AI took over RC Fighter JET!!! – FMS F-16C 70mm

Check out the FMS F-16 here:
Check it out on Fair RC here for international:
Technology is getting crazier and crazier lately. This is my FMS F-16C fighter jet 70mm, and my reflex tech was just not working. In this video we maiden this RC aircraft for you and give our initial thoughts and opinions. Let us know your thoughts about the RC EDF jet in the comments.
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Check out the FMS F-16 here:
Check it out on Fair RC here for international:


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We're trying to get the new well new to Me FMS f167 mm ready and this thing came Alive and is doing something crazy and I Wanted to show you guys before I po the Solution wait is that not it right there That's my Backup Nate has a problem don't we all You guys are this is crazy I've never Seen anything like this you Ready If I try to turn it off reflex it Doesn't do anything I've got no control Over This so before that breaks I think the Solution is to bypass reflex I've had Problems with reflex before I've also Loved reflex Flex before but on a jet Like this I'm not too concerned about Not having it so we're going to pop it Out and go straight to the receiver kind Of wild with those servos I don't there Is a possibility that I did something Wrong but I've put so many of these Things together that was a first for me I've never seen one come to life in fact My daughter was calling this the Frankenstein jet because it had a mind Of its own and it was alive kind of Scared all lot of us we're going to do a Maiden flight because I feel comfortable And confident now in my own ability to Just bypass Vector flight stabilizer We're just going with my own receiver And we're keeping it simple keeping it

Dumb no safe no as3x and sometimes That's just how I like to fly uh the Nice thing about this jet is we have Really good looking retracts and I Wanted to keep this simple it came with Decals I'll show you the decals I Believe they're water decals which are Far from my favorite not a fan of those And even if you put them on well I've Seen them just fly off in the wind and Abby and I both agree we really like This Sleek clean Anonymous F16 so at Least for now we're just going to do our Maiden flight on the Bare Bones basic it Does come with some missiles we might Put those on in a future flight but Without further Ado let's put this in The air and see how it Does I am regretting forgetting my gloves you Got me for Christmas but oh the Articulation on the shocks looks really Nice as it taxis that's the one benefit Of having a very rough Runway like we Have you know even even for full scale It's pretty rough and hey it's steering Really well I like when they turn on a Dime now it's a maiden oh no my front Wheel got stuck in a crack oh come On talk about a rough Runway Walked off those pre-flight Jitters Let's Go yeah that's nice I knew with this Cold air it would jump right up I didn't

Think it' jump up that fast Though sounds good sounds Good okay I got some trim I got to hit Up on this Thing Got some climb in it new receiver not From another plane or anything we're Getting there we're getting there Feeling pretty good what you want is About a half throttle handsfree pass and Not have to really hold too Much looks good feels good sounds good Too so this is really kind of the Equivalency of the eflight Thunderbirds It's is gray 70 mm 6s they recommend a Uh what did they recommend a 3,300 Milliamp 50c I got a 3200 in here Closest I had to it uh almost all the Way forward it probably could have went The extra half Inch let's climb it we're going to roll It on that Climb and pull Back Full Throttle climb and we'll snap it up here And I will say the 70 mm Thunderbirds Was like one of my favorite St vertical That awesome nose up for a long time Before it Tipple toppled snap it Here there we go that is like a dart Yeah I've always liked flying my 70 mm Thunderbirds so I was expecting fun on This one the reason I like it so much is Because 70 mm seems like a good size for

Uh the 6s batteries that we have if you Go much bigger than that they still Getting really heavy and they lose a lot They lose a lot of their um just agility And you're on 2 minutes yeah we'll Probably land at three and I brought my Voltage alarm to see I mean I was even Haering my Thunderbirds because this is Maiden I don't think I'm going to do Anything crazy like that but I do want To pop in another battery if you guys Want to stick around and see some more Flying it does feel good I like this a Lot bigger they are on eating FS they Just they hurt those batteries pretty Hard uh this is this is nice this is a Good size for a 6S I brought some 4000s too so be Interesting to see if it could do well On a 4,000 I think that's about the Biggest battery you'd want to put in Here so what we have to do because we Don't have flaps now we could put Flapper on in here but I don't we want To bleed off that speed pretty far back So what I'm going to do is take this Last turn at about half throttle I'm Going to drop those landing gear now Just cuz I want to be able to see that We have three And we have to take it down farther than I would like can you see them I can see Them and then we're just going to let Gravity do some work for us here we need

