BRAND NEW!!! E-Flite Decathlon RJG 1.2m RC Airplane

Check out the E-Flite Decathlon here:
This is the brand new E-Flite Decathlon RJG. This 1.2m RC airplane is the best looking plane in the E-Flite lineup. In this video we maiden this RC plane to see if it flies as good as it looks. Let us know what you think of this new RC plane in the comments.
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Check out the E-Flite Decathlon here:


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This is what I have been begging for From eflight for years and years and Years this is the kind of thing that I Want to see when it comes to scale Planes it's a scale stun plane and man It looks amazing this is the brand new The cathlon 3s and 4S capable RJ Gritter This thing assembled in about 20 minutes Or less it was very easy to put together We have tons of room Under The Canopy And there were a couple unique features Like this Wing clip this actually comes On and off so that when you take your Main Wing off for transportation you can Clip your wing struts up flush with the Wing a very unique maybe even Unnecessary feature that I've never seen Before but that was interesting it came Clipped on for Trans portation now You'll notice the Keen Eye may have Noticed anyway there are no flaps on This this is a simple four Channel plane You could call it five channels because Of safe we do have safe on because Eventually I think Abby's going to fly This I hope she voiced wanting to and I Think that's because it's such a good Looking airplane I am beyond excited to Try to fly this today even though we've Got tons of wind just to represent our Buddy RJ and hopefully do him some Justice on a maiden flight of my opinion EF flight's now most beautiful airplane

I want to see more stuff like this e Flight it gets me excited not to mention We got to see a similar looking Decathlon fly this fall too pretty cool Yeah we know another guy out of Kentucky That flies no glue required super easy Assembly and despite getting about 12 Mph maybe 15 mph gusts which I'm sure You guys can hear we're going to put This in the air have some fun and see How it does sir seriously what a Beautiful plane I absolutely love the Way this thing looks and we have one of My favorite size batteries in here a 4S 2200 that is just a beautiful plane Abby Safe is on a switch but I do have safe Off just cuz I feel pretty good about This yeah nice so horrible wind I'll get A feel for it here in just a Second actually sounds pretty Good the wind is knocking me around like Crazy right Now which I didn't expect might have to Do a little trimming too but this is a m Flight what do you think Abby this is Quick it'll fly on a 3s or a 4S battery And I got a 4S in there so we haven't Even woke it up at all yet just kind of About 60% throttle or so let's do a Couple Full Throttle passes here in a Minute Hoy this wind knocks it around It's just wild I I kicking in safe for And show you what that looks like too But let's see let's do a full throttle

Pass down the runway here's Full Throttle up and snap it right yep that's A rocket man I like that oh that's cool That's Cool it's an absolute rocket here's Full Throttle up roll it on the way up and Bring it back around Full Throttle Baby Full Throttle into a snap Here that's a show plane if I've ever Seen one I like this it's a little Squirrly in this wind but that's a small Wing you know we don't have a lot lot That we're working with Here chill knife Ed's great though even In this Wind boy that wind is awful today it was Either fly in the wind today like this Which is really insane uh or in the rain And thunderstorms it's just been really Awful weather guys and you know Beggars Can't be choosers we we don't make the Weather someone might be making it but It's not us and it's not been good for Airplanes lately so this is just the Best we got at least we have blue skies And white fluffy clouds today which is Very nice despite this way I got to keep Some throttle on as you guys can see it Is just knocking me around that roll Rate's nice let's do a couple rolls Coming over Here left roll get it inverted oh she Flies upside down just fine and now Abby Said she wanted to fly this so we got to

Talk her into flying this thing on a Calm Day almost flies inverted better than The reg regular we got to I got to just Get a calm day on this because this is Just wild but I love those collars they Are popping in the sky really well again I think it's one of the Best looking planes that eflight has Made and you guys you got to forgive us Uh I am super super congested right now Abby's not talking because we are both Just coming off of a horrible cough uh Bug that the whole family got us and the Kids and uh today's like the best day We've felt in in about a week actually Just so it's it's been pretty wild okay Let's kick safe on and see how that does In the wind right so safe is on I'm About maybe let's just hit it about 60% Throttle so we can keep fighting this Wind and that makes me feel very Comfortable just puts in this around in Safe it fights the wind really well Listen to this Pass probably can't even hear it over The wind but that's got a nice loud prop On there it just sounds pretty cool Actually there's safe for you you know I'd feel really good Landing this with Safe on today to be honest with you but Just in case you're wondering you know Safe works extremely well on this it's a Good candidate for a person's like

