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The comments that sent Nate over the edge.
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It's come to my realization that we have A big problem and the problem might be You you might think that I never say Anything bad about RC planes and so Today you're going to get the real Nitty-gritty that's why the Hat's on Backwards this is bad guy Nate to talk About the erratics put the kids in the Bedroom cuz there might be some bad Language like poo and other negative Things and we're going to fly this thing Until I smash it into the ground like Maybe a KT over there not in America With his RC cars just get ready cuz I'm Going to start talking about other YouTubers and saying everything bad Under the Sun it's going to be a very Different video so here we go we're Going to start with the fact that this Is made out of foam and I knew it was Made out of foam when I bought it but if You keep wait you didn't buy it stop Acting like you bought stuff how dare You I actually did we we bought one of These so one of these we bought the Other one we did not but look at that Look at that foam shouldn't do that that Should be reinforced with super or Plastic or better yet titanium alloy so What are they doing let's talk about This problem too I wanted to fly one Airplane today but I had to bring three Transmitters cuz I can't remember which One is bound up to this so I have to

Look at all of them why don't they have Technology that tells me what plane is Hooked up to that radio come on so no Serious Nate why do you never say Anything bad about planes I never say Anything bad about planes cuz companies Pay me $5 million per video to do Exactly what I do do that's why I can Afford these sweet Walmart $17 Shoes so I'm going to throttle up and See if we got Lift yes okay and that's out of control It's out of control it's out of control It's out of Control thring down down down down down Yep that's fine that's that's what we Got you guys that it I tried to film That it's smoking yeah it's it's going Probably catch on fire Keep filming you want to show that to You let's go back into stabilized mode Because I definitely need to trim this Up oh Sorry since when do you do that I Haven't seen white smoke on an electric Plane in a long time my batter is really Hot just so you know FMS any any company Uh doesn't matter and that's why we Sadly burned some bridges uh for for you Guys excuse me uh the cheap drones and They didn't have visual position hold or Any of the fancy stuff like this Helicopter I would tell people to get Your helicopter oh I you know what I

Held Throttle Down held Throttle Down Not a goodidea for 3 seconds and it Powered off we're going to try to repeat That to buy a is there a motor lock Button you could there it did it again So if I'm just holding a direction plus Down throttle it falls it's going to Fall there it is I did it oh helicopter I hated the four bolts with the little Nut that that holds on the Leg like the video oh man that was a Pretty good takeoff other than I had a Very hard pool we're done it's done well I told you I needed to get rid of I saw The canopy Just Launch Off that's telling me the compass Calibration has Interfered yeah okay we're going to try To land this I don't believe we have GPS Lock so we're going to take it back over Here and land It telling me the compass has interfered So we're going to land It you guys can hear That and we're going to try again the Unique usage of fishing Line and rubber bands to uh steer the Rudders and this is a rather Unique method For flaps we have one Servo to control Both Flaps this track's kind of funny on the Water It's almost got a mind of its own

Oh Got I so wanted the canopy to just come Off all all the way magnetically remove You know uh I didn't like that it was Hinged because my hands kind of got in The way when I was trying to put the Flap push rod in the single Servo and I Don't love that either oh look at the Tail up and there we go that was Beautiful let's go flaps off yeah and I Lost my elevator it went out on flight Wow I am full throttled down now Abby Let me know if I need to move I don't Even where throttled down I Full Throttle bound okay we're going to hit The stop button I'm holding the stop Button And I'm going to hit the takeoff button Again just to see if it'll do it nope That's all we could do that's all I Could do horrible horrible Choice by Them but uh I think that's where we're Going to have to end this because There's no way anybody wants to listen To this very cool very capable we can Get this thing upside down kick Stabilization on and it saves it safe Equivalency we can turn our rates up and Down I love everything about this except For that beeping and that's just that's Just the reality of it so there you go Press it uhoh no no oh my Gosh it just demolish it off Totally come on holding propellers on

With rubber bands are these the stone Ages and plugging in a smart battery to A rubber band Airplane there's actually a reason for That but no one cares cuz it would be Positive if I said the reason why that's On there Hey Nate H um where's the rest of this Plane this plane was made so cheap they Made it out of two pieces of paper and Are taking advantage of all of Us I'm about to show you what sticks and Paper can do for $200 Oh I thought you were going to take It off I need to look at it Are you like Nate's twin brother Hi Backwards hat Nate I'm Nate after we Read a couple posts on Forum that's what I am oh someone got under your skin no No that would people can't do that they Can try this airplane look how slow it Flies look at this look at this I have $200 airplanes that Fly Over 100 miles an Hour who cares if it can roll like that I don't even care if it can hover for a Beginner who cares they make they make Kits that come in get this $15 cheaper than this and you only have To spend 30 or more hours to build it Cuz your time is unlimited and no one Cares about time from you nobody Especially me especially me from this

