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In this video Nate takes his favorite twin motor RC airplane out and accidentally crashes it!! Let us know your thoughts about the rc airplane in the comments.
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This beachcraft in my opinion is one of Those unsung heroes that not enough People know about own or have flown kind Of goes in line with the commander not The old red Commander but the newer Upgraded 4S Commander this is also a 4S Airplane and one might think because of The power it has in Twin Motors that it Would be a 6S plane but I love the fact That it's 4S which means it's more Budget friendly in my opinion it's Absolutely beautiful it's got lights Flaps and fre tracks and it comes in at A really good price point for something That has a receiver in there that is Bind and fly ready to go the reason I'm In front of the camera today with this Plane is just to fly it to share this Experience with you guys because I love It so much it is at a new lower price And it's a plane that I think deserves To be in everybody's collection that Enjoys flying any prop driven airplane Having said that let's put it in the air And have some some Fun now today we're flying on a 3200 Milliamp uh which is smaller than I Usually fly on I think I fly on a Minimum of 4,000 so be kind of Interesting especially with this wind we May get a shorter flight time but that's Okay that right Rudder is very important With tail Draggers go landing gear up and flaps up

Now the really awesome thing about this Plane is the differential thrust and it Really comes into play very heavy on This thing when you fly it even if You're not using the rudder which is Mixed with differential thrust you can Hear if I'm not talking and it's very Quiet day you can oh there's a loose dog Coming to get Us sorry okay she almost got hit by car Okay she's she's coming over to probably Chase the plane ah she turned around Okay yeah so right now I'm flying in Safe cuz there's loose dog and windy Takeoff but we'll kick safe off right Now we're definitely lighter than usual I feel like I'm nosing up a little bit Just because I usually fly on a 4,000 Mam but it's feeling fine I'm I'm Already making adjustments for it listen To This fly by here like This right the differential thrust is Just so cool on this and all that hard Programming and stuff just comes ready To go out of the box just bind it up And it works we can just roll it over And do some cool crazy stuff with it we Can keep it scale but you know me I Usually start the video scale and then We throw some snaps at it and a little Bit more scale type Maneuvers I forgot My sunglasses today so I'm flying with One eye closed one eye

Open it's very agile airplane for such a Big kind of scale pretty thing it's Super agile and there comes the golf Cart wanting to watch us fly of course That's okay no problem with that at All very windy day and it's handling it Like a champ I mean if I saw this amount Of wind at home I probably would have Said Abby let's not even bother um but There we go there's our 4S power on Twin Prop let's go for a crazy snap here's Full Throttle which snapping it right Now oh yeah that was wild Wow the pilot just puked mentioned I Like this one right look at this we'll Go this way can you flat spin this yeah Let's try it I don't know theoretically We should easily be able to because Different trust but let's see it's Probably going to be really there that's Not bad that's not too bad right oh my Gosh yeah that was okay it wasn't very Flat but it was pretty cool I mean it Was really cool that was a pretty good Spin is not a flat Spin yeah I'm happy with that let's do It uh your favorite way here Abby I Think this is your favorite way spinning Dive look at that unlimited vertical CL So here we go let's just get into wild Somersault inverted spin almost Flat we'll do a square Loop and I just round sare the last one We always take to panic right o long

Square they have a horrible cross land Now when I took off it was coming in the Other direction but now when it's Getting close to Landing time it's right To my back so that'll be fun for you Guys not so much for me this is just a Really good airplane if you've never Owned a twin motor or twin engine Airplane this is a really good first one Because it's so pretty it's a head Turner it's scale you can keep it scale No problem we can do stuff like this Watch this we'll come in over the runway See if I can handle this oh my goodness A little too fast I wanted to draw the Landing gear like that do a little bit Of a touch and go there they touched and We're Going gear up oh man the wind pushed you Back I might even land kind of like this Today I'm probably going to drop off That hill and land facing this just cuz The wind is horrible uh yeah you can do Some super scale stuff full flaps let's Do it Nose End Of The Wind here's full Flaps the sun is reflecting off the Props like crazy can you see that or is It just a camera thing look that that's Full Flaps flaps off wow yeah I mean this You've never I feel like you could Almost get it to stand still you want to Try it again I think we have enough wind We can do it it's dying down see if we

Get another gust so here's your throttle Don't stall right that's the it's always When I suggest things that you epically Fail no wind Died you got it a little bit pretty slow Scared me some don't want to stall out There cuz that's hey look at Rainbow Right I saw that too don't they call That like a sun dog or something I don't Know and then here's our Rolls very nice roll we'll kick it left To you know I don't fly this as much as I'd like okay you're at 5 and a half Well it's on a 30 200 I'm really happy You know too I've been about half Throttle most of this flight unless I'm Throwing a maneuver let's get a nice Clean Loop and then we'll crank it down the Runway and just see if we get any kind Of telemetry let the snow that wind was Nuts off that building okay here Full Throttle woo yeah pretty pretty uh Whipping it with the wind there okay Let's keep it Full Throttle right here It's full throttle throttle it's your 5 Minute timer Nate we're going to crank It cranking it oh my gosh are you trying To kill your battery no was that cool And pretty awesome okay let's landing Gear down full flaps and land at a funny Angle with a little you know what I Don't like that speed I just don't like That speed flaps are up the landing