Probably second or third airplane I Wouldn't necessarily recommend this as a First because it's designed to be a Stunt plane right we can do all kinds of Good stuff with This let's see if she'll do a spin I Want this to be my new Valiant oh yeah Okay great let's see if it spin I kind Of rolled it over and I shouldn't have But there's a spin not a great One I like this size airplane a lot I do Too it's perfect it fits in the car Without having to uh take it apart Although it's just two thumb screws if You want to no wires to disconnect or Anything I like the power that it has Abby you might even prefer flying it on A 3s but 4S she'll just climb climb Climb that was a wild little Loop didn't Even intend to do that let's do a nice Clean Loop out here RJ we'll uh if You're watching this buddy we'll we'll Fly this again on a less windy day and Hopefully do you some more Justice what You guys are hearing is my low voltage Alarm well he's an amazing RC pilot He Ising he'll ever do him Justice But well I'm trying some wild wind it's Time to land though with our low voltage Alarm and I think that was a pretty fair Maiden considering all this wind so Let's bring it in hopefully still in one Piece Today just coming in nose right into the

Wind funny angle right at that Hillside This going to be a sloppy Landing oh There we go that wasn't bad those the Landing gear really helped they're kind Of springy and I like that I wasn't Expecting that but that really helped Soften that Landing quite a bit now if You didn't notice this we have a wing Tip nav light right and I think there's A white flashing Beacon Light and then We should have red on the other side but The tail has a light as well white Bright light there fairly bright anyway And you can see the wire it runs here And plugs into the rear of the fuselage Kind of an interesting way they did that But it's nice because it's on the tail Of an actual moving Rudder which you Don't get all the time then there's our Other side of our lights on the wing the Wing struts were very interesting the Way they did them this was a this felt To me like either they rehashed Something that was older than I've ever Had or they did this from the ground up Because even the way they did the wing Struts was different is almost Spring-loaded to get this portion in There and then it just clips into place Down here again about 20 minutes had This in the air or at least air worthy And ready to go I really like it I know Ab's in love with it especially the way It looks and on a more calm day you got

To kick safe on and give it a shot Abby It's very fun fly and just looks amazing And it's just a showstopper this is a Showstopper paint Scheme and I'm really Happy with it if you guys like it we'll Have it linked in the description box Below I hope to see this more on the Channel in nicer calmer weather days uh So expect that if you're not a Subscriber be sure to hit subscribe and Guys I want to encourage you I know I Jumped in front of the camera today to Fly in some wild wind that's because I've been flying for like 10 years now Basically straight and I trust my own Instincts I know my own limitations uh But we can all make mistakes and a gust Of wind can knock us out of the air you Never know when that's going to happen Maybe you're a new pilot just getting Into this I want to encourage you fly With AA it's the Academy of model Aeronautics for the price of about two Batteries for this airplane maybe three Batteries you can be insured for the Entire year it's extremely important That you not just fly with some type of Insurance but you fly by the rules and Guidelines that ama sets in place Because I think it helps represent our Hobby in a very good way and there are People a lot of people actually And some channels that are really big There's a couple that are huge that

Upload videos that are extremely poor Representations of our Hobby and that's Why we have the FAA stepping in and kind Of restricting what we can and cannot do In our hobby because of the poor Representation of it and I think that More people should speak out against Those channels and for good flying not That I'm perfect by any means but at Least we're trying to make the effort to To represent the Hobby in the best way Possible and I'm going to encourage you Fly with AMA we'll have them Linked In The description box below near the link Where you can pick up this airplane and Remember if you use the links in our Description box it helps to support our Channel and our family so we can buy That cough medicine to get through these Nasty days and to keep the content Rolling on our Channel we really Appreciate you guys now I want to say a Massive thanks to God for blessing us With such a beautiful day despite the Wind I'm not complaining this is amazing It is early March and here where we live This is unheard of weather in the mid 70s I'm super grateful so a massive Thanks to God and a huge thanks also to Our patreon supporters for keeping our Channel going if you love airplanes About like this we'll have a handpicked Video popping up right about now just For you thanks for watching see you

There Bye

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