BEST RC Car Under $100 2023

Check out this RC Car here:
Save with code (currently makes it $67) stacked with the amazon clickable coupon: 30TRSLM163
This is an RC car we pick up on amazon, and itis one of the best RC cars under $100 on the market right now. Currently with the clickable coupon plus our discount code, this RC car comes in at $67. This is the DeeRC H16R. This is a brushless 4WD RC car. It comes with 2 batteries, a wheelie bar, spare parts, and has led lights! This thing is a steal for the price! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!
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Check out this RC Car here:
Save with code (currently makes it $67) stacked with the amazon clickable coupon: 30TRSLM163

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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I can't believe it's already that time Of year where we take a look back and See of the hundreds of RC's that we've Tested what is the best in the category Or Best in Class and I know this RC was Recently featured on the channel it is Very cool it's four-wheel drive it is Brushless powered it comes completely Ready to run it even has lights and We've proven it to be tough as nails and A lot of times one of the most popular Categories of RC cars is what is the Best RC car under $100 well in my Opinion it's this one this thing comes Equipped with absolutely everything that You would want in a high performance Smaller compact yet very capable RC Car wow we've got the radio the Transmitter in other words and it's not Just a basic one it actually feels and Drives really well with throttle limits You can turn Throttle Down for kids and Throttle all the way up for more Advanced drivers a very nice USB charge Cable for the included battery and guys Let's talk about the included battery It's nice it's a cased Hard battery They've upgraded that for you but it's Not proprietary it just has a Dean's Plug so you could buy any old battery With a Dean's plug super cheap to work In this RC but why would you need to When they have two batteries in this box It's a great setup it even comes with a

Few basic little tools spare body clips And a wheelie bar that we have not Installed yet because I like popping the Wheelies now here's the best news about This very cool RC it's actually a newer RC backed by a very good wellestablished Company that is on Amazon they have good Customer service I've already heard People that have picked this up if They've had any issues or need spare Parts they just reach out to customer Service and they will give you those Options because it's newer not Everything is listed on on Amazon yet But the spare part availability is there And as I said the best news is that this Is usually $109 which is a steal because Brushed vehicles have been hundred or More dollars and we've even seen some Brushed big Big Brand Vehicles close to $300 in this category but with our RC Sailor coupon code you can pick this up For somewhere around $70 our early Viewers were getting it a little cheaper Than that 70 bucks is a steel for this RC and we want to show you why so let's Power it on and have some fun in this Video get some speeduns going and Probably hit our nice big metal ramp now Guys in our first video we actually did A speed run of this to show you how fast It goes now this is on the 70% throttle Limit and in my opinion oh see that I Got the back end pop up I told you it's

Fast it Is I like this thing it is very Punchy And very powerful oh I almost did it Again okay now let's just punch it right Up up to 100% I want you guys to see how Awesome this little RC is it's well Worth that's 100% in my opinion this is Well worth every penny of the $109 look At that see it you can do stoppies with This okay hold on that's Crazy I'm trying to do it again it's so Fast and Punchy and Powerful you got two Batteries with it it's sold on Amazon if Like you get it and there's a problem With it or Something I was trying to do it again See it's a like crazy I promise I'm not Going to flip it anymore it's tough as Nails too because it has those skid Plates on top of the body so every time I'm flipping it over it's not actually Scratching up the body that's really Nice and I say it's time we hit that Ramp I just want you guys to see this Vehicle in action how much fun it is see The skid plate at the top I didn't even Show you that at the beginning of the Video two skid plates right here it's Actually part of it's on the bottom Screwed into it it's just a reinforced Tough body I got a little crack here Because we've been so rough on it but Yeah I really like this I want to show You how tough it is let's hit that

Ramp back Flip this thing has more power and Ability to get through Tall Grass than Some other things we've seen on the Channel too it's really impressive RC wow was a good sorry for that Terrible filming Display you lost your body Clips I have one or two extras but for Now you lost three again well I have one Or two extras oh now you have two in the Back so I'm going to steal one from the Back and then the beauty about body Clips is they're very cheap but yeah Okay we're probably going to lose that One soon Too you know even if it was at 100 bucks I think it'd be worth it but we're uh Well under that with our coupon code No I missed I have seen tin scale Vehicles struggle to get through this [Applause] Grass oh perspective is so [Music] Hard you lost the whole body yeah I Did okay so I do need some more body CLI Is that the downside the body Clips just Shoot out when ramp it the included body Clips I have loosened them up because I've been so hard on this I mean Honestly look the body I have bent it up Some because most people aren't going to Hit it this hard so that's the body Itself if you look at the actual chassis

You know it's holding up well look at That they have reinforced it where it Needs to be reinforced you can see the Red paint you can see where the red Paint has been uh scuffed off onto the Chassis itself and it like they've even Thought I just not realiz this see where The wires come out on the side of the Battery they even thought about making a Little cut out of the chassis so that Sits in there well now you can flip it To the other side but this way it sits Perfectly it's supposed to sit like that This is a brushless system with a heat Sink on there that's a brushless motor a Nice big ESC receiver combo and they Have this little bit of support in here Steering servo is great it's solid I Don't struggle with this a lot of times You get like a budget RC and the Steering servo is weak or the Savor is Weak and uh it doesn't doesn't hold well On the road but this is not the case With this RC can you guys tell I Absolutely love this thing I think it Looks really cool too it just has that Classic pickup look going and then the Orange touches throughout like the shock Caps and the orange on the tires I just Really like how this looks and performs And if it was a $200 RC it'd be like Okay well it just falls into the Category with everything else but this Video is best in class this is best RC

Under $100 for 2023 and it's a No-brainer there's other YouTubers that Would agree with me there's tons of Customer reviews that would agree with Me and I can't wait to hear your Feedback in the comments after you've Bought one let me know what you think of It now I'll have this Linked In the Description box below and clicking that Link does help to support our Channel And our family at no extra cost to you And it'll take you right to the correct RC we'll also have a custom coupon code Just for you guys This is pretty cool there he took the Wing while I took [Applause] Off well I have a custom RC sailor Coupon code for you guys to save 30% That is huge I mean sometimes I just Can't believe we're able to get that 30% For you so I'm really happy and Hopefully you guys enjoy this RC at a Really good discount maybe you pick up a Couple of them just because that's such A good price it would make an extremely Good Christmas gift for this opportunity To be sharing this Hobby and this just Awesome day with you I want to say a Massive thanks to God and a huge thanks To our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do It without your insanely awesome support Guys we had another video of this if you

Want to check it out it's well worth Your time because is a very good RC Under $100 that video will be popping up Right about now thanks for watching We'll see you there Bye

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