Gears down we're going to come in just Felt felt fast and kind of High here we go we'll go farther down That's always helpful full flaps are on Slow down coming toward us yep we're Landing at a funny angle see that see go Oh no I stalled out I stalled out I Totally stalled out oh you broke your Wing I stall I can't believe that Happened wow you should have come off The hill I know can't believe you just Did that Know hot glue Time the wing is just I can see the Wings Spar my gosh not he says it's not that Bad at least the ret tracks are Fine they just like break in half what Happened that's how it comes now look Let's get my flaps back up okay flaps Are back up do you have aileron function Hold on oh it plugs in right there That's where it plugs in so it actually Do you just have to that break no no Glue it just clicks into place nuh-uh There we go He got some onp need to look hold on on Both tips actually we're going to do a Pre-flight here cuz I did lose a light Cover oh right and that that really took The hit right here so here's my little Exposed light I need to put my cap back On you got a little bit right there Let's do a safety pre-flight here we're

Going to see if she still flies in this Same video right y so we want to do all This elevator and what you got to listen For is stripped gears okay Then Throttle sounds fine to me sounds fine So we're going to just blast it in the Air really fast I will need to glue that Back On okay no flaps we're just going to get It in the Air wow all right one prop sounds a Little bit possibly bent a little cuz It's a little louder okay now I'm giv Him better Landing the wind calm down a Little bit wind did calm down Landing is Still Down that's by far the worst experience I've had With full flaps are on Again and here comes the wind I know it It's okay no problem I can do this oh my Gosh little tip because of the crosswind But you know not bad now that it's been Scuffed up guess who gets to fly Channel Soon yeah I think that'll be my first Twin motor maybe okay I'm thinking it Might be everything still functions Really well look how tight we can turn That too because of the differential Thrust I mean we can get one prop to Spin while the other's not doing Anything yeah I got a little chip out of One of those props I see it now just a

Little chip right there oh yeah so it's Going to be off balance some but really Not too bad makes it sound more Realistic and look it's happy it's ready To fly Again so before we kick it off the Battery is at 3.75 volts per cell even After all that that's one battery and It's a 3200 milliamp you can fly up to a 5,000 milliamp battery in here probably Bigger but that's what they recommend And I will say my least favorite thing About this airplane and it's very Questionable should it even be a least Favorite is just this is an Ic3 okay I I have 4S batteries that are Ic5 and I have 4S batteries that are Ic3 um I just just pick one and stick With it I wish the company I wish every RC manufacturer would just stick with One battery connector type but that is Kind of an age-old problem we've all had Anyway so it's not really a complaint But it's a complaint it's a complaint With every single product we've ever had But it is getting more Universal because I've learned these ic3 plugs work on EC3 We all know that at least you should you Do now and Xt60 plugs okay I use my ic3 smart Batteries on most xt60 Fe connectors do Your own risk yeah well no it's there's No risk it's just you might wear out the The plug itself cuz it's pretty tight so

Then you use a regular xt60 battery on Your xt60 RC female plug and it might be Kind of wore out and a little bit loose So all almost all my batteries are ic3 Now I still have xt60 and other Batteries too in case I need them but um I prefer the smart batteries because I Don't like going home discharging and Storage charging my batteries when I Crash and I don't fly the other battery You know I just I'd prefer to they last Longer that way hey this is still Absolutely one of my favorite planes to Fly that's just that goofy little mishap That just happened is the reality of RC You know I uh I'm not used to Flying it In this much wind coming in with a cross Wind and that much wind really pushed me To a bit of an extreme and I couldn't See because of the angle that the Airplane was coming in at me I couldn't See how fast it was coming in so I Clearly lost the air speed that I needed To stay a loft and I fell out of the sky Well no big deal this time I'll just Glue my little light cap back on get out The red Sharpie or maroon Sharpie and Maybe order another prop but I don't Know it kind of reminds me of putting a Baseball card in my spoke when I was a Kid is it good for your bike spoke is it Good for the baseball card probably not Not it sounds cool this sounds pretty Cool anytime I have a mishap it's a

Great reminder that I'm so glad I'm Flying with AMA that's the Academy of Model Aeronautics and if you're new to The channel or new to the Hobby you'll Be learning in this video that it's an Insurance program that's there to help You for the price of about a battery or Two the entire year you can be insured I Means if you lose control of your Airplane and you're flying the way You're supposed to be flying but it Wasn't your fault when Mishap electronic failure knocked your Plane into the buddy's car that you're There flying with and a bus's windshield Am is going to be there to step in and Help uh cover those costs I'm glad I fly With AMA because I'm usually not flying In my 100 Acre Farm field behind my House I don't have that wouldn't that be Nice uh so I'm flying around other People's things is what I'm saying and I'm glad I have insurance even though These are just foam little planes They're really probably not going to Hurt any anybody not a lot of reason to Be concerned but better safe than sorry As usual I say these things at the end Of the video because they are in my Opinion the most important things to be Said Okay first and foremost I want to Thank God for blessing me with life Today and everything in between Especially this moment where I get to

Fly a plane and share this experience With you guys I feel very lucky and very Blessed so all thanks and all glory goes To him also we have this link in the Description box below multiple reasons For that one it makes it easy for you to Find the thing we were flying we do our Best to link our radio and our battery And everything that we use to get it in The air including the charger so it Makes life easy on you if you want to Fly using the stuff that I'm Flying but also that's there to help Support our Channel and our family at no Extra cost to you we get out here and do This because we like it but it is Expensive to do this and very time Consuming to do this so a great way to Say thank you for making the content is To click the link and buy your thing That you're after it doesn't have to be This plain maybe you want to buy the new Arma Gorgon monster truck that just came Out you can click the link to the Beachcraft go buy your Arma and we'll Get credit for it and we say thank you From the bottom of our hearts because it Means the world to us costs you no extra Money and you actually earn points for Doing that so thank you thank you thank You and finally a massive thanks from The bottom of our hearts to our patreon Supporters because without your direct Amazing support we absolutely could not

Get out here and do these videos as Often as we do them so thank you guys if You love this beachcraft and you want to See some cool Chase shots that Abby did We'll have a great video popping up Right about now thanks for watching We'll see you there Bye

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