Video but any other time I do Care look at this how dare they make Money off this plane why would I ever Ever Ever buy any RC planes when I could just Make a YouTube channel and get them for Free because this YouTube channel right Here only takes me the 10 minutes that You're watching this video to make it's So easy Anybody could do it They will give these planes to anyone With a YouTube channel and an opinion But guess what you probably won't even Do it and I don't even know why cuz it's So easy right why don't you want free Foam instead of a paid electric bill now Actually anybody can make a YouTube Channel and anybody can do it that was Pretty bad satire I didn't like that Satire I've even made a video making fun Of a another channel for putting people Down for not you know what instead of Saying you probably can't in that he Probably should have said you probably Won't you probably won't maybe more ACC Here's the thing anybody could do this Anyone could start a YouTube channel and Get foam for free but it is hard work It's not as simple as everything looks Just like anything in life like if Everybody was a plumber then why Plumbers just wouldn't exist you know so We do our videos to have fun with them

And that's what I'm doing in this video Just having a little bit of fun um it no It's not it didn't crawl under my skin But I just thought it'd be a funny thing To talk about but it is funny because Because you don't cuss and whine and Complain when there is something bad and You just talk about it in a like a Normal human people like to say you Don't say anything bad I'll literally Show a $600 jet from this same company Crashing and you know I I don't think That was my fault some might say it was My fault but either way the technology Failed so it is what it And I I just uh I don't know I just want People to Know if there's a couple I'm sure every Single one of our haters always watches All of our videos so I love knowing that Hello uh but it's cool it's I'm doing This all inverted I don't know if I Thought you were going to let me fly This okay I'll save you some Juice um okay one more cool thing and Then let me fly okay we do this and then This will it stop of course it will Look ined stuff I'm doing more inverted It's awesome that was fun and we'll land It and let you fly it look we say bad Stuff about things we just don't say it Like cussing and screaming and Abby uh We'll put it in safe and you have fun With it all right aby's at the controls

Time for her to start cussing and Screaming and carrying On I don't know that's just not us we Say bad things just and don't be afraid Of throttle throttle is your friend on This it flies way different than other Things Okay kind of just making a little Point Here we do say negative things like all The time we show things failing we show Things Exploding literally uh and when people Say I don't know if they're just having A bad day say we don't say bad things About products it does bother me because We do we just don't make an entire video Like hating on a product and to be Really clear too oh my gosh I forgot Everything I I was listening to and Couldn't remember how to fly that's Right Sorry I really couldn't remember how to Get that back oh sorry to be very clear Uh we really like this airplane I think It's really cool um yeah you can you can Buy a flat foam 3D plane for like $30 Cheaper than this but this comes built Mostly built and programmed and ready to Fly and and also I know you guys see This is a paid sponsorship video on Almost every single one of our videos Yeah but like money is not exchanged Just so you know they do not pay us YouTube made it clear a long time ago is

If you receive product in your video at Least back the last time I looked at it You're supposed to mark that but a lot Of people don't a lot of people don't They say well I'm not paid for the video So I don't need to mark that get in Closer get in closer I'm trying I'm Actually struggling today yeah we're We're not paid no one pays us and on the Point of anyone can do this Commission On the clicks if you decide if you Decide let's be really clear the only Way we make money is if a person watches A YouTube ad which who does that Everybody skips the ads or has an ad Blocker or if you are a patreon Supporter which is you know not a lot of People but we're very grateful for Everyone that is or if a person clicks The link in our description box and buys It that is the only thing that keeps us Going recently I will say FMS sponsored Us to do a live video but we were very Clear about that in that video and That's once in 5 years someone does that So that's it they don't pay us I got $17 Walmart shoes on we only make a couple Bucks if you buy the thing and trust me I would never ever ever tell someone Spin that's great see that I love it I Saw it I would never tell you guys to Buy something and it suck from my Experience because what happens if I do That what happens are you ever going to

Trust me again No and honestly there's a lot of people Out there that do that all the time I do Know some channels where everything is Good um and I just don't I don't I don't Get it but it's okay this is just our Chance to have a little fun I land this I'm a little nervous with the toothpicks No you'll be fine just like any other Plane and if you don't feel comfortable You can pass the controls to me in the Air I have before or landed in the grass You have flown this Before and I want to eat up the rest of The battery really fast just for some Fun that's pretty rough that was pretty Rough wow come in under some throttle Next time yeah I see that let's uh I Want to make sure it still Flies it was just the toothpicks Nathan Well it's fine everything's fine Okay no prop strike Occurred how do people do harriers Rolling harriers I'm definitely not the Best pilot out there I feel like I fly Like most people Uh at least and I don't do that Intentionally I just that's how I fly I Have gotten some compliments from people Lately saying I'm a good pilot I don't Think so um and I would never accept Money to fly somewhere let's say that And I know That but uh I enjoy flying have fun with

