Foam Chopper!?!?

This is pretty wild because this is a Helicopter made of foam not really it's Got a foam casing on the outside it's Still got the cool framing on the inside But it's the brand new blade Eclipse 360 Check out that tail rotor this side Actually looks pretty cool with that Five bladed prop and then we've got Brushless motor on the back and a Brushless main rotor with carbon fiber Blades and we're flying on one of the Most budget friendly batteries out there This is a 3s 2200 milliamp lipo you can Put a 3200 in there too so you get a Longer flight time but believe it or not We got about a 10-minute flight time on My maiden with this which is very Impressive I like how easy this was to Get bound to my radio and in the air I'll be honest this is a big powerful Helicopter for me and I'm a little bit Nervous about flying it and owning it But I'm also crazy excited because There's so much to learn on this Thing

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