WORLD’S EASIEST to FLY under $100 Mini RC Warbird Airplane!

Check out this mini warbird here:
Try this code to save money until August 31, 2023: BGca110a
We are loving the Volantex Mini warbird series. They are extremely easy to fly in the flight stabilization mode! Let us know your thoughts about this RC plane in the comments.
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Check out the Volantex P47 here:
Try this code to save money until August 31, 2023: BGca110a

Check out the Volantex Corsair here:
Check out the Volantex P51 here:

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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I've got the newest in its class of the Mini warbird series the airplanes that Are breaking the world of RC this is the P47 Hun Hunter as you can see I think The paint Scheme on this looks great This brand of this mini warbird has Higher level of detail in the looks the Scale looks of the plane for example Rather than just black spray paint over The canopy we have clear plastic you Have a little bit of detail and actually A little pilot in there which I think is Really cool this airplane comes with Accessories more so than some other Brands the ready to fly radio with Flight stabilization up here on a switch Makes this so easy for anyone to fly Keeping the plane auto level so you Cannot flip this thing upside down Unless you turn that switch off or hit The stunt button you can buy one of These for right around 100 but with our Coupon code Linked In the description Box below it should be quite a bit Cheaper than that so anyone can learn to Fly for less than a hundred dollars now Go into this with so much confidence Because most of these mini warbirds are Very easy to fly and have usually a 99 Success rate but that doesn't mean this One couldn't fail so in today's video We're gonna have some fun hopefully Flying this brand new P-47 and seeing if It's worth your hard-earned money so

Let's fly Just a little bit of elevator and about Half throttle and make sure you're in Flight stabilized mode and at the end of This video I'll show you how to do that Give it a little Chuck and you're in the Air now this comes with and I will show You guys also at the end of the video it Comes with an extra propeller other than The one that's on the airplane most Airplanes and most companies do not do That they actually just give you one Propeller this one comes with two but it Also comes with two three bladed props So if you're more into that look and you Like More Punchy flying but less efficiency That three-bladed prop is for you it Also comes with landing gear which is Awesome if you don't want to do hand Lunges like I did hand launching is nice If you have Tall Grass where you're at You don't have asphalt to take off from And you just plan on doing belly landing In the grass but also if you like the Way the airplane looks now which I do You've got the landing gear not on there It looks like it's retractable landing Gear I think it looks more scale when It's in the air so I prefer the landing Gear off but there have been videos in The past where Abby and I will put the Landing gear on these little warbirds And

I'm already flying the plane and not Talking about it because look Okay it's not It's so easy to fly they're just to this Day we've only had and I think it was Ironically a P-47 Razorback that was an E Sheen and it's slightly larger than This one so there's something off with The CG there I think they tried to make Them bigger and then realized that they Need a bigger battery or something it Was just kind of a fail but that's Really the only one we've ever had real Issues with major issues Um every now and then like there's a Trojan I can't remember which brand of It might have been the eachine one but I Don't I can't say for sure it would be It was very Twitchy in the air so if you Get a little bit of wind you had a wing Waggle and so you would see the wing Just twitch twitch twitch a lot it's Okay to do it a little bit to adjust for The wind but that that one did it a lot It was still very easy to fly It just looked kind of funny so that's Why I say nine times out of ten but it's Really even more than that these little Warbirds are just very successful and Massively fun it's crazy I'd say most of You guys watching this video have Probably seen at least one of our other Mini warbird videos before so this isn't Anything new to you but if you're like

Me you'll like to collect these little Guys and so now we have not only ishin Doing this but I believe this is Volantex now voluntex is bigger Airplanes no not the biggest ones okay But they're like midsize between the Mini warbirds and then the ones that are Slightly bigger they weren't so hot They're okay but they're not super hot And so voluntex got in boats not so much The boats we've now other people have Had success on them but we did not so Just putting it out there they have done Very very well and for cheaper than the Eachine mini warbirds I think it's Raining on us right now I know I was Gonna ask you if you want to talk about That for a second like What in the world it's been sunny all Day and now it's sprinkling on us what's Up with that dark So that was wild but yeah the volume Takes many warbirds so far the ones that We featured on our Channel now I'm not Gonna run out there and say go buy all Of them because we I don't know if we've Tested all of them but the ones we have Tested have been really really good and I like the way they look too But that's you know that's my opinion so I think they look a little more scale Let's try for the stunt button I'm just Cruising around at half throttle by the Way not even half throttle about 45

We're gonna hit that stunt button oh Wrong side Yeah look at that roll super super clean Roll it went over our heads but Um that's just because I started it a Little too close to us I'll do it again Figure eight will come back this way and I'll do that stun button along we'll hit It again see if we can get a better roll On camera for you guys a little lower You've got to hold it Stop flicking you always flick don't Flick don't don't always have to tell You push it hold it there you're right I'm always right you're right I don't Know I can't remember that let's do it One more time you should know better the Amount of times you've yelled at me for Flicking transmitters well not really Nice that's really good I wish I wish They could also pre-program a loop what Do you think they do Might need to have more throttle let's Try that because if I was going to do a Loop I'd want to have more throttle so Oh yeah look pre-programmed Loop how Have we never never realized that that's So cool well because I usually apply Such low throttle with these Can't perform a loop so when I pull back It just kind of flops around like a fish That was cool let's try to do one I'll Do one lower see if we can really get it On camera so it does the roll and the

