F-22 Micro RC Jet Warbird – Proudly Made in USA!!!

Check out the FT F-22 Raptor here:
This is the FT Mighty Mini F-22 Raptor. This RC jet is made in America by @FliteTest. In this video, Nate talks about the build experience and then maidens this RC jet warbird for you. Let us know your thoughts about this F-22 Raptor micro warbird jet in the comments.
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Check out the FT F-22 Raptor here:
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Is that Amazing I built this jet which I'm very Very proud of for under or at least Right around $100 and I want to know From you guys when I'm doing stuff like This do you want to know the price of The plane because if so that's like a $25 plane if you have the motor and the Servos right but if you need the power Pack then the price goes up a little More so do I look at this like a Plug-and-play plane or like a bind and Fly plane or a kit price because we Could say that this is a $25 plane easy Or if you go buy the items board Yourself it was a $1 airplane so let me Know in the comments what do you guys Think when it comes to us talking about The price with this with you guys Because I could talk about eight Different ways to price this thing but Let's cut to the point really the fact That I made this airplane what Nate I Know I plan it took me maybe what 3 and 1/2 hours or so and that's from their Laser kit setup which I will have Linked In the description box below and I Cannot tell you I know it's just a plain White I I just want to show you guys a Little bit more like this but I I really Wanted to spray paint this gray just so You know but then I decided to leave it White so you can see what the atams Board stuff looks like which is also

Made in America really cool um and I am Beyond proud of this jet I know that it Doesn't look like much to some of you But to me this belongs on the Shelf up There with some of my most expensive Things just because I made it it's so Cool Okay the nose is already pitched up a Little bit for you so I feel like it Shouldn't be too Bad a couple other cool things before I Fly and I am very nervous for the maiden Of this because I really want it to go Well I don't want to crash I just I made It myself remember the Motor and the ESC on this RC have a Lifetime warranty no companies do that The foam and the laser cut stuff made in America manufactured in America and the Electronics the important stuff the Expensive stuff a lifetime warranty so If I crash this plane I can rebuild it For almost nothing and they will honor That which is so cool again it's linked In the description box below please wish Me luck leave a like on this video for Some launch fidence because I'm GNA need It because I'm just flying on a good old Dumb receiver so let's power this on and Have some [Music] Fun so is that supposed to be pitched up So hard yes and they give you a little Angle thing when you make it cuz it

Wants to fly like this want to that Makes sense oh yeah that's got really Good that's powerful yeah Elon elevons And thece thing in the radio is I just Punched in what Wing type it was and it Was a pusher prop delta wing style so I Didn't have to like do the confusing Figure it all out yeah we've crashed a Few that was Nice I think our sparrows were like that Right they were it was like rocket Science just to try to get one to go up And the other to go down it was bad Technology has come quite a long way in 8 years yes [Music] Right went the way you didn't think it Was going to it went left I think you Thought it was going to go to the right I wanted it to go right but that's Fine okay trim trim trim trim when you Have to throw them like frisbees I feel Like that's the hardest way to hand Launch I don't know oh I can't believe I'm flying it Abby I made an airplane From Flat Adams board and it's flying And it's a jet it's a pusher prop jet But it's a Jet oh and they I forgot they put Expo In theirs and I didn't put any Expo in So flying with no Expo this is as as Dumb as it gets for my receiver setup I Didn't have any launch assist or Anything like that

Wow oh I'm happy okay here we go Yeah I love f-22s I am so sorry that we Chose a white cloudy Sky day with my White jet I am so sorry for that guys But this is this might be one of Probably not the most proud cuz like I Got to fly and own for a minute a giant 46% ultimate B plane I mean you know You're not going to take away from that Experience of smoke and stuff but this Is one of my proudest moments can it Loop in RC yeah let's go for it I was Just trying to like cruise by the way That was like 30% throttle wasn't sure How long your battery I know it's not an Actual jet so you're you have a prop on There it's pretty efficient flight yeah Look at that Lo not bad Abby not bad let's do maybe a Full Throttle pass I still got some Climb in this I see That so you know Full Throttle when you Have climb is not awesome but just trim It up we're getting there okay here we Go no [Music] [Applause] Expo let's snap it get you hey that's my Job oh yeah sorry sorry sorry do it well It snap what's for we didn't see it do It already there's your snap with just Elevons it's kind of hard to snap Something oh I thought it look nice Still pretty cool though so this

