USAF Thunderbirds CRASH!!! RC Jet flight FAILURE!

Check out the F16 Thunderbirds here:
The USAF Tunderbirds RC jet has been one of Nate’s favorite RC jets for years for a reason. This is the E-Flite F-16 Thunderbirds 80mm EDF RC jet. In this video, an unfortunate in flight failure happened leading to a devastating crash. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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Check out the F16 Thunderbirds here:
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Like the video oh man that was a pretty Good takeoff other than I had a very Hard today we're going to fly one of my Prettiest Jets I have and really closely You can start to see the dust that's Collecting because I haven't flown it in So long but I don't know if you guys Knew this or not this thing is actually Painted white it is not just white foam It has a white coat on it and it just Brings an extra level of detail to it And I'll be honest the last videos we Did I showed you a sale video and you Got to see my collection and I said guys I need some help picking out a jet that I will uh get rid of or an airplane so I Can make room for new stuff these guys Don't like that we're Here get off the Runway we'll clear him for the big guys So anyway I said Abby I have got to pick Something maybe since I don't fly this Very often we'll take it out and this Might be the last flight and then I'll Get rid of it but what happens to me and This is the problem I fly something I Think okay this is it final flight I'm Going to get rid of it after this I'm Either going to crash this today or I'm Going to fall in love with it again and Never get rid of the thing so you guys Got to help me if you could pick one Airplane or jet to get rid of out of my Collection in that sale video which one

Would you get rid of cuz I've got a Major dilemma please help let's Fly hey you're going to want to move No geee for harm in the making of this Video nx8 today yeah I've got very few Things for some reason I tend to lean Toward the nx6 than the 8 I really Should fly the 8 cuz it's a bit nicer But I fly the six as my primary radio Until I got the 7e it's now my primary Radio but this one if it's a nicer RC I Tend to put it on the eight so all right That's kind of my logic let's see if you Can get some of this dust blown off yes We're going to fly the dust off of this Thing oh my God that's really dirty I Told you watch we can write my name in It here we go we can add pin Stripes okay we'll take it it deserves It I deserve that look at that I love Those elevator control surface that's Amazing see you geese I hope you guys Understand my like dry or kind of unique I don't I don't know what I would Classify my of humor eyes but that's Definitely when I say I've got a problem It is a problem it is a problem it's my Problem but it's a good problem to have Right and I fully understand That they're like I don't recognize that Type of bird oh you're about to this is The Thunderbird baby you ready yeah Still like the video oh man that was a Pretty good takeoff other than I have a

Very hard pool we're done it's done well I told you I needed to get rid saw the Canopy Just Launch off I told you I Needed you jinxed yourself it got stuck In a very tight Servo get stuck no Everything moved I gave it a good test Why wouldn't it go left I don't know I Was pushing for left road [Music] Trip this might be your worst Jet crash Ever Nate yeah it is See the ret tracks nose nose Canopy it's disconnected so that's That's good the battery came Disconnected yeah that's pretty bad oh Don't know Though is it though is it something go Flying over the I thought so but M might Have been that was it just this yeah and Here's this kind want to look here this Will I feel like I found now we're Missing yeah here it is we're missing a Big chunk you found It stay on that side yeah I'm not going In there the battery and everything the Batter's over there yeah there it is Fying that's insane that's insane that Went fly that's hilarious saved my Battery that is so heavy though that's That's at least 5 Lb not really but that's heavy okay so Let's talk about this really fast let's Piece together the puzzle okay here we Go I think it'll fly again mate oh yeah

I don't I don't know if I can do it oh Man oh oh that's not good well you know What let's do This let's do this why are you going to Smoke it no no no no no that the Electronics are fine are are they though Cuz did you see this What that's just a flap that's a light That's just lights okay okay okay I Wasn't sure let's see hold on make it Look good make it look good and I want To talk about what what actually Happened too I want to see if you have a On control cuz I think it got stuck so I Tested everything on the ground and it I Did a Pre-flight see but looks like one has Limited movement doesn't it look at that One's like stuck up Yeah well that might just be cuz it's in Safe I don't know see that's all there I Don't know what happened I took off in Safe and it just got stuck in a steep Right bank that's all I can tell you I Fought hard to keep left I have all my Control surfaces let's see if the Landing gear worked can you uh can you Possibly you're fired yeah I'm okay with That okay let's see if the landing gear Retracts can you do it for me uh back Hey yeah back Lu let's go probably the Front one's broken I'd say let's see That's It there we

Go okay all right that's fine okay back In watch that panel that it doesn't get Stuck You know what well fix that door pull That door over that door right there I Didn't catch that oh my God that's okay Let's do it Again so we got we got a little bit Broken here yeah okay let's get that Light Panel out of the way here get that Light I got it don't want that to get Tangled in there okay transport it open No go normally yeah Landing you're down Not now though Yeah this this little the door is done M Okay all right well it need some work But the main you know servos aren't Stripped don't know what happened I did A pre-flight I was in safe I took off it Obviously wanted to bank right and the More it got in that right turn at full Throttle climb out the more I couldn't Fight it I was pushing left and I I got It to fly right it took off and then it Leveled off sort of sort of because it Was coming back toward us and that was a Full left so I knew I I knew I was going To land it I knew I was coming around to Land it but it kept in that right turn And I couldn't save it oh yeah look Here's another piece those are easy Abby Those are easy here you go that's my Wing that's the rail think you're Missing one more there should be one

More look you win some you lose some and I'm not going to beat myself up over That because I did a pre-flight and I Don't know what happened I don't I know Some guys uh at least yours isn't stuck On the hill that's right yeah and we Bring it all back there's the other rail I still am grateful to God for today It's a beautiful day I got to have a fun Helicopter flight which will be coming To the channel somewhat soon I'm sure And uh part of the reason of doing this Video too I think there's still an Airplane sale going on I don't know if This one is on that sale but there's a Lot of things on sale anyway I'm just Grateful to God for today uh despite a Crash crashes are going to happen and This has sat for a long time so maybe That has something to do with it I don't Know uh but because crashes happened I'm Going to strongly recommend you fly with Ama if I would have been 50 more feet Down I don't know something like that I Could have hit that guy's truck and People say I don't think he would mind Nah at this point I think you're right But if it would have bust this is a Heavy plane and if it would have busted His window or something sure you know It's just a stuck truck he still wants His truck out without a busted window so And that's recent I don't know what's Going on with that um I'm glad I have

Ama you just never know sometimes it's Dumb thumbs sometimes it's who knows What happened but that that's what Happened in this case so AMA is linked Down there too I know I said a big Thanks to God I just want to remind Everybody that even though this crash Happened and it's one of my most Expensive crashes ever for airplanes I'm Still overall pretty happy pretty happy Guy and uh don't get me wrong I'm very Sad about this but you know Life's too Short to get too beat up over it so Thank you God for reminding me that There's more to look forward to in life Last certainly not least I want to say a Massive thanks to our patreon supporters I don't know which direction I'm going To go with this I kind of want to try to Piece it together I kind of feel like I Could I really do so you might be buying The hot glue for me to get this thing Back in the air if I do you'll see it um If not this might have been saying That's the plane you needed to get rid Of and you should have done it before You flew I don't but I would have felt Horrible if I sold this and someone had That experience so this happened like I Said for a reason right that would have Been horrible so uh guys we'll have Another fun jet video popping up right About now thanks for watching we'll see You there bye


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