Goodbye old Timbers, Hello Super Timbers! – E-flite Super Timber 1.7m RC Airplane

Check out the E-Flite Super Timber here:
This is the brand new E-Flite Super Timber 1.7m RC Airplane. This RC plane has 5 new advanced features. In this video we maiden this new Super Timber RC airplane by E-Flite and talk about these new exciting features. Let us know your thoughts about the RC airplane in the comments.
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Check out the E-Flite Super Timber here:
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We're having a blast with the brand new Eflight super Timber don't Fall and I think you guys definitely Need to go watch our Maiden flight video After this if you want to see all of the New packed full features and details That this thing has to offer but I like And this is something I didn't include In the uh maen flight video is this Really good battery lock system got to Get the In I was wondering what that was there You go uh there's like four and I guess You could count that as five new Features with this but it is fun to fly I've only got just a couple quick Flights on it I'm really having a good Time I'm very excited to show you guys Just some fun with this cutting right to The chase not necessarily doing all of The detail stuff I just want to show you This plane flying but there's a lot of Things to love about this thing and I Love It 6s Let's Go Fly let's fly I love the Way it looks they should have called it The lightning tiger or something uh it's Called the super banana get it right Didn't get those lights the first time So that's pretty cool that it's got more Lights super banana hey you know what How about lightning banana you ready the Lightning

Banana just b yellow banana I like it I Love the color just so you guys know I'm Joking but I love the Color um I actually match this plane Right now I literally have yellow and Black oh my dress on and everything Today fancy we uh RC no matter what the Occasion is that's right they're Actually is no occasion I just had a Dress On I really like flying this I'm no Pro There's a lot of things that it I'm sure Can do but I'm not really showing off uh But man What I can do it wants to do it nice and Easy and it kind of makes me look like a Pro it's a little bit on the docile side But it's got the power which I love so We can do maybe I can hold it here by This Cloud nope we'll try Again let's get into it over here you Guys might have caught a hover or two on That Maiden flight film to buy Yours Truly that's right there we go look at That see it's got enough power Abby you Do a good job thanks I try and then we can just climb out of It if we really want to had do we uh Have I snapped it yet in this video no Will it's snap we already Know of course it nice oh look at that That was O that was like a flippy Floppy actually there's a name for that When you go up like this Flippy floppity

And you just Let like that but I did the other one Was better well it's because I was Tipped back a little bit so let's do it Like this Right almost like that not quite I like Flppy floppity bipp bity well that That's fine for you that was a good Name really fun to fly airplane that's The point I can see the comments now Tell your camera person to shut up Happens happens and we're going for one Of favorite Maneuvers here we Go o wa Nelly yeah that was fun it's It's got Rubber and Inflated Wheels with Beadlock tires I probably said that Reverse uh it has a wing clip that is Very easy to take on and off the main Wing it also has a very cool hidden Feature with the wing slats and Vortex Generators and I'm not going to tell you In this video I'm going to insist that You go watch the maiden flight to learn What that is and there's a couple other Little secrets about this plane too got Go watch that Video very very sloppy fourpoint roll Cuz I climbed I feel like you never did A good hover what happened to the hover Uh did you do a h I did one it was Decent but yeah kind of challenging Let's let's do one right here Ready there you

Go we'll take it Yeah so it is 4S or 6s Capable I will probably never fly this On 4S to be honest with [Music] You why would you I well if you're in Trainer mode you don't want to fly too Fast or [Music] Something yeah beautiful day to fly a Lot of clouds but otherwise just a Perfect day we have no wind this thing Has flaps but I've not really done much With Then we're going to climb it here we [Music] Go Yeah Woo I saw the tail Flash before my [Music] Eyes this fun fun to whip around I feel This is my officially my third flight Second one was just for some shots for The Maiden flight this is kind of like My second flight just getting to have Fun with it and on a maiden flight I Don't know I feel like there's a little Bit of extra stuff to think about so the More I get to fly something the more I Get comfortable with it and like it and Yeah this they did a good job this is I Might get rid of a couple other Timbers To make room for this one and I can't Believe I would say that but I can't