Loop and full throttle Pull back with that holding it yeah look At that that was all pre-programmed That's great Now just like all the others I do this Every time I always regret it Abby can't Chase it on camera because these are Hard to see on the camera I was looking At a little one and a half inch screen Basically so let's take it out of the Safe that's in right and it's just I'm Rolling that I'm looping it we're gonna Go back in on back in auto level just Because that is why what does that take Guys like two seconds for me to lose It's just too much it's it's doable but If you really want to challenge you know Small planes without stabilization are The hardest things to fly that's why Guys will tell you the bigger they are The easier they are to fly but the Harder they are on the heart yeah I Added that last part just because They're expensive the big ones but it's Right they are easier to fly usually but The exception to that rule Are these little warbirds these things Fly so great but believe believe it or Not and the only guys that won't believe That are the guys that haven't flown one They're so easy to fly they have Throttle elevator aileron and Rudder Control then you have that stunt button And all the different flight modes and

It's all pre-programmed in all you have To do is plug in your four batteries Into the radio charge the little battery With your USB cable you can get 12 to 15 Minute flight times easily on one charge Ours came with three batteries I think That they might sell a One battery Version but trust me it's worth the like Two extra bucks for the extra batteries They're very durable and forgiving There's just so so so many reasons to Own at least one or two of these mini Warbirds and this new P-47 is Exceptional it just belongs in the club So let's plop it down in the grass here Abby try to get a nice decent little Landing Oh yeah that was great that was great I don't want to leave anything out I Told you guys I would show you a couple Things here and I'm going to this is the Uh the radio and there's your flight Stabilization switch I have Stabilization turned off because listen You can't hear anything to the new pilot When you first get one of these uh There's a throttle activation okay so I Want to make sure your new pilots are Set up for Success you're going to plug Your battery in turn the radio on and Then you have to I got to be careful Here you got to get Full Throttle up and Then Full Throttle Down all the way all The way up on that throttle it's it's

Activated now to activate your throttle And then you can ease up on the throttle And you will have prop movement after That before you just go hand launching This guy make sure you got a little Throttle like that and you should have Noise because it should be trying to Auto level but because we don't we know We are in advanced mode where there's no Auto level we can fly stunts and Everything so switch goes all the way Forward just listen for Server movement that's right as you Wiggle that's right because it's trying To auto level the airplane so make sure It's in that mode before you try to hand Launch it now Abby used to be a hand Launcher with right she's right-handed As as I am so she would try to launch With her right hand and pull up on the Elevator with her mouth sometimes I Still do it's very challenging to do That and I use I tried to do that a Couple times just a beginner tip for you Guys I prefer to throttle up here That I have actual control on my on my Right stick so I you know I might not be The best hand launcher with the left Hand but I have more control over the Plane with my right hand so a little Little tip there for beginners let's Look at everything that comes in the box And I think you guys will be impressed This is really what's cool uh these

Charge pretty quickly on this little USB Charge cable and it just has a Molex Connector on the end these batteries are Very very very common and cheap they Used to come with all these little Drones that were out there so you can Get these things super cheap we got Three with ours there's the two wheels For the landing gear they snap on and Snap off very quickly and easily here's Why I love these now you know knock on Wood I try not to go through props too Fast but when you're a newer pilot let's Face it you can and these props are Designed to actually pop off it's a Safety feature that'll save your motor If you come down too hard this will pop Off and you may end up losing one of Those I would say before you actually Break one so it's nice that it comes With the extra two blade prop and then Two of your three bladed props so if You're watching volantex or any company Out there let's face it e-flight We all want you even if you have to Increase the price by three dollars Include extra props with our airplanes At least give us one e flight did that With the yellow Trojan and that was it And everyone loves that we all talk About it so give us more props we really Want more props because a lot of times Props end up selling out and they're out Of stock for a while so this is really

Cool that it comes with four I hope you Had a great time watching this video but If there's a lesson to be learned by the End of this video it's simply put buy Yourself one of these mini warbirds a Lot of you guys watching already own one You're going to be curious about this New P-47 but there's some of you Watching that don't own one and if it's Because of funds I completely understand But if you've got an extra 75 85 bucks Or whatever these are pick one up you'll Be amazed how much fun it is if you're a Crawler guy a truck guy Basher guy a Boat guy try the RC plane world and it Used to be much more expensive to get Into it and try to have fun these things Fly really well now it's not going to Give you the full taste of what real RC Airplane action is about but it's going To get you about 80 percent of the way There easily it's going to give you an Idea whether or not you're at least Gonna have fun with it pick one up you Guys and this new P-47 is a great Example of Awesomeness but if you want To go all the way back to the classic Like eachine P51 everybody owns one of Those so Gotta pick one up we'll have a few Options Linked In the description box Below and using that link does help to Support our Channel and our family we Thank you guys from the bottom of our

Hearts if you watch this video had a Good time to learn something and you Think you know what that was worth my Time absolutely click that link it won't Cost you a single extra Penny and it Just helps to support us keep us doing What we're doing gotta say a massive Thanks too for this beautiful day God's Blessed us with to get out here and Share this family time we've had some Nice family time today but also our sea Time with you guys and I'm so grateful Any opportunity we get to do that and I It's good bad ups and downs we've had We've had our ups and downs the last few Days but today is a great moment and I'm Glad we're sharing it with you so for That I'm thankful to God I also want to Say a massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do without your Amazing support you guys are the best we Thank you from the bottom of our hearts And if you want to see more winning Almost Saturday Winnie the Pooh I almost Said Winnie here's why if you want to See more mini warbird winnie airplanes Well have one of our personal favorites Or maybe one of the more recent videos Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there

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