To come in with some throttle I know I Know kill that throttle oh Boy oh sounds good there you go I'm Really happy with that that was good you Just got to let the speed bleed off and And bring it in it it has good fast that Was really fast it was a fast Landing Cuz I don't have any flaps no brakes or Anything like that you just got to let It do its thing but it was a smooth Landing that was great so what we're Going to do is test the voltage and see Where it's at cuz what was that 3 minute Flight it was a little over 3 minutes by The time you touch down barely though And we'll see if we could have pushed it Another minute or so shocks just look Good on that front nose wheel Articulation is great that was fun that Was a great Flight I think it could have benefited From as3x cuz it felt wobbly right but I Don't have that turn turned on or Anything right now so what we do when we Don't have our Telemetry we're going old School Here not not that old school I've seen These older school I know let's plug This smart battery in it'll test Non-smart batteries too and oh my Goodness this tells us we're at 3.9 Volts per cell so I think we could Easily get away with a 4minute flight Even in this cold weather on a

323c if you have a higher discharge Rating battery you're going to get more Performance uh but yeah 3 minutes is Very safe but I think 3 and 1/2 to 4 Minutes is also doable so let's put our Money where our mouth is and try for a 4-minute flight are you putting in the Same battery 32 same battery 32 all Right okay so you want like do you want Me to let you know three and a half Three and a half and then you're going To Land okay I'll give you a two-minute Warning and half Is you don't like my updates when I Don't update you that you have issues Sure well I think we can get in the air Pretty quick this time and as soon as I Pop up we'll put those landing gear up So that'll be fun I'll try to jump up Right in front of the camera here don't Hit that crack again no you ready yep Let's just go for It landing gear Up nice oh she's fun to fly just Full Throttle while you do something like That you don't want to stall Out oh my front come on your front Wheel's not up yeah so we're going to Drop it uhoh same issues that some People I'm sorry I was trying to look at It with myself and there now it's up Golly I remember that Tik Tok video that We did where you couldn't get the

Landing gear up and everybody was like You were doing that on purpose like no Literally watch the video when wheel was Not going up and it was always like a Different wheel so funny that was a low Pass yeah fun Oh just fun to fly love 70 Mm I wanted to hold it longer but didn't Feel comfortable cuz I didn't have the Right angle I was shooting for a knife Edge kind of a show Pass now when I did harriers of this I Would put the battery farther back right Yeah right now I have it up to the nose So I'm not going to try any crazy Harriers but man it's a fun jet to fly Uh FMS did a great job making it and Branding it their Own that's the thing you know we've got We've got some really really good RC's Out right Now my goodness this is one of them it's Just fun to watch it fly it sounds great Looks really good Too oh you flew over my head sorry if You didn't know any better you could Think this was the real Deal it actually wasn't over my head by The wayp gun just too high for my Camera here we'll we'll do a do a climb Right in front of us Ready it's pretty cool right Mhm you're at like 2 minutes okay thank You just do a nice Loop out here haven't

Done Yet not something you see these guys do All the time but we'll do It and that's when you get into Harrier Right out of the loop like That just kind of let it roll around Here I have been a little harder cooking This a little more than last flight so Saying 4 minutes now has me a little Concerned inverted excuse me we can do That yep oh yeah there you Go outside Lo roll out of it I'll do on The backend I'll do it on the back end I'll do it back Here okay we'll get it back upside Down let's see it let's see It not great got a little too much Al I don't think I've ever done that on My F16 oh yeah you know I want to land It you're scared scared I don't want to Crash this I really like it I'll keep Going we'll keep going what's the fun in That having a non- crashed airplane is The fun in that I guess you're at like 3 And A2 okay we're getting there it Doesn't feel bad I haven't had any weird Uh cuts of power or anything just taking It easy on the Throttle good pass a couple more of Those low passes and then now that's the Oh you're going to push it if you do a Couple more you better do one more and Then Land nice look pretty good now I'd like

