Draco Plane

But in this crazy wind uh no flaps we'll Keep keep it in safe for a second Though hey there we go now I'm going to Be honest I will forever call this the UMX Draco that's what it is but it's not It's not though it's an eflight micro Draco yeah so it was very interesting And look at it it's beautiful right the Lights look amazing the attention to Detail the scale looks of it very Awesome the story behind Mike py very Very cool and I think this airplane was Designed because they killed it on the Draco the big one everybody wanted one Awesome airplane but unfortunately not Everybody could afford that price so This comes in at a third of that price And it's a good-sized airplane it's Actually great sized airplane because we Can fly in a big space like this or we Can go fly it in a small Park it's a Nice well-rounded size the only thing People really are complaining about is The price from what I can tell because Although official

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