Someone is in BIG TROUBLE with these RC mini Warbirds!!!

Check out the RTF HobbyZone P-51D Mustang here:
This is the HobbyZone P-51D Mustang 450mm RC mini warbird airplane. This is a new release from Horizon Hobby, and in this video we compare it to the Eachine warbirds. Let us know your thoughts about this RC plane in the comments.
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Check out the RTF HobbyZone P-51D Mustang here:

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Horizon Hobby just released a new ready Toly airplane under $100 and because of That fact someone is in big Trouble this is the new P-51 and as I Said it is ready to fly that means it Comes with the transmitter battery Charger airplane everything needed to Get in the air and this if you're Unfamiliar is very similar to the eeen Warbirds however I can tell you it is a Little bit bigger and I really should Get one in compare side by side but I Can tell that that is just a tiny bit Bigger they're actually using a standard Micro Servo for the Aeron control Surfaces and real servos for the rudder And elevator control surfaces this is Not just a bank and yank it also has Flight stabilization just like the ehen Warbirds the reason I'm telling you Someone's in trouble is because if this Is good we now have an American brand Cheap ready to fly bird that doesn't get Shipped overseas with crushed boxes from DHL when they arrive better customer Service the list goes on none of this Matters if it doesn't fly well so we're Going to fly this and see how it does But before we Do what were you thinking Horizon uh oh nasty n's back you Included two batteries with this Airplane it's already under $100 you could have made more money by

Only including one or you could have Saved us Money yeah nasty Abby and no this is not a trick of YouTube deception they give you a spare Prop with this airplane Since when do we get free props in the Box man could have been even cheaper Horizon could have made more money what Were you Thinking and last but not least they did Include landing gear and a screwdriver So I think I'm going to do a hand toss Though we might try that in a later Video the battery type is just a 1s Molex connector so that's good news a Lot of people are going to want to know Is that a new IC one proprietary battery No it's Molex so that's good you got Jokes [Music] Nate careful you're going to Nick your Prop crazy butt what were you thinking Throttle up Throttle Down to bind okay We're good I saw it hit the concrete I Saw that mistake you almost made I saw It I saw It go pretty powerful Actually you think yeah it did it was About 3/4 throttle and it was pulling Out of my hand really well this is about 3/4 throttle just cruising through the Air that's with stabilization one it is Climbing some but that's okay I can

Throttle Down and we can trim it up too So it's a full function radio it has Trim it this looks and feels and it's Impossible to not talk about the ehen Warbirds we're going to push it down Some because it just wants to climb this Is a direct competition to that they Want people to walk into a hobby shop With hundred bucks in their pocket and Buy this now I'm going to tell You use our link and buy it right the Hobby Shop's not going to let you go out There and demo it or show it for you so At least support us and yeah that's a That's a leading statement to it's Flying good it flies just as good as the Eeen P-51 and that's a good Standardization because that is the Standardization that is where the bar is At We featured a little P-51 actually Mediumsized P-51 recently on the channel That was brushless and it came in under 100 bucks too but that was only through Coupon codes and sales and now it's back Up to nearly $200 that's cuz I was low Throttle there by the way I love the way This looks so are you flying in safe Does this have safe this is in safe yeah It's stabilized mode I'm not sure if They call it safe it's not labeled as Safe but it is safe it's not letting the Plane tip upside down twist or flip That's not a spectrum transmit no it's Not this is a Hobby Zone I got

Distracted Hobby Zone there you go Hobby Zone you see that and we have an an Arabaticum mode and see how she flies Keeping in mind all of the okay so St Intermediate mode the middle switch Feels fine in fact it feels no different At all than the beginner mode there's Beginner there's intermediate I think we Have a SL Slightly slightly more aggressive Bank Angle so let's turn it completely Off and rolling it and then we hey so This is okay it's better than the eing Birds and that's really good you can't Even fly the eing birds out of flight Stabilization they're pretty much Unflyable yes so this has one leg up on The eing birds being that I can do this Manually this is all manual mode Let's See if we can do a loop we're going to Go Full Throttle haven't been Full Throttle yet looping it oh I looping it Terrible looping it not even Full Throttle oh yeah that's cool you're so Tiny it is it's very small so that's the Thing it's a small plane but you can fly It in small space you got to calm down For a second Nate back on just stabilize Do you want to Loop and let me actually Film it now okay let's do It I I'm going to hand it to him this is Performing a little better than the eing Birds because I can do this here we go Loop and back in stabilized mode so it

Does fly nice and smooth in stabilized Mode um just like the ehen birds all of Them fly really well but it's really Cool to see Horizon Finally keeping up with and or competing With them however you want to view that Um you know bang good is kind of like Where it's at to get these small birds But now the fact that you can pick it up On the good hobby grade website is a Very good thing and it's also their own Branded thing so they should support it They should bang good something goes Wrong it can be difficult to get Customer support they they do okay but Horizon should do much better okay uh Let's hit the aerobatic button so I'm Going to climb up because a lot of times These lose altitude when you hit it but Remember this is linked in our Description box below let's see if it Can do it Oh yeah nice I pushed the button once And it did a roll I don't know if you Guys could see that it didn't lose much Altitude so let's try it this way push It pick a direction okay I always Struggle with these there we go there it Goes did you get that Abby no okay let's Go this way do a little lower cuz it's Not losing much altitude push and hold Pick a direction oh look at that isn't That nice and there it goes the double Roll the eing do that too sometimes the