Definitely has The Punchy power man That's nice and it'll Cruise nice and Slow too here we go 3 two 1 unlimited climb unlimited roll that's Amazing so not only is it just a cool Looking thing that I made from a scratch Adams board cutout the performance is Here too and it's not a very expensive RC to have something with this high of Performance I knew I was going to why Didn't need put it on Silent I knew it I could have knew it Was going to happen here look if I fly Down here you guys can actually see it To normally get something this high Performance you're in it for double the Price right uh so and I I am very Newbish at this I probably have some Rough cuts and misalignments on glue and I'll be honest my push rod Z bins did Not come out really good I've got one That's a little bit too wide of an angle I wanted it to Be um a cleaner angle and to anyone That's ever made these before you Probably know what I'm talking about n Can you haer it can I or hover it or Whatever let's see we've got a little Wind now so let's bring it right into The Wind remember I have two control surfes Okay the nose is already pitched up a Little bit for you so I feel like it Shouldn't be too

Bad I think we Can maybe if I put that the battery Weight back a little more yeah that Would probably help and that's full Elevator so I need some speed to maybe Not Abby can you fly it inverted oh good Okay let's try it well since I'm Climbing this way it's probably going to Nose down so let's try it inverted Inverted holy moly we got it we got it We got it we got it I have to give it Some some down elevator with that but we Got it I'm still inverted just so you Know I see I can tell Okay those vertical stabilizers it Always helps when there's vertical Stabilizers it always helps to see that You're inverted a this is just awesome I Can't tell you guys how happy I am I can Still spray paint this too I just got a Tape off for the motor is how many times Can you roll it oh gosh you ready Yes count him I think that was five okay I can climb It I think you can count it based on the Sound honestly oh yeah you ready yeah Sounding pretty [Music] Cool okay we better get it back it was About Seven it went really High I like this Abby this is just a Proud moment for me I you know you know

When you crash something that's nice and And pretty and then you fix it and put It back together you're like okay I'm Just going to fly this the way I want Cuz I know this thing inside an out cuz I crashed it and I don't know that that Feeling goes away now this one in some Ways I feel like oh I do not want to Crash this because it's a labor of love And uh I have a little more time in this Than just your Average 30 minute foam Thing But I also know it inside and out every Little square inch of this thing so like If it does crash I know where things are Supposed to be before I even take it Apart and look at it so even if the Whole thing got demolished in a in a Lake or something um I could if I had to Rebuild this it would be significantly Faster of a rebuild than my first time Building it so there's that Too isn't that Amazing listen to the echo off the Building let's go [Music] Okay so if you guys don't know about This company it is a small family Operation I used to think they were a Little bit bigger than what they are but It's a small family operation and they Are located in Ohio in the United States Of America and they are making airplanes

People say it all the time why don't we Have more companies in America for RC Doing the RC thing we've got to support These guys I bought this one and Abby Picked it out paid you know nice full Price because I wanted the The Experience from the ground up myself on Just even one of their older models and We all need to do that right so there is An affiliate Link in the in the Description but this is not a sponsor Video we paid for everything that you See that's exactly right and and people Also take that word sponsor a little too Seriously sometimes maybe maybe the Flight test crew will send me uh you Know a $30 laser cutout or something and That unfortunately in the YouTube World Counts as sponsorship well at one point It did it said if you receive product For your video you have to mark your Video as paid sponsorship even if you're Not paid so I don't know it's confusing So we just put that on there but anyway The point is we need to support these Guys and if anyone else ever pops up Making stuff in America we got to Support them they're also offering that Lifetime warranty on the main Electronics that matter and are the most Expensive ones and if you like our Videos the best way to support us also Americanmade in in here in the states is To click like leave a comment watch the

