not just for this just Today in general I'd like to thank him For all of our blessings last but Certainly not least I want to say a Massive thanks to all of our patreon Supporters from the bottom of our hearts Because we couldn't do what we do as Often as we do it without your support But also a thanks to you just for Watching all the way through the video Leaving a like and maybe leaving a Comment because it helps our Channel out And that help Keeps Us motivated to Continue doing what we do as often as we Do it now if you have a Need for Speed And you want to see more quick RC jets We'll have a great video handpicked Popping up right about now just for you

Thanks for watching we'll see you there Bye

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