It and my thing with YouTube is it's all About a shared experience in this world I it gets annoying probably when I hang Out with friends and stuff Abby will say It does I like people to have good Experiences and if I've had a good Experience somewhere at a burger joint Or something I kind of insist on people To try the thing that I know is good now That's okay but demanding it's not Insisting it's gets to a point where It's like a demand ride or leave even Though you're paying no um and and I Want that same experience in the RFC World I just want people to have a good Experience because what happens if a if A beginner gets their first airplane and They have a horrible experience They might not ever fly again we want This hobby to grow I want people to know How awesome this hobby is I had a Feeling you were pushing It and this is a really good way for a Person to try flat foam there's my alarm So if you've never tried a flat 3D plane Do this does that mean there's not any Better out there in this world they're Probably are but there's always going to Be something better something and Someone better too yep So on on that note I Mean on that stinking note cuz I'm the Bad mean guy today uh if you ever look At someone and think like you're envious

The grass is greener it The Grass Is Always Greener trust Me don't because I promise to you that's Watching and you're kind of mad that I Got a $200 piece of foam for free I Guarantee you got like nicer shoes than Me or maybe you drive a nicer car than I Do or maybe you're just generally even Happier than I am uh and for for Whatever reason that is maybe you love Playing video games and you're really Good at him if I would to compare myself To you on that aspect then you Might maybe that helps you feel a little A little better about yourself life Always has a way of even evening itself Out I think that's what you're trying to Say yeah so just cuz I got a little free Foam doesn't make me any better than you In any way at all um in fact the hours We put in for that free foam is way more Than what minimum wage is so it's just Nothing to be jealous about and you know One final thing before we go if for some Reason you don't see a company on our Channel it is not because Horizon is Paying us for Content that's there's no Payment exchange it's just you click the Link and buy it because you want to Support us that's it anybody anybody can Go sign up for that program right now Tons of people are a part of that Program so be careful who you listen to Truly but yeah cuz people are like

Influencers get it but literally anybody Can sign up for this affiliate program Yes so that's kind of funny but if you Don't see a Specific uh company or brand on our Channel or you don't see a specific Product on our Channel there's generally a reason for That especially if they've been on our Channel before and then all of a sudden They're not yes it's they're afraid of What we do because we do have a Channel With almost 600,000 Subscribers and because we do show the Truth and 99.99% of people know that and there are Companies that would like to work with Us but we we generally choose to put Something like this on the channel Because I can say bad things about it And they view it at least they have in The past as feedback to make a better Product in the future I've featured I'll Just say it I've put a motion RC plane On the channel and this is just one Company as an example we flew it was Years ago did okay didn't do great and I Said that there are some things I didn't Like about it guess what doesn't come to The channel anymore because I just spoke The truth maybe one day maybe one day And I would like to okay we keep trying It's just not there so just that's just One as an example we do a variety of

Things on our Channel I love doing the variety of things on Our Channel I love the fun that we have With this and I I care what you think But also I don't care what you think This video is a bit of a joke I'm not Going to do anything like this again I'm Not going to get out here and cuss and Scream I'm just going to tell you guys The truth and I'm tired of you know Traxxas that tried to shut our Channel Down back in the day and we didn't even Say their name then we alluded to it and You guys figured it out and flooded them And they came back apologizing sort of Uh just admitting that they were wrong And that they took those attacks away So I like that we have your support but Because without your support we couldn't Be as blunt as we are and for for anyone To suggest otherwise I really feel sorry For you I hope you Um I hope you found someone you can and Do trust and can can ride that out and Enjoy the hobby thoroughly I'm not Saying that our channel is the only Channel out there that you should listen To there are others that are good but There's a lot that aren't and uh this Was just this was fun I had fun doing This it was pretty Funny so done with this thank you God For allowing us this opportunity to jump In front of the camera and share this

Experience with all of you and uh Blessing us with beautiful weather to Fly this plane on today supposed to be Windy I think we're going to get some Rain tomorrow and you helped us hold it Off long enough to fly a really cool Flat foam 3D plane again Horizon if you Took this the wrong way we like this Airplane cuz that's happened in the past There's been a little confusion before It's a good airplane we're not crapping On the Plane all except for the fact that it's Made from phone this should be made of Titanium alloy for $200 so it's linked In the description box below and if you Want to support us on our Channel you Can click that Link s J your M oh and I'm sorry I laugh at everything You say Nate how dare I that's only one Person in the world going to get that Linked In the description box if you do Want to support our Channel because you Know that 5 million that they paid us to Say what we said in this video just Ain't going to cut it so I hope you guys Understand this video we love you and we Thank you for watching we'll have Another awesome handpicked video Just For You popping up right about now Thanks for watching we'll see you there Bye

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