Flying Bear J3 Cub BEGINNER FRIENDLY RC Airplane

Check out the RC airplane here:
This is the Flying Bear FX9073 j3 cub 680mm RTF RC airplane. In this video we fly this plane and give your our initial thoughts and impressions. Let us know what you think about this RC airplane in the comments.
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Check out the RC airplane here:

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Fairly recently on the channel we Featured a military green kind of like An olive green cub and it was a great Airplane because it was 2s powered Brushless ready to fly and it came in at A pretty good price now this is the Yellow version of that plane but Ironically it falls under a different Name brand so we'll have it linked in The description box below for you guys To check out but when I was putting this Together I realized it's pretty much the Same plane I know that because it's one Of the only planes I've ever seen that When before you put the wing on you Could add a couple little Lego riders in There if you wanted to and I think that Would be really cool put the wing on you Know glue the Lego riders in there and They'd go for a nice ride it's a really Good looking airplane I love the size of It it's actually significantly bigger Than like the eing warbirds and a lot of Times those eing or volantex warbirds Fall in around 120 bucks or so ready to Fly they can drop on sale for around $90 But this comes in at $40 the same price As the olive green military style Cub I Like this one because it's bright yellow It's going to be easier to see so the Olive green Version very cool cool factors High not That this isn't cool but in my opinion The olive green army ones a little

Cooler and this bright yellow Cub is Just again easy to see it's ready to fly Comes with a charger a 2s battery and a Radio and we have flight stabilization So this should be very beginner friendly So let's put in the air and see how it Does word to the wise airplane on first And then the radio which I disagree with Completely but that's the way this Needed to be turned On and there we Go right Rudder does it have Rudder I Was full right Rudder oh my gosh well Aim it to the right here we go take two Who likes the realism on our channel is That is that okay with everybody there We go there we go we're in the Air oh my gosh I need full up elevator Full up elevator that's full up elevator Are you in stabilized mode I am let's See if I can trim that Out what is that for oh that's trimming Triming I'm trimming it okay that's That's fixed It well it's almost fixed it I'm still Moving I don't know do you guys want Perfection There that's that's pretty trimmed up do You want Perfection on our channel do You want realistic stuff you know I can I can make a commercial for you that'd Be no problem but then what happens is I Don't get there's a one minute beep There are guys that have channels that

Are in my opinion just commercials oh Come on this is not flying so Good and you know people watch and they Continue to watch and they continue buy And support him I don't know why I don't I don't get it to me it's obvious but Whatever this is not flying so great I'm Going to take it out of flight Stabilized mode we got a lot of down and I'm having to fly full up out of flight Stabiliz okay we're out of flight Stabilized Mode we're definitely doing better now Definitely better significantly better Out of stabilized mode which was very Surprising to me there's there's a Handsfree pass Basically okay so flight St mode for Some reason she wants to come down but When we're out of flight stabilized mode It flies Okay I think the uh the other Branded Olive Green version is better Sometimes I feel bad for these little Airplanes because to me this airplane is A nice quality airplane it's got a Brushless motor it looks great um it Doesn't feel super cheap or anything When I put it together it's got a little Bit of scale detail to it I really like The airplane it's got you know indiv Idual aileron servos pre-installed You've got an elevator and Rudder Servo It's a nice airplane and then it comes With this cheap radio and who knows

Maybe the flight stabilizer is just Programmed a little wrong or something And it really makes the whole bundle uh Suffer because of it so there's going to Be a couple guys out there that are like Yeah this is really cool I'm going to Buy that cuz I love that size of yellow Cub especially that it's brushless but It's not going to be for everybody woo You did it y oh barely and now we have High rates too so let's hit High rates See that helps will it roll well good Question let's gain some altitude I'm Going to say Challenging come On that was with reverse so much Altitude lost maintain It that's our one minute beep better Than the arrows one minute Beep that was better nosed up and then Full down elevator while we were upside Down you know it's okay it's out of Flight stabilized mode I like it I will Enjoy this airplane because I know where Its weak points are but I'm telling you There's a bunch of airplanes out there That have less issues than this like That jet we just did Abby that's cheaper Than this and 10 times cooler than this In my Opinion but it's okay it's a bit of a Struggle to fly right right but it's a Pretty plain one wheel Touchdown okay there we go

No knife edging no knife edging we tried It you're going to cartwheel it I'm Having fun with this thing I'm having Fun with it can we knife edge let's try To pull into a knife edge on this [Music] Pass there there there there there there There does that count does that count Go Funny Man it does feel I mean it's not Underpowered but I wish we had had 3s Power so we could climb better we Definitely do not have unlimited Vertical climb in fact that's probably Going to end poly yeah okay oh and I Filmed it poorly too sorry Guys I thought you had more room did not Expect the ground to come so [Laughter] Soon the scale detail Springs down there Which don't function at at all oh it Broke they snapped oh okay launch with Confidence Nathan oh and I ate Dirt so I'm going to do a launch Fence But I also wanted to put these on so I Think they'll stay hi everybody Nate's In my shadow all ready Yeah oh my Goodness okay you know it's okay it's Okay it's not one that I want anyone to

Run out there and buy I'm just here to Show it to you you know we did this Video of a Garbage airplane that I can't remember I Can't was it a P38 Lightning I think That was it I think and it was just just The worst airplane I've ever ever Featured on the channel but because it Was so bad the website I think it was Gear best back in the day lowered the Price for like 80 bucks or something I Mean it was just just complete no don't Buy it you know and there was this one Guy that buff five of them cuz he liked He said I like a challenge so he bought It he made it work and he had a bunch of Backup oops cuz it was so cheap I I Don't know what to tell you guys we show You stuff and I'll even be blunt and say Do not buy it and these are the Downfalls or if you do buy it here's a Big heads up on what you're going to Have to deal with some people like that Some people will still buy it cuz they Like the challenge and that's why we Always link so you guys can check it out It's not to say this is a great product Go buy it it's just to say this is the Product here it is if you want to buy it But we're always going to tell you guys The honest our honest experience anyway Which sometimes can differ from other People's experiences but there's a lot Of guys out there that will just not

Show the truth you just you just got to Be careful not everybody but there's Half the people well snap snap do it and Then we're going to land it it's not Going to snap but it's going to be fun To Try get up there climb little guy hey Let's just it's not even Vertical there's your snap Abby that's Kind of a tumble that's fun Okay we're going to land on that note oh Another saber Landing almost you know What I I don't like that I don't like That at all it does it does not fly well Sorry all we thought A car pulled up we Thought Um uