BRAND NEW!!! BALSA WOOD Turbo Timber SWS 2.1m RC Airplane

Check out the RC airplane here:
This is the brand new BALSA E-Flite Turbor Timber SWS 2.1m RC airplane. The rc plane is a GIANT BEAST. In this video, we maiden this rc aircraft for you and give you our initial thoughts and opinions regarding it. Let us know your thoughts about this brand new E-Flite RC plane in the comments.
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Check out the RC airplane here:

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That's right this is BSA not foam where Do I Begin yeah this is a new turbo Timber But I think I should start by letting You guys know it's about 8° fah out here So just some context for you watching This video this is the newest release by Eflight their giant turbo Timber and at Of first glance and upon first Information of myself uh getting my Hands on this and everything I thought This was just a 2 meter foam turbo Timber I'm pretty sure I've seen this Before Abby knocking on this this is a Wood a Balsa airplane yes I thought it Was going to be I thought it was going To be a foam airplane with a wooden prop But I was completely wrong now if you're Newer to flying or maybe you've owned Turbo Timbers before it's not just to Slap it together in 15 minutes airplane It took me and I would say at this point I'm some what experience that assembling Airplanes it took me about 2 hours I had A couple little things that were Slightly annoying because it's Balsa Compared to the ease of foam but other Than that it slapped together really Well this is the bind and fly version And I'm very impressed it is bigger in Person than what you might realize I Mean it's giant Nate 64 yeah it's bigger Than Me it's a big airplane it flies on a 6S

Uh 5,000 mamp battery that's what's Recommended and we're probably going to Get because it's so cold 30 seconds of Flight today uh but I'm ready for that 30 seconds of flight I want to see if my Assembly skills are still holding up Here in 2024 so let's put this in the Air and see how it [Music] Does I'm excited yeah this is this is One of the best looking I think these Are sticker decals people are probably Going to ask they are but man they just Look really good they're nice and flush I think it just looks awesome it'd be Nice I mean I say this all the time if They do like some crazy extreme stuff You know but that kind of is I mean that Looks a lot better than the foam Timber It really Does the lights look amazing on it too a Balsa binding fly uh 2hour assembly time You know that's really awesome for over 2 m you ready Abby ready let's do this So cold oh she wasn't so Cold oh boy yeah oh something fell off I Just lost oh you know what that Was oh [Music] Boy oh boy yeah ohoh something fell off I just lost oh you know what that was It's fine it's fine that was and I'll Talk about that it's on the runway that Was my wheel pants decoration right and

I had a lot of trim that I need to I got Got a lot of Aeron trim I got to get Going that's why it that's why it picked Up one side like that Abby okay okay so Let's talk about this a couple things I Just need to get her trimmed up so she's Fly there that's pretty good I'm at About 40% throttle it's cruising great As long as that wasn't like an AER on You know I had a feeling that would come Off and it's because they're glued on And that's what it says to do in the Instructions but you probably didn't use The glue they said to use in the Instruction well it doesn't matter it's 5° out nothing is going to hold really Well and especially with tons and tons And tons of wind so that's a metal Landing gear uh strut or whatever the Leg right and then you have a Balsa with A monot type of covering on it and they Just said glue this one slick surface to This other painted slick surface Nothing's going to hold with that but I Thought it'd hold longer than that so Let's Go she's flying really good The Climb Rate is very awesome on this it's very Powerful you can fly this with Safe oh that's a nice roll rate okay They did awesome on this Airplane sorry about that wheel pants Deal but otherwise Man yeah you guys this is sweet what's

Popping probably just the Temperature it's what you heard was me At zero throttle and then kick and Throttle okay I heard it twice it scared Me zero throttle gotcha and then throw On I didn't do that time slow down Enough Okay wow everybody this is great this is One of the more agile 6s airplanes I Have you know things I compare it to are Like husky or that's what I was thinking Of this is way higher performance than That and and I like that old husky I Really Do way higher performance let's snap it I don't know if you guys can understand The climb rate and power of this versus A giant 6s foam airplane I want to show You by going really slow in front of me And then kicking the throttle on and We're just going to go into a vertical Climb cuz I I know it can do it I'm Confident the short time I've had of This already so you ready it's going to Climb Abby Okay look at that look at that look at That we're not slowing down we're Gaining speed you see that M that's Awesome that's what we want to See oh zero throu right there zero Throttle sounds sick on this I mean this Is Nice oh this is Nice oh if it weren't so cold and Abby

And I weren't in so much pain just Flying and recording we could do so much More with this I mean my thumbs are numb I cannot even feel them right now just Hoping musle memory kind of keeps me Going are you okay oh you got long yeah Shoot okay life I love the climb rate on this oh my Goodness watch This that's not even Full Throttle That's not even Full Throttle just Awesome the performance on this plane is Amazing oh man let's do some inverted I Guess it's probably going to fly pretty Good I don't think oh yeah this is great Oh my gosh this is going to be look at That outside with just half thr throttle H here let's do like This cuate action but instead of the Standard Cub eight we're going to go Outside loop on this side oh sorry Everybody a little bit Behind oh man so I I'm not flying with Safe on this right now I didn't even Bind it in safe uh but you can fly it With Safe and I do have just the bind and fly Model with as3x on and this is awesome Aome it's very Cool let's do a crazy I don't want to do Full Throttle snap cuz it's really cold Let's go about 3/4 snap right Here so cold oh that was a great snap Though you're at 5 minutes on my timer

Okay I have about a minute and a half of Juice or so left I think we got a nice Big 5,000 in so I haven't been too hard On this I've only been Full Throttle a Couple times Let's uh let's crank it Full Throttle Down The Runway from left To right and then maybe we'll come in For a landing my thumbs are just about To fall off I even have heated gloves on That Abby got me for Christmas I'll show You guys what I'm wearing here okay you Ready for this let's Crank It full Throttle wow I feel like I can get a Better he went a little High oh yeah I don't have an expo in This you just too excited to fly it okay We want to want hear it let's go for one Pass just hear it me and you both be Quiet watch This oh man love this watch watch watch Watch Yeah amazing let's do a flap pass and Then probably commit to a landing again These thumbs of mine are just about to Fall off Wow flaps okay got a lot of balloon There so I need to mix in some elevator But we'll turn flaps off and kick it up Here I'm going to land without flaps cuz That just gave me too much balloon to Feel comfortable okay I got a little bit Of wind so we'll bring it in for a Landing oh it's so cold you guys I just Got to be careful here cuz everything is

So brittle in the cold you can always go Around I know It There we Go we'll take that that was great that Was great oh man my hands hurt so bad Mainly my Thumbs goodness that's the issue I it's so Cold what an awesome plane they did way Better than I thought they would this Thing flew way better than I expected Look at this look at the landing gear on This side see it hold on just let me get My glove back on that you're on the Ground I lost the other one pain look Look at the landing gear see the the uh Just the legs okay look at this I've Lost them both on take off did You oh there it is there's one where's The other it's down the runway a little Bit I see it right there okay it's just Glued on you guys oh boy yeah oh Something fell off I just lost oh you Know what that was I had an idea that That wouldn't stay on it's extremely Slick and glossy you see HT glue right Yeah of course I hot glue they they Recommend CA glue but I guarantee CA Glue is not going to hold that very long Either it's just painted metal it's Painted glossy metal with this very Glossy finish I just don't see that Staying on that's probably my only

Complaint with this it took me a little Longer to build than expected but they Did a they did a great job with it it's Absolutely beautiful I think it would be Nice if these uh plastic nylon bolts Were white and not dirty ugly yellow it Looks like it's old it stands out you Know that stands out horn back here was Like that too or whatever that's CIS Backing yeah I think that might have Been like a poor choice there you know Cuz it's such a pretty airplane kind of Missed I me I can see them I I can see Guys flying this fairly competitively It's very high perform if you're a Competitive kind of pilot and you really Have a just a Showmanship in you I think You'd really enjoy this as a very sporty Play It's capable of doing some stuff that I'm not throwing at it especially today In this cold and just my skills I have Limits on my skills too uh but this is An awesome airplane flying it today made Me appreciate it way more than putting It together and seeing it coming out of The box and pictures of it online it Sounds good it's very powerful and I Think the best example of showing how Powerful it is is when I came in slow Over the runway and then I Juiced it at Almost a stall we nosed it up and Climbed up of it and gained air speed While climbing vertically on a 6S 5000

Milliamp 30C lipo nothing impressive at all Really so the battery I mean you 50c is What's recommended actually uh so I can Only imagine in the slightly warmer Weather days when I put a 50 c in here 100 C in uh Springtime summer time this Is going to be a blast to fly Beautifully done eflight did a great job Job with it it is not just another turbo Timber and I know they love their turbo Timbers obviously but it's almost like They should have named it something else Because we said that about the twin Turbo Timber too I know because I don't Know people just say like not another Timber and here we have another Timber But this is unlike any other I've ever Flown sure twin turbo Timber great you Know because it was a twin it had two Motors this could just be called Balsa Turbo Timber I think it's called turbo Timber like SWS or something strange I Have it in my radio as TT wood cuz That's what it is uh this is a very cool Plane if you have any question or or Hesitancy about it or anything you know Hit me in the comments and let me know What you are wondering about but this This flew extremely well uh I could Clean up my wires a little bit but I was In a bit of a hurry to get out here and Get this done today because we have had About maybe 10 straight days of super

Cold wind and that's coming again around The corner so today's the only day we Had to actually get this in the air I'm A huge fan of the way it flies it Definitely reminds me of the Ultra Stick Yes the something like that the Balsa Ultra Stick whatever version It's it Just it's much higher performance than a Similarly sized foam airplane it's Lighter weight uh for me the way I Transported this here was nylon screws Come out I have to unplug the wies old School style six wires two for flaps two For ails two for lights and then it just Fits in the car uh fuselage and wing and The wing the wing may have been over my Head it was but actually it can come Apart very easily in two pieces it's it It's not glued together so um there you Have it we'll have this Linked In the Description box below if you guys want To check it out for yourself and maybe Pick one up and if you do please do our Family and our Channel a huge favor and Just click our link before you buy it or If you need to pick up some batteries Today and you're thinking about it click The link to pull up this airplane and Then buy a couple batteries while you're There you want an RC car cuz it's too Cold to come out and fly right now click The link to this airplane and then go Buy your RC car any of the good RC stuff Is is through this link will help to

Support our Channel and our family again At no extra cost to you uh today was Questionable whether or not we'd get to Come out here and do this so for just You know everything in general but Specifically getting to come out here And have this experience and share this Experience with you guys I want to say a Massive thanks to God also a huge thanks To our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do while we do as often as we Do without your insanely awesome support If you're into big RC planes we have a Handpicked video popping up right about Now just for you thanks for watching We'll see you there [Music] Bye

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