149.9999MPH JET SPEED TEST!!! Incredibly FAST!

Check out the FMS Integral here:
This is the newest RC jet in the FMS fleet, the Integral 80mm EDF. In our maiden flight a lot of people gave us a hard time when we said it goes 150mph…so here is the proof! Ok we rounded up by 1mph, but still yeah its fast out of the box. Let us know your thoughts about this RC EDF jet in the comments.
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Check out the FMS Integral here:
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[Music] This is the brand new FMS integral and In today's video we're going to do an Official speed test to see if it can Actually push 200 km an hour which is What they claim it Can we had a very successful Maiden Flight and if you missed that video you Should absolutely check it out but Basically this is targeted toward the First 6s EDF a person should own or so FMS claimes and I'm kind of curious if This can push over 200 km an hour which Is like 140 something M an hour should It be going to be flying that let me Know in the comments below but I want to See how fast it can actually go so let's Put it in the air and see how it [Music] Does all right Barbie free and clear to [Music] Go okay guys we're going to taxi down And get ready for a takeoff to see how Fast this actually goes but please if You could like this video If You're a Fan of the RC Sailors and familyfriendly Content here on YouTube we're hoping for A successful flight we want to push high Speeds leave your comment with your Guest before he takes off let's go let's See how close you guys are to the actual Speed landing gear up and what I'm going To do for this portion is to keep it as Level as possible without doing too many

Dives what we're doing is just going to Build up some speed here I will do a Landing and then we will put a fresh Battery in and just see how fast it goes If we can make it go Faster with some Dives or not yeah we're Getting a little bit of up and down but Nothing drastic okay so this is Full [Music] Throttle just holding Full Throttle We're going to do another Full Throttle Pass down the Runway a little bit Lower What's your guess Nate you know I'm Going to say 110 really yeah it doesn't feel like 140 To MEC battery I'm going to give it 87 I don't think it's hitting 100 no I Filmed a lot of Jets all right you Landing yeah I'm Landing is your gear down Gear's down I Got all three put half flaps to help Slow it down cuz this thing does have Some weight to it my goodness it gets Lift from those Flaps We'll see how fast it went and then what I want to do is some dive runs to see if We can actually kind of push it even Faster I just wanted to do a true speed On on that first little flight there Without doing too much diving because I Don't want to affect it with with the

Extra speed that you will inevitably get Off of a dive so let's just see what we Got a 50c battery okay we're just going To bring it right in here Sorry terrible film job all right come On have some brakes I know I'm right so I said 110 they say 140 which is like 210 km hour and Abby says 87 so let's See what we got our Peak speed meter Says 108 M hour oh you won I was way off Good job me all right all right still Broke 100 miles an hour that's pretty Fast and you know what we only flew on This battery for 2 minutes less than 2 Minutes we have enough juice to get some Dives we just want to see if that can Break 108 mph so let's put it back in The air and pick up some real Speed from what I've been told and what I understand this GPS meter only Works you know it doesn't track vertical Speed it only tracks horizontal speed on The what is that x axis so it measures It by distance not yeah that's right so If we're clim let's say we're falling at 200 mph it will not pick that up but What it will pick up is here we go we're Just going to dive it it should pick up That speed right there right so whatever Speed we picked up off of that dive now What we really want to do here is just Climb about as high as I can oh my gosh Roll it over I hold I'm holding Full Throttle this is full thr it is liter to

The Ground okay no crazy rolls or anything Like that that is about as much as we Could ask for so I am going to look at That sun dog up There uh you want to see it it's right Behind me you talking about the rainbow Rainbow yeah okay I've never heard it Called that be called dog I think that's What it's called okay landing gear down Then we will half flap it and bring it In and let this thing touch down I'll Bet you we definitely broke 108 M an Hour got to come in under some Throttle let's get this thing to touch Down nice and smooth and we will see if We beat 108 mph what's your guys' guess In the comments did we actually do the One 140 or so oh my gosh that was a Horrible Landing but I saved it almost Had a repeat of your uh saber right this Thing has a lot of lift apparently Especially with those flaps on I think You need to adjust your elevator some I Don't like Landing with flaps I think From now on I'm going to land this Without flaps and just just bleed off The Speed cuz I'll take advantage of the Space that we have okay we're taxing it In fast there's zero throttle I'm going To say 120 I think we had 120 Mph at least this thing doesn't wing tip Over when I it is stable in that it is Respect okay Abby do you have a guess

Well my guess was so off the last time I'm going to say 115 oo 149 wa that's Way faster that's crazy so if we Actually come off of a dive we picked up An extra 40 m hour wow that's crazy Nate I think you need to Heart any comment That was within 10 miles an hour on Their guesses I can do that yeah okay I'm excited to go through and see what Everybody thought again this is the FMS Integral it comes in blue and I want to Hear from you guys what does it look Like when it's in the blue color I think It's pretty obvious but I love the Futuristic kind of look that this thing Has gone on and I do honestly personally Like the bright red just because it's Easier to see it looks a little more Futuristic and a little less Amphibious and it is very fun to fly I I Like the way it looks because it's Unique and you guys know me you know the Channel by now I love unique I love when Companies are doing something different But not just different it's very Functional durable robust this thing Could fly and take off of grass no Problem not our grass cuz it's so tall But this would be a very good grass jet Too I've got some friends that have Hesitated to get into the 6s EDF world And this is potential jet they could get Believe it or not flying 149 M an hour It does fly well really slow too and so

I think that's why this is a beginner Esque beginner friendly 6s jet because It's so well-rounded it's not a very Like high performance aggressive jet but You can definitely pick up some speeds With this with those landing gear Retracted and it flies well not a huge Fan of flying it with the flaps but if I Mix in some elevator I think it'll work Out really well and just slow it down And fly in nice and slow guys this will Be linked in the description box below Know that using that link does help to Support our Channel and our family at no Extra cost to you and just for a nice Safe successful happy fun flight today I Want to say a massive thanks to God for Blessing us with a beautiful day to fly This and share this experience with you Guys also a massive thanks to our Patreon supporters because we couldn't Do what we do as often as we do it Without your insanely awesome support And if you miss the maiden flight of This or maybe just another awesome jet Video we'll have a handpicked video Popping up right about now just for you Thanks for watching we'll see you there [Music] Bye

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