BRAND NEW RC HELICOPTER!!! – Blade Infusion 120

Check out the RC Helicopter here:
This is the brand new RC helicopter from Blade, the Blade Infusion 120. In this video we maiden this RC heli for you. Let us know your thoughts about this RC helicopter in the comments.
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Check out the RC Helicopter here:
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I'm very excited that there's a new Helicopter in my hands but I've also got To say I'm a little bit worried because The last two helicopters that have been On the channel have not ended well at All this is all the helicopter oh my That's all the helicopter okay bye oh my Gosh wow I am full throttled down now Abby let me know if I need to move I Don't even know where Throttle Down I'm Full Throttle Down okay we're going to Hit the stop button I'm holding the Button I'm going to hit the takeoff Button again just to see if it'll do it Nope that's all we could do I'm going to Throttle up and see if we got Lift yes okay and that's out of control It's out of control it's out of control It's out of Control throwing down down down down Down yep that's fine that's that's what We got you guys that it I tried to film That it's smoking yeah it's it's going To probably catch on Fire Keep Filming oh my Gosh and the saying goes things do tend To happen in threes but I'm also hoping That in this case the third times the Charm so I don't have to relive Something exploding or flying away on me And we should be in good hands because This is a blade helicopter it's the

Brand new blade infusion 120 it's got a Brushless main rotor and a brushless Tail rotor and it flies on a nice little 2s battery probably the only complaint I Have about the setup now is the Connector type I don't have a lot of Things that fly on that and it was Challenging for me to find my special Little converter table to charge it Although they are budget friendly Batteries so I really can't complain too Much this is a bind andly helicopter I've bound it to my nice Spectrum Radio And I don't tend to do that often most Of the time my helicopters are ready to Fly so fingers crossed I did everything Right and that the third time is the Charm so let's put it in the air and see How it Does okay this is kind of a unique Situation for me because as I said I Don't do a lot of bind and flies so Let's just throttle Up but I am fairly familiar with flying In safe and out of safe right now I'm Out of safe I can definitely feel that So let's just get a feel for the Helicopter Everything is very small movements when You're flying something out of safe now Of course this is bind and fly and I got It bound right up so the only way for me To really feel comfortable if I'm insafe Is to quickly throw some switches so

What I'm going to do is just idle up a Little bit more to get it just just high Enough to where I can react quickly and We'll throw this switch that didn't seem To do anything that was switch A switch B is nothing I know this is a Very capable helicopter we can fly 3D With it this is just a maiden flight and You know It's I just wish I wish it was just a Little bit little bit easier to to do This I I uh I know other guys would kind Of laugh and say geez they you fly Helicop or airplanes really well where's Your helicopter skill at it's it's just Non-existent compared to airplanes and It's really really stick time I think Okay we're going to throw my back right Switch and see if that's safe it is not There is that I know I know when I threw A switch on the ground ohoh okay I just Pulled back a little too hard reacted See that's why I'm flying right now I Think it's very important that's why I'm Flying with a helicopter facing away From me so okay that's fine I clipped The grass really quick it did a little Spin well and if you can see there is a Plane I don't know if you can see it on The camera getting ready to take off There's a plane right there it's revving Up I'm just going to stay on the ground Until I take off there you see the hood Of it

There he Goes okay he's up and uh I got my little Helicopter here so wait for it to spool Up and then pop up I know it says it has Safe on the box I read the instructions But I'm this look for me bind and fly Helicopters I am totally new at and I'm Not afraid to admit it we can do a Little bit with it I've done some 3D Maneuvers but they've been on ready toly Setups where I have my safety switch and So I don't think this helicopter is Going to go upside down in this in this Maiden flight we can maneuver it around A little bit it feels good it looks Good but even little things like this Leave me a little nervous I'm just not The helicopter pilot that I would like To Be but I think it does say something That I I just looked at the instructions Bound it up with one shot and it's in The air you know I I just wish I had Safe on this I wish this one was a ready To fly helicopter I think they're only Selling it as bind and fly personally I Think that's a slightly Miss Market Because programming things on radios for Me and I think a very very very big Percentage of the market uh is just not Something that's appealing or fun I like To with with helicopters I like to have Ready to fly with even even RAC drone Stuff I want something that's easy to

