WORLD’S FASTEST Beginner RC Jet – Brand New!!! FMS Integral 80mm EDF

Check out the FMS Integral here:
This is the newest RC jet in the FMS fleet, the Integral 80mm EDF. This jet claims to hit around 150mph! In this video we maiden this RC EDF jet and talk about if we really think it is good for a beginner or not! Let us know your thoughts about this RC EDF jet in the comments.
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Check out the FMS Integral here:
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I'm holding the brand new top secret FMS New release the integral this is a very Futuristic but they claim beginner Friendly super fast EDF this is a 6S jet That FMS has boldly said should be Fairly beginner friendly because it has Good lowspeed Tendencies and check this Out look at the articulation on that and They are very robust aluminum shocks They are retracts as well I love the Bright lights on this I'll show you guys In a second and we even have flaps on This jet it is a very unique looking RC I think the paint Scheme goes pretty Much in line with another jet that we Have on the channel I'll show a quick Shot of it this is the FMS Futura sport It is a 64 mm that's back here 4S Version of the Futura and other than That you know it's a very very unique I Love how the wings are swept back both In the front and the rear and even the Vertical stabilizer is kind of swept Back too So Nope I'm excited Abby I'm excited to see How this flies let's put it in the air And oh by the Light check out the ample Space in here and we are using the tray System for the battery so let's put a 6S 4,000 to 5,000 anen and M this thing Let's see how it [Music] Does before I take off make sure you hit

Like and let me know in the comments Which one is your favorite red or Blue I really like the bright red Because it pops so well but I it also Comes in a shark BL I mean a sharp blue As Well yeah it looks good I like it it's a Very different looking jet I'm excited To see how it flies so let's Go oh that's nice ring gear is up I've Got some up here I probably need to you Know to Made In Flight got to trim it a Little bit but it already feels good Yeah I got to trim it down a hair she's W like you climb quite a Bit when you Maiden something you really Should fly a couple mistakes High while You're trimming it up still climbing a Good bit might eat up a lot of trim and A little left roll just being an EDF I This is a very realistic Maiden Flight very little Wind and that is nice still just a touch Of climb that feels pretty good let's Get in a little lower I like the Silhouette it looks Good You ready to play my favorite game will It snap you want to do that already will It snap okay here's Full Throttle we're Going to climb it snap oh yeah that's a Pretty good snap ni I love when it Topples over like That the green and red nav lights look

Good even in the daylight I could see it I love the silouette of this thing watch This when I kick it up on the side look At that little atar knife edge that's a Really wild knife edge it doesn't like To hold it very well I do see this being Kind of a trainer esque EDF because it Has very docile Tendencies even the roll Rate is not very drastic this is all Just straight out of the box like Anybody else would fly it see that roll Rate it's nothing insane and that was With some pretty good Hefty throttle on It feels it feels tame let's see it Loop Okay let's bring it out on the back side And I'll Loop it from right to left Nice clean it'll we should climb right Into this really Well throttle off up there and BR it Down it feels heavy I think is the best Way to describe it it's not especially Heavy on the ground and it's not heavy In a bad way it just kind of has some Weight to it and it tumbled Well roll here left roll climb it up and Maybe Hammerhead over let's see if it Can Hammerhead if it has enough Rudder To do it oh yeah that's great nice and Clean roll out of that Hammerhead and Then pull Up Inverted what about it just hold it yeah Oh yeah see if we can get it back O A Turnning everything no that was not I

Okay outside Loop we can do That tumble t to the here I'll tell you What let's do it like this spin spin Spin sorry A okay let's tumble it down okay you Ready okay Oh now it also says it has very capable Slow flying Tendencies so let's kick Those flaps on spaceship mode they're on And look at that we're putting it in W Now if we stole right there that'd be a Hard one to come out of So let's try to bring it in a little Lower Little over minutes yeah we'll probably Shoot for about four four and a half Forgot that's my job okay here spaceship Mode is on it does climb climb but look At that look at that slow Pass flaps Off build up our speed before we try to Hit that Bank pretty well-rounded jet pretty Well-rounded jet it's very futuristic Looking here's a zero throttle Pass let's see you try that knife edge Again it was Pretty Dirty wasn't it it Was pretty Yucky very very trainer esque for sure Definitely doesn't like to hold it it Just doesn't like to hold got It it's not a it's not a 3D plane it's Just a jet with a little tiny Rudder on The back so let's pull out four probably