Button gets almost stuck and then it Goes in for a double roll let's do it One more Time push and hold the button let go of The button pick a Direction so what's The likelihood that this is made by the Same people oh very likely who knows Though there's a lot of different Companies that make these now I think EXO hobby Um uh bangood has their eing lineup does Flight test have something similar to no Flight test had something that's not This they didn't have warbirds there's a Lot of them out there uh flight no not Flight line um who was that company that Was giving us a hard time stealing our Content for a Minute volantex has their line but it's In my opinion it's really cool to see Horizon with theirs and it's performing Well two batteries extra prop it's like If you've got an account on Horizon and You have points that you like to acrew On a website if you enjoy the shopping Experience there then by all means do That you can support our Channel by by Buying your small warbird through our Link and I'm sure if you buy enough of These they will have more that's the Idea because there's a lot of uh designs On these out there already so good job Horizon on your little P-51 I didn't Know what to expect and when I opened it

I didn't think you'd have two batteries In there I didn't think you'd have an Extra prop in there speaking of the prop This thing pops on and off so that's Nice it's a prop saving tool let's see If this will do a loop I know it does The rolls automatically but inflate Stabilize mode push it pull back nope it Just does rolls at least let's do Full Throttle and try it again CU I feel like There was one that did that Full Throttle push it pull back oh yeah there You go just got to be full throttle and It'll do a predetermined Loop can we Push it forward will it do a forward Loop let's do it push it push down nope It's going to do a roll or a loop Depending on if you push sideways it'll Do roll if you push pull back on the Right stick it'll do it a loop so pretty Cool yeah very cool you know what let's Put the landing gear on really fast and See if we can do a uh ground takeoff With this bird and we're going to landed In the grass over here come on get there [Music] Nice I also just discovered a hidden Feature this one does that the eing Birds don't do and I will show you at The end of this video so hang out for a Minute cuz that's really cool I will say This definitely sounds brushed oh it's Brushed it sounds no it's brushed it's Brushed anded it sounds

It but the eing birds are too and Exactly the same system uh as long as You're good on it it'll be good on you For hundreds of flights and I mean Perfection when this plane goes down Into into your tall grass that throttle Needs to be at 0% before the prop hits resistance or You'll burn the motor up that's the First thing to go generally on these Small airplanes cuz people land in tall Grass and they just Panic it's their First flight it's very natural reaction To to leave the throttle up for 2 Seconds and then go save the plane I'm Not saying it'll burn up guaranteed that First two seconds but each time you do That you are killing the life cycle you Are killing your airplane killing it Yep well snap here we go okay let's go That's a good question Full Throttle out Of stabilized Mode pick up the speed snap it oh not Really not at all nope back in stabiliz Let's see if we can land it on the Runway on the assle and I will show you Guys the secret feature That all these eing warbirds and other Brands don't do which is actually really Cool some of you will appreciate It that wasn't too bad little planes are Hard to and know the tail wheel does not Steer all I just heard was Excuses I got to tell you

Something if you start doing that in Real life we're Done yeah no backwards hatate in real Life okay um I'm good with that so who's Got a good guess the secret feature what Secret feature could exist no it's not Retracts man that'd be awesome uh This Plane does something that all the Asen Warb birds do not and that is has a Hatch that opens on top that's not where The battery goes that's where it would Be on a normal airplane a bigger Airplane this gives us access to our Servos our real servos some people would Argue that these are better servos than What the UMX plan use just because They're a standard Servo not those micro Servos so I mean they are micro but They're not the UMX micro uh servos and If you missed it the battery does load In the bottom of the airplane right There nice and snug but not too snug I Didn't have to fight it too hard be nice If there's just an extra millimeter in There though so you have more room for Your wires but otherwise that's an Awesome plane and yeah bang good and Other companies that make these should Be a little worried about the US Market At least because that's where Horizon Tends to shine uh and maybe over in European countries too down the road but I know that these are available in their Shipping in the US these aren't

Pre-released these are available in Shipping now most of the time when you Guys see a new plane on our Channel Maybe not most but a lot of times it's Pre-release we got it early uh so you Know we can fly it and show it to you Before it's even shipping that is not The case with this these are available Now so if you need a good Father's Day Present idea this is a huge home run the Cool factor is way up there I love that They went with red white and blue I like The looks I like the price point that's A really good gift price point Especially for Dad don't get him a tie Get him a very cool airplane and all Summer long and around winter time these Are good Christmas gifts and stuff too So very awesome we got a link in the Description box below yes it competes Extremely well with the ehen warbirds if Not maybe even slightly better because Of the Advan flight performance it Actually flies in that mode and they Threw in the extra batteries and props So good on them I want to say a massive Thanks to God for blessing us with a Beautiful day of very light winds to fly To Maiden our P-51 uh and I recommend to you guys too Maybe your first and second flight Should be in pretty much no wind okay Will not focusing there you go no way They will fly in Wind I've done it but

It can be harder for a newer pilot and I Imagine a lot of newer Pilots will be Flying this so a massive thanks to God For blessing us with this beautiful warm Day also huge thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your Insanely awesome support if you love Small affordable RC planes completely Ready to fly we'll have another very Cool handpick video popping up right in My mouth thanks for watching we'll see You there bye [Music]

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