BEST RC Jet Under $100 2024! EASY to Fly with EVERYTHING INCLUDED!

Check this RC jet out here:
This is the BEST RC Jet Under $100 2024! It is EASY to Fly with EVERYTHING INCLUDED in the box! This is the upgraded QF009 SU-35 Fighter Jet. In this video we maiden this RC jet and give our initial thoughts and impressions. Let us know what you think of this SU-35 fighter RC jet in the comments.
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Check this RC jet out here:

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We just push our Button it's pretty impressive holds Inverted and then push the button again Flips it back over under $100 to be able To do that oh it's amazing and it's Brushless and it's tough as nails and Then I go out of stabilized mode and I Can do a roll and then in stabilized Mode the light looks amazing on it it Flies very efficiently and uh this is Very impressive it just looks cool in The air guys look at this thing remember It has landing gear too and this flight Stabilized mode is so Advanced it's Awesome who loves an amazing RC that is Pretty cheap this is under $100 and at First glance the Box showed up and I Honestly thought there's no way the jet Will look anything like that a lot of Times you get a cool realistic looking Jet on the box and then the plane is Just really bad foam this actually looks Really cool and I got to applaud them For that the scale detail of this for The price again it's under $100 and Linked In the description box below is Outstanding even if this was a brushed Motor setup but it's not it's got a Brushless rear motor very awesome I love The fact that it has movable control Surfaces too we actually have real micro Servos with control surfaces both on the Elevator and the aerons I'm very Impressed by that did I mention it comes

With everything needed to fly it's Completely ready to fly including the Radio a charger and three batteries Which is very impressive the coolest Thing in my opinion and I might have to Show you this in a darker shot at the House is they have bright LEDs in both Of these afterburners which is going to Make this thing look awesome so in my Opinion a new bar has been set here Because a lot of times small ready toly Things around $100 are actually more Than $100 with brushed motors and no Lights I'm very excited about this it Might all be worth nothing if it can't Fly so let's put in a freshly charged Battery and see how it does that hurts To look at and look at this okay Ready and then this one nice that's Cool oh I like that all right Nate Launch with confidence launch fence Let's go the lights are amazing let's Go woo steep a little climb probably a Little too much throttle on that but Otherwise it's in the air So far so Good those After Burner lights look Amazing it's they're a little bit Purpley but that's what I was going to Say they're kind of Bluey whatever it's Hey okay there's like 25% throttle hands Free did I mention this has flight Stabilization that's like the slowest Flying jet ever it is a little bit of

Headwind and that's why yeah this has Flight stabilization it also comes with Landing gear if you so wish to not do The hand launch like me this Abby is by Far the best under $100 RC plane we've Ever had on the channel inflation is Crazy I don't know how they're doing This brushless setup with three Batteries and those lights and Everything under $100 with real control Surfaces this is nuts it is not like Extreme Hobby grade you know it's not Competing with Like e stuff or whatever you know but I'm talking sub $100 this easily should Be like $160 setup Easily it's Amazing now when I go Full Throttle we Climb you see that so if I'm not Controlling with the right stick and We're Full Throttle it climbs there zero Throttle the Glide rate is actually Good it's not bad this thing has really Nice lift I'm going to try to do a Throttle like a Full Throttle pass here But it's kind of hard cuz it wants to Climb at Full Throttle in Flight Stabilizer mode okay ready I'm going to Crank It see that now we can always nose down But it's kind of kind of Twitchy at Full Throttle so there's zero Throttle why it's beeping that might Even be Petry I don't know letting us

Know like we have a semi low battery not Exactly sure why that's beeping not sure Why just started doing It that's coming out of the radio now we Have other things too I think it is Telling me it's kind of a low battery Possibly not exactly sure cuz remember I Just I Juiced the throttle so maybe it Just once it hits that low voltage alarm It's not going to ease off of it so We'll just have to deal with that this Is really cool now we can turn flight Stabilize mode off it also has oh yeah The different LED mode where was that Let's see let's see it makes it like Flicker So that's on now I think hard to see When hard to see at least on the Camera oh it's so cool okay we are going To uh try to turn the stabilize mode off And just see what it does before we get Like a completely low battery or Anything very easy to fly though so Here's turning it off of course we can Trim it up oh there we did a nice roll Hey it's actually flyable out of the Stabilized mode a lot of times these Little things aren't flyable at all they Just go nuts are you still out of it I Put it back on just to help Glide it in Cuz it needs trim some like fairly Significantly but I was able to keep it Out of it long enough to pull off that Maneuver now also we have this button

And it puts us upside down look at that Oh sorry about that Sorry you are not high enough for that My goodness all right durability test Can he just launch it looks like he's Checking It okay going to be awesome don't hit The hill going to be awesome going to be Awesome is that like an upside down Headless mode it's inverted okay you Ready but you don't have to have your Controls inverted Well no controls are not invert oh I'm So sorry did you think it was like a Headless Mode headless mode for inverted flight We must Make um earnings from anybody who does That but I thought they would be when it Was upside down so this has an inverted Mode when you're in Flight stabilized Mode you hit this top button and it Rolls over and then the controls are Still normal which I thought you know Can you outside Loop out You can do sure Can't oh you got out of It Oh Shh you are wild I don't even know where You Went Sorry what do you think of the inverted Pass it's good roll yeah okay so we just