To land it right to left so let's just Get it over There yeah you're over you're over four Now daddy oh sorry Nate no the com going to do that okay so Landing GE down I would normally drop it In a different spot But you know we had that one issue make Sure You're yeah that's what I was just Mumbling Sorry oh that was fast a little fast but Beautiful wasn't it those shocks did Their work and it just oh no no no Sho That almost almost scuffed the pavement Cuz I turned too soon oh what a great Couple of Maiden flights really got it Trimmed up nicely on the first flight And then this one this one was just fun To fly kind of push it let's see where The voltage is at really fast because That was a 4minute flight for sure all Right nice two flights I think so yeah That was fun we are at after 4 minutes Let this settle down for a second cuz It's hot off the Hut off the flight 3.75 Vols per cell very safe and after a Few minutes that's going to settle right Up to 3.8 volts per cell maybe 3.85 it's Already in a storage charge even though The smart batteries put themselves in a Storage charge if it's higher than that Voltage so that's really nice that's Pretty much perfect a 3200 milliamp and

Honestly I was worried because they Recommend a 35c rated battery I thought I know it's only 5 C's lower but if they Need at least 35 this 30C performance Might not work out so well but it did Great today it never felt like my ESC Was pulsing or any overheating issues or Underpowered problems and I was flying This about the way I like to fly when I Just come out to Fly for Fun so uh 30C Is fine but I would recommend using what They recommend which is at least 35c so Shoot for a 50c battery or so we'll do Our best to have the right batteries Linked In the description box below for You this jet will be linked in the Description box remember if you're not a Fan of this Plain Jane gray they do come With like four different decal liveries That you can choose from I just I didn't Like the pink I didn't like the idea of Water decals I think I might eventually Do some RC sailor stickers but I Al Honestly love the way that looked in the Air Just I don't know why I like that Anonymous and stealth I like that a lot It also comes with wing tip uh missiles And ordinances and a couple to melt Underneath and maybe in a future video I'll try to slap those on it's a very Simple setup there's not even any lights On this but the price is right and it's Linked in the description box below now

I don't recommend people just jump out And fly willy-nilly uh you know you got To do a little bit of research before You do and especially before you start Uploading videos to YouTube and stuff People doing some really stupid things Out there with their jets flying over Towns and stuff don't do that that's Just not good I highly recommend you fly With AMA and buy their recommended rules And guidelines that's what keeps this Hobby fun the less other people you know Who I'm talking about are involved the More fun it is and if we just represent Ourselves well then it'll Contin to be Fun it's these Schmucks out there that Are ruining the hobby for all of us Because they're doing things filming Them and putting them out there for Thousands or more people to see so am Will be linked in the description box Below and not only not only will they Teach you to kind of fly right but They're insurance so if you do make a Mistake it's there to help you out today Was a lot of fun and what a great Looking jet got a little frustrated with That whole flight stabilizer that was Included most of the time nine times out Of 10 they do a fine job but in this in Case I had to yank it out of there I'd Love to know from you guys in the Comments you know maybe I did something Wrong but again I did everything like I

Normally do so I don't know why it did That but let me have it you know I'm Used to it I got thick skin so I want to Say a massive thanks to God for blessing Us with this beautiful day in the middle Of winter it's a little cold but man you Couldn't ask for a better day to fly Some RC's with that cold D there we got A lot of lift and very low winds it was Just perfect I want to say a massive Thanks to God for just blessing us in General also want to say a massive Thanks to our patreon supporters because We couldn't do what we do as often as we Do it without your insanely awesome Support if you're into our cjets we will Have a handpicked video that we Absolutely love popping up right about Now thanks for watching we'll see you There Bye

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