Video as far through as you can and use Our links to buy stuff whenever you buy It wherever you buy it but let's show These guys some love because I want to Continue featuring made in America stuff On our Channel nothing against the other Stuff either but I would like to do more Of this because I cannot tell you sorry I was going for cubanate and I rolled The wrong way I don't know where you Went there you are I can't tell you how Proud I am myself and I know that sounds Goofy to some of you to have made this Just casually a couple evenings at the End of the day and here I am flying it And it's performing just as good as Really anything I've ever flown and I am So proud of myself for that and I want You guys to know that feeling too it's a Really cool feeling I got a challenge Okay catch land oh I think I can cuz the Prop is in a pretty good it's a matter Of can you slow it down enough to do It he's like challenge Accepted nope nope nope oh you probably Just broke the pro didn't I want to try That He said I want to try that again I cut That off just in time Good all Right Redemption launch fence and it Kicks to the right a lot left Left listen I can't math and I can't do Directions while I film we we now all

Know [Music] That wow you did that with power you Dumb dumb that was really dumb I cannot believe you just caught that With power do not do that everybody Don't do that that was really wor hand CCH ever that was really Dumb that's not this is the left honey That's right that's the first time I've Gone right yeah but I thought I said you Keep going to the left but that time I Went right but I don't know what's Happening I thought I said the right Direction but I don't whatever okay Let's not cut our fingers Off sorry for my Squeal that's uh how you Practice okay I got this B I didn't know this would take 20 Attempts To satisfy his need to do what I asked Him to Do I had zero Throttle I know where I'm going to the Rest of the day here Filming catch fidence Nathan oh my gosh don't catch it like That A it's technically not it has a Prop Nate nose up cut the thrt off what Are you doing you went right between us Oh my gosh I should have never I should Have never said a word I really I didn't

Think it would be this difficult no Ain't going to happen I mean technically You did catch it but you could have Chopped your finger off so like 2% Throttle but Yeah launch fidence catch fidence Man man that's cool cold and colder Sorry I made this thing and it flew well On a maiden flight I was very nervous For that you had to hold it and say I Made this with my own bare hands no I Don't know I'm pretty sure there's a Tik Tok sound that says that and I am so Going to put your video to that sound Okay I didn't even have Expo in here Which was highly recommended so I'm I'm Very proud of myself I was a little Rough on this thing with those hand Catches I definitely kind of squished Some things but that's okay cuz it still Flies really good there's no flight Stabilization on this but you can easily Put that in depending on what receiver You're flying with I just have a Spectrum sport receiver in here so my Whole setup will be linked in the Description box below but if you've Never flown before you can get into this Cheaper than Spectrum there are a lot of Different options out there but the Airplane the kit the electronics needed To get this in the air it comes in as a Bundle we'll have that link down there For you guys and remember using that

Link does help support our Channel and Our family at no extra cost to you let's Give these flight test guys some love And support what they're doing because I Don't want to see this type of thing go Away and that is the point of us Featuring these on the channel this was A lot of fun from the ground up I am Very happy with the end result and this Will be a proud one that stays in my Collection I might even take this to a Dog fighting event at one of their G Togethers we'll see I don't know cuz I'm I just I like it a lot I want to say Massive thanks to God for blessing us With this beautiful day honestly I know We've got the overcast and it might have Been a little hard for you guys to see Which was why I tried to fly under the Hill but I'm still very grateful for Today every aspect of it and a massive Thanks to God for those blessings I also Want to say a massive thanks to all of You watching and liking and commenting And sharing and supporting what we do But very specifically also our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your Amazing support we thank you from the Bottom of our hearts if you want to see Something a little easier to get in the Air that starts off with flat foam and In about 45 minutes with video help Tutorial you can have those in the air

They are very cool they're about the Same price but for everything around $100 we'll have that video popping up Right about now thanks for watching see You there Bye and

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