Push our Button it's pretty impressive holds Inverted and then push the button again Flips it back over under $100 to be able To do that oh it's amazing and it's Brushless and it's tough as nails and Then I go out of stabilized mode and I Can do a roll and then inst stabilized Mode the light looks amazing on it it Flies very efficiently and uh this is Very impressive it just looks cool in The air guys look at this thing remember It has landing gear too and this flight Stabilized mode is so Advanced it's Awesome it's apparently very very very Durable too it's durable now scratched Up a little bit oh yeah I chunk some f But you know what I shaved it down a Very rough asphalt Runway nothing a Permanent Beeping has turned off so I have no idea Why that Was oh it's inverted it just it goes I Don't know why it's doing that here's Full Throttle roll it and then hit the Flight stabilize mode again oh it's Awesome having oh yeah has rates too now We're in high rates so we can be more Aggressive now try your inverted Okay oh yeah that's flying better Outside Loop outside Loop do it do it it Because it's it's in stabilized mode so It's wild oh yeah Nice okay now do a real inverted flyby

I'll try be a little ching I'll try it Okay okay I already w a couple times why Not why not yeah okay real inverted real Inverted real inverted and no outside Loop oh there saved it Sav is it oh There it is it just disappeared yeah I Like this thing okay lights I I think that's solid versus flicker It's really hard to tell in the day like This the only thing I don't like about This is the beef out of the radio and I Can't figure out why it's doing that cuz I don't think That's I don't think that's because of Low voltage cuz obviously we've been Flying for a while look at that low pass Abby je oh it's a cool jet this is now My top favorite of the small ready to Fly Birds I've ever flown hands down by Far look Factor cool Factor features Lights three batteries brushless power Super super durable obviously very Forgiving super easy to fly and just Because it's a jet it's not flying too Fast I think this is almost in some ways Slower than the little eing birds Because it's nosing up some so we can Almost do like a natural Harrier look at That low throttle you just nose up a Little bit oh no oh my battery is Definitely getting low I all right land It okay going to hit the grass over here Beside us ready pretty high oh my Goodness that was easy that great so

That's a little 2s battery and I'm going To turn this off so it stops beeping but My goodness how awesome let's see if I Turn it back on will that Be I think it's still going to beep on Us I know I chunked it bad but you know What I mean I'm glad I can show you guys The durability factor of this and kind Of its limitations the instructions tell You what the button does vaguely but it Certainly does not tell you how you know The inverted works and stuff and flight Stabilized mode is on now you have high And low rates here's the deal if you're Just flying and you want to do the cool Stunt you start off in stabilized mode So you push that top 6D button which Actually should say 6G and it will flip the plane upside Down and hold inverted and the controls Are normal up is still up and down is Still down the controls are the same Look it's trying to flip me back over Now then if you want to roll back over You just push that same button again and It'll flip the plane back over and it Does fly better while it's right side up Now if you want to try to do manual Rolls like I was doing you hit this top Shoulder button that says 3D 6D up there On the top left and then you have total Free control of the airplane and it Surprisingly flies pretty well not as Good as a big hobby grade airplane but

10 times better than those ehen warb Birds volantex warbirds all those other Brands of small warb birds this is cool It comes with a spare prop it has extra Screws and things the vertical Stabilizers do not come installed you Put those on and then you have two Screws to install for each one total of Four screws all of the other assembly is Completely done all you have to do is Charge a battery and go I am telling you With confidence and you guys have been Watching our channel for a decade now This is the best mini ready toly warbird That you will have seen up to this point In time who even makes this I would Think XK I don't know it's not even Marked it's not even marked look at this Guys let me pull up the website again Two batteries here one in the jet spare Prop spare prop spinner and parts on the Back end here's the landing gear didn't Even use it but I guarantee that would Be really cool and it would help the Durability factor of your airplane it's A mystery doesn't even say on the Internet Let's not forget these bright lights Look amazing in the sky even in the Bright sunlight brushless motor just Just awesome this is really awesome I Want a fleet of these and if the brand That made this is watching this video Please make 20 more versions of this cuz

That's amazing the price is good it's Got that nice little rubber tip so it's You know more forgiving on crashes and Stuff I am I am very very impressed with This actual movable control surfaces you Know sometimes we feature these things We featured a a nice B plane remember That red bip plane on the channel and This elevator was just so Twitchy it was Hard to hold a straight line this is not Like that this flew really well it felt Intuitive and you know the radio I like It it's a Gamepad style of controller You know it does have it's just it's Just plastic it's not super high high Quality or anything but it didn't feel Twitchy while flying also Rudder is Locked okay we just have throttle on This side this is awesome I hope I hope My friends and anybody that just you Know watches our videos regularly buys This and follows up in the comments and Let us know what you actually think of It too because you're going to you're Going to want one of these and Abby Might even have a coupon code for you It's already $100 or less so this is Awesome it'll be linked in the Description box below guys I was not Expecting this okay I knew it looked Cool but I didn't think it would fly That well it's this is a massive home Run I'm really really bummed out about This I'll try to rebuild that with hot

Glue or something I don't know I'm going to I'm going to have to get Another one of these for myself for sure But for this opportunity and just to be Excited about the Hobby and share Something this cool with you guys I want To say massive thanks to God also a huge Thanks to our patreon supporters because We couldn't do what we do as often As that's weird also a huge thanks to Our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do It without your insanely awesome support This is one of the coolest things under $100 we've ever had on the channel but We'll have a very cool also budget Friendly warbird popping up right about Now thanks for watching we'll see you There Bye

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