Believe you would say that I need to Make room for stuff and this is the Stuff that I want to make room For so if that resonates with you and You're like wow I N has never said that Before he'd get rid of a timber for Another timber that's true I never have That's probably a fact though you might Want to consider picking one of these up And if you do please use our link Nate Only gets rid of timbers by crashing Timbers even then it's very very hard For me to get rid of Them yeah it's really fun Abby I just want to know how that Wing Clip is going to hold up that's the only Concern I have with this and like will Those tires deflate over time um you Know if they do it comes as a palp so It's not like a huge Deal get into inverted from a loop Inverted from a loop like Loop inverted Okay so there's a couple ways we can do That right no there's only one way no There's two way watch loopy loop and Stop no oh so just like just like that Yeah okay that's what I thought you Meant so that's what I was going for now A scary thing to do is this we go out of The loop like that oh it's always scary You got to know the plane halfway decent To do that and if it's upside Down and then you pull out of it going Up it goes this way like an S it's

Pretty impressive and then watch this PL Can do that wow right back into it Nosing very scary a lot of altitude yeah That was slightly scary it is scary here It's 6 minutes 6 and a half something Okay well oh by the way they recommend a 3200 I'm actually really enjoying 4,000 I think that's The Sweet Spot Personally yeah I like the 4,000 mamp 5,000 it's going to start feeling heavy 3200 I don't know I'm liking the 4,000 Just where I'm going to leave it you Guys be you know your own judge of how You like to fly but this feels really Sporty uh I can still hover It and at s minutes that's a good time To land I think let's just uh try to Wait off speed down here and we'll get a Nice move Landing Hopefully Yeah oh I I could fly this 10 more times That's how much I like this thing yeah That was just zero throttle from that Dive I like the rubber filed Tire the Air filled rubber tires that's they're Nice and that's on asphalt I feel like I'm getting smoother Landings if I hit It at the right speed um yeah and I Don't I don't fly with a lot of air Filled rubber tires so that's pretty Important too I'll tell you guys where The voltage is at on this thing when I Taxi it in And yeah I'm I'm interested you know

What I don't need to plug in the There we still had some juice could have Easily flown when are they going to make The timber Retractable retract the timber Retract or the I'd like you know to have A twin Timber oh baby bring out a quad Timber I really like this I think this Is the best Timber yet I love that it's 6s I love the size of it I love that the Wing easily Clips off which I've showed You guys in the uh maiden and I think Maybe at the beginning of this too I Love this air this is just an access Hatch for the receiver and a couple Servos I I did not think I'd like it This much okay the next one the super Twin turbo what word am I missing Evolution Timber yeah yeah the super Twin Evo the super TT Evo yes that'd be That'd be awesome and it'll be green now They've used rainbow they've used green They purple or something H that's funny But they really did a y the Bumblebee This should have just been the Bumblebee That's a great name for this I like that A lot Linked In the description box Below I cannot wait to hear from you Guys when you start getting them I think This will probably be released before They ship which means it's probably Shipping in about a week they may have Sold out because at least for the Eflight lineup this is the airplane to

Fly in 2024 I will be getting time on This plane it's very cool I'm excited to Just keep flying it and having fun with With it seeing how things hold up too And so maybe at the end of the summer or Something we'll do a followup I don't Know you know how these things go Sometimes the camera's on when it falls Out of the sky sometimes it's not uh but They've they've did a fantastic job I've Probably said it but it's linked in the Description box I want to say a massive Thanks to God for blessing us with this Amazing beautiful evening to share this Experience with you guys and a huge Thanks to our patreon supporters because We could not do this and I mean this With everything we have with our Channel We could not do this without our patreon Supporters and everybody that supports Us we thank you guys so much from the Bottom of our hearts we'll have the Maiden flight of this because it really Is worth watching to see all those extra Features that video will be popping up Right about now thanks for watching see You there bye

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