BEST Deal of 2023!!! OUR FAVORITE Mini Warbird RC Plane Volantex F4U Corsair

Check out the Corsair RC plane here:
USA Warehouse and Save with code:BG88f528 Ends: 8/31/2023
This is a best deal alert for 2023. This is a mini warbird just like all the mini warbirds we have featured and loved on the channel. This one comes from Volantex and it is the F4U Corsair. This mini warbird is currently coming in at $75 if you order from the USA warhouse using our code above! Let us know what you think in the comments.
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Check out the Corsair RC plane here:
USA Warehouse and Save with code:BG88f528 Ends: 8/31/2023

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Everybody knows about and loves the Legend of many warbirds this is the Legendary eachine P51 but with the title Of Legend comes a legendary price and Occasionally this one can creep up to Around 130 or more sometimes it does go On sale but did you know about this Plane this is a new Mini warbird of a Different brand giving those eachine Warbirds a run for their money literally We just did the P51 version on our Channel not very long ago and this one Is in my opinion much more beautifully Painted than the eachine version of the Corsair not to take anything away from The ishin warbirds but this one just Looks a bit nicer now in today's video We're gonna fly this and see if it Really does give the eachine P-51 a run For its money but what if I told you Guys because you are amazing and chose To watch the RC Sailors video today we Have a special coupon code just for you And if you're super amazing and you're Watching this video about the time that It is being released then you can get This airplane for 75 Linked In the Description box below paired with our Exclusive coupon code we'll let you know Hopefully at least halfway through this Video or near the end of the video if we Think it's worth your hard-earned money Let's put it in the air and fly it and Have some fun and at the end of the

Video I'm going to show you everything That comes with this amazing beautiful Little Corsair Foreign Take off oh I like that Corsair the Paint job on this one really looks like A much bigger version of this little Warbird it's flying really well these Little warbirds blow my mind if you Didn't know any better and you were just Watching and you've never flown one of These you'd think no there's no way Nate's telling the truth because Traditionally small planes fly really Really really poorly and so if you've Ever tried this in the hobby before and You picked up a small airplane Especially if you're flying it in Wind You know they just don't fly all that Great but as I said at the beginning of This video everybody knows about the Eachine P-51 and I would say 90 of People that fly airplanes own one just Because they're like 100 to 130 bucks But guys hopefully that coupon code is Still live in the comments and in the Description box where you can click our Link support our Channel and our family And we save you guys a ton of money not Just like two bucks but a serious chunk Of change I've been working really hard To get you guys coupon codes on every Single one of these this is amazing She's she's basically got a hold of

Banggood by the by the caller and said If you don't give a subscribers money And we're not doing these anymore I just Thought what she said but it is nice she Is working really hard she's been Extremely kind to the person that we're Working with the uh three four or five A.m conversations that I have between Nighttime feedings is when I work But I think we can all thank Daniel for That if Daniel wasn't a part of this World then we may not have those coupon Codes because I was awake at 4am to talk To people overseas so anyway the catch Is you have to use the link paired with The coupon code and that will um you Have to it's for us only out of the U.S Warehouse so if anyone watching overseas It's still a good deal it's amazing here Got to make sure you click USA warehouse For this one so you might sometimes you Know you pull up the link and it's in Like a it'll say priority shipping so And people got mad at us one time there Was an airplane that defaulted to Priority shipping and it made it like 250 dollars yeah we're like guys Ground level shipping but oh okay so This is flying awesome that's why I'm Able to talk about other things I'm Literally flying at one-handed just so You guys know I'm out here doing this Foreign Such a casual little flyer it's fighting

Some Gusty winds I'd say it feels about Like seven or eight mile an hour winds That's not too bad but it is just an Amazing little scale flyer now something About these small warbirds is yes they Do have different flight modes and I'll Show you the flight modes at the end of This video but traditionally and this One is probably no exception you want to Keep it in that basic flight mode where It's beginner friendly it's not going to Let the airplane turn upside down if I Push all the way left that's as far as I Can bank which is actually a pretty good Bank but it's not upside down now if you Go to a more advanced flight mode and I'll do that we'll test it I'm going to Throttle up some it should let us Bank a Little farther Yeah quite a bit more Bank look how Sharp we're at almost vertical on that One Is like a cyclone there Abby so here We're gonna go again And I'll try to show it right here in Front of the camera we can just steep Steep steep okay so we can go you just Disappear So it's it's a little squirrely in other Words right Um I want to keep it up here the Elevator gets so squirrely and these Higher rates it's just wild but we're Going to do Advanced