Probably thinking about a landing we'll Check the voltage at the end of this Flight to let you guys know what it put What put that just feels heavy that's The best way to describe this jet we are Going to drop the landing gear and put On some flaps sure they're there count Them all yeah they're there I see I see Them do you know how to count to three Yeah I can do are you sure uhhuh Remember those flaps give us a little Bit of extra lift so we don't need to do Much here hey nice and clean and smooth That's really good I wish the touchdown Would have been right in front of us but That was a very soft smooth Landing just Let that speed bleed off and we'll taxi This back yeah that was a nice Very tame madeen flight of a jet of a 6S Jet by looking at this I would have Thought it would have been a more Aggressive EDF but it's true to what They said it is trainer esque could this Be a person's first airplane ever I Don't know but as a first EDF if you at Least a first 6s EDF Definitely and if you like the way this Thing looks it'll be linked to the Description box [Music] Below okay let's see I can't remember if I put a 5,000 or 4,000 in I think it was Four yeah 4,000 Milliamp a 4minute flight yeah is that

Right yep 3.8 volts per cell so that Could have easily gone to 5 minute Flight in my opinion on a 4,000 milliamp Which is a really good flight time for a 6S EDF What's the appro how do you how many Different ways can I say this well it's It's not it's not even it's integral Integral that that's their new jet you Know very futuristic look very Ted to Fly feels kind of heavy this is why we Couldn't knife edge okay very tiny Little Rudder with a lot of weight and Speed kind of aerodynamics up here and In a future video I'm hoping to do a Speed test on this to see how fast it Does does actually go because over 200 Km an hour is a very quick jet so I want To put a battery in and probably in Another video we'll see how quick it Does oops it does go you're such a Nerd assembly of this was extremely easy And I actually want to show you guys how The wings plugged in it uses an old Serial Port like you see on computers For like video graphics monitors at Least before HDMI and I really like it Because it's very durable and robust Connection I don't know if I've ever Seen any other plane use that connection But I love that they did here because It's just one quick plug in then we had Some bolts on the bottom of the wing two On each side and like a total of six

Bolts to hold on all of the rear Stabilizers so the Assembly of this Thing was really easy no glue required Just plug in a couple things and then Get your battery charger and by the time Your battery's charged you can have this Thing assembled and in the air now Although this is very futuristic looking As far as far as the paint goes let me Know in the comments what do you guys Think this actually looks like and take A look at the blue one and now let me Know what you think it looks like I I'm Glad we got red yeah me too I do like The red a lot now because they FMS are Really pushing this to be a beginner Friendly 6s EDF like a first 6s jet Although I don't recommend it to be a Person's first airplane I'm going to Mention AMA here because you should have Ama before you fly this or anything like This it's the Academy of model Aeronautics insurance for those of us That fly RC planes especially but even RC cars helicopters boats everything Remote control is covered by them but The reason we have it when we're flying Is not only so we are insured in case an Accident happens but so we can educate Ourselves before flying it's very Important that we fly safe and represent Our hobby the best way possible we'll Have the AMA Linked In the description Box below and remember guys this jet is

Linked down there too if you use our Link to buy this jet or anything else on The website you do help to support our Channel and our family at no extra cost To you and we're very grateful while on The subject of gratitude I want to say Massive thanks to God for blessing us With this beautiful day to get out here And maen the brand new FMS integral this Is a lot of fun and a massive thanks to God also a huge thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your Insanely awesome support if you love RC Jet videos we'll have another handpicked Video popping up right about now just For you thanks for watching we'll see You there bye [Music]

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