Get in the air I can do airplanes but That's just me personally but I think we Have a missed opportunity with this Helicopter that it's not ready to fly Because I think it's a good ready toly Size and price you know maybe for 50 More bucks they could have had a ready To fly setup or just just already bound To a radio um it's just it's a challenge It's a challenge to me and I'm not Afraid to admit it that binding it and Getting the switches where they need to Be is just not something that's fun or Appealing uh but flying them is and so Uh you know I like blades ready to fly Helicopters there's guys out there that Are watching this maybe a thousand guys Watching this are just thinking come on Nate you know it's not that hard well Listen when you first started it was Hard it is hard and there's this hurdle That nobody like to talk about anybody That can do it is unwilling generally to Help people that can't do it and that's Something that has frustrated me in this Hobby for a very long time that's the Air airplane people uh can be like that But there are some out there that are Willing to help get you in the air but There's this almost just like Gatekeeping where guys that know how to Fly 3D and do fly 3D helicopters don't Really want to see other people succeed It's just there's not a lot of help out

There for for it and oh I'm I'm Abby Losing it okay she looked away for a Second I heard it I think he's going to Touch and go he might and that's fine Cuz we have ample time to Land uh oh there we go battery's de so That's what it does on a low battery What yep yep and I was right there he is I just checked it it's a low battery cuz Here's throttle up and Throttle Down so Had had no juice which is perfect timing Cuz that airplane is coming in for a Landing here anyway um I think it's a Great helicopter and in the right hands It's going to look awesome right I am New to helicopters and not afraid to Admit it that's just the beauty of our Channel and there's so many people and I Don't understand this but there's so Many people that only want to see Nothing but success on our Channel like Just like commercials all the time and I Don't I just don't get that so two Things really for me for me this is me I'd like to see a ready to fly setup Just easier to get it in the air Abby Would probably be willing to fly if it Had safe yeah and and it does have safe But guess what I bound it following the Instructions and safe was not on any of My switches on a on the newest Spectrum Radio and I the other thing is the Batteries I had to dig and dig and dig And dig to find a battery that I had uh

Cuz I don't ever use these this is very Rare to use Spectrum has an ic3 plug That's amazing and I think they should Have included that on here I'm sure they Have a valid reason why they didn't but Or ic2 the little ic2 plug mhm and and I've got a ton of those batteries or Even a jst plug I'm sure there's a Reason for it but again that is a very Rarely used battery and I have to have a Converter cable in order to charge it Spectrum wants things to be like In-house and stuff and I totally get you Know horizon or eflight or blade Whatever blade uh and put the Spectrum Electronics in put the Spectrum Batteries in Spectrum has their own Proprietary plug and it's a good one It's the best plug out there and they Make it for most of their vehicles so I I wish they would just make them all ic2 Ic3 ic5 plugs because they're good um it Flew good and if I was a better pilot I Could have flown it great for you I was Expecting because it's bind and fly just Like my bind and fly airplanes when I Bind it has safe on a switch and I can Change what switch that goes to and Stuff but this none of my switches did Anything it was just the four you know The four flight channels so uh good Helicopter maybe not the best Representation of it but that's just my Two cents I've been flying things

Helicopters included I've flown hundreds Of different helicopters for years and That's just my experience with this just Uh in case you are wondering maybe what Your experience would be like too it Looks good and it'll be linked in the Description box below plus these Batteries Plus these converter cables That you have to have in order to charge Those batteries uh we'll do our best to Link everything down there now today was A crazy kind of a little Maiden for Something that made me feel very Uncomfortable flying right well not very But out of my comfort zone for sure and I'm glad I flew with AMA that's the Academy of model Aeronautics couple guys Are vehicles are parked over there if I You know I feel like I know what I'm Doing well enough that's why I'm over But I'm over here in this field where There is no one or nothing and if I Panic I'm going to Throttle Down and Make that crash into the ground before It hits anything but even so if I don't React the way should Um there could be an accident I could Fly this through someone's window of Their car or something and that's why I'm glad I've got AMA it's the Academy Of model Aeronautics and we'll have them Linked In the description box below too Guys know that if you use our link uh on The helicopter to buy this or anything

On the website it does help to support Our Channel and our family at no extra Cost to you and we're eternally grateful On the subject of gratitude I just want To say a massive thanks to God for Giving us the opportunity to get out Here and jump in front of the camera Long enough to bring this video to you And last but not least I want to say Massive thanks to our Pat supporters Because we couldn't do what we do as Often as we do it without your insanely Awesome support if you like helicopter Videos and we've got a lot on our Channel we'll have a fun handpicked Video popping up right about now just For you thanks for watching we'll see You then Bye

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