If you're gonna do stuff do it out there Easier said than done one thing to keep The airplane In a specific location do it I'll do it I'll try Okay so we're gonna go from Left to right because that's the way the Wind I want the wind to my nose and then We're going to try to do a loop in Manual mode And it's just it's just hard to pull That off with a small airplane hard to Film I did it exactly where you said I did it exactly where you said so Here's the beauty of this airplane we'll See if we can pull it off it's always a Challenge but I want to try to do the Stunt that's built into it which is Barrel roll that's all that nice that Was nice nice and clean did it on the First try you press the button you push The direction you want to do the roll so I'm amazed this is like this is like 10 Year ago prices with our coupon code you Guys I mean that to me is that's one two Four two eight double toys it is car Pricing people you're exactly right this Is like no-brainer if you've ever Thought about flying planes and you just Don't want to spend the money on it Now's the Time this is the perfect gift I mean or just treat yourself because What an amazing price it's completely Ready to fly and the version we have I'm About to show you guys I'm gonna land it

Here in just a minute has three Batteries has other cool accessories That you don't want to miss out on so Let me land it back here in the grass to Our left Abby I'm going to plop it right Down into the grass hopefully actually In the grass not right on the edge And there we go very awesome let's take A look at what comes in the Box there's A lot to love about these little Airplanes so when this is powered on we Even have Rudder control which is really Cool because that's an actual Servo with A push rod there elevator ailerons and Of course throttle these props are Designed to just pop right off And then pop back on so if you crash Instead of breaking it it should just Pop off and most of the time that's what Happens I think there's going to be a Lot of first-time Flyers here so let's Talk about the radio when you first bind Up your airplane it's kind of weird you Plug in the battery to the airplane First then you turn your radio on at Zero throttle and it will beep and bind Then to activate your throttle it's a Safety feature you throttle up and Throttle Down now when you add a little Bit of throttle the prop will spin it's Just a safety feature then you have this Switch back here these are your flight Modes and I believe all the way up is Beginner mode you'll know because when

You pick the airplane up and try to move It around a little bit you'll hear the Servos damn thing to try to auto level The plane and flip it in the opposite Direction and you're in the advanced Mode if you pick the airplane up and Move it around and it's not making any Noise you'll know it's in advanced mode Here's your stunt button this thing is Ridiculously easy to fly when you're in Beginner mode now my version comes with The wind got it three batteries okay Three batteries and a little USB charge Cable these are a little Molex Connectors and you're going to get at Least 15 minutes of flight time on this I mean at least 12 even if you're Full Throttle maybe close to 20 minutes on One little battery these things are Cheap and they're very Universal so That's good if you ever want to buy even More batteries you can easily find them Online and it comes with some landing Gear if you don't want to do hand Launches like I did in a belly landing You can put those landing gear on and it Actually does a pretty good job at Taking off from asphalt and one of my Favorite things about these volantex Airplanes the P51 and the Corsair it Comes with an extra two-bladed Traditional prop but two extra with the Little nose cone decals on there the Details and the stripes

Three bladed props that's amazing so you Get four total props with your airplane And I don't believe any other small War Bird has ever done that before nothing Against the amazing legendary ishin P51 But when you have something like this That flies just as good I think has a Better paint job because you even have That like cream collar on the bottom of The airplane and it comes in at almost Half the price it's really hard to Complain about this guy and ah look at The I just realized this even has a Pilot in there with a clear canopy on Top Nice where this one is just black paint So there's a lot of extra detail here on This plane it'll be linked in our Description box below and I hope you Guys are able to take advantage of that Coupon code but even if not you're Paying full price for this it's still Awesome I want to thank God for this Beautiful day this opportunity to get in Front of the camera and share this Experience with you guys I also want to Say a massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your Amazing support we thank you all from The bottom of our hearts if you love These mini warbirds we're going to have Another one of those awesome videos well Worth your time popping up right about

Now thanks for watching we'll see you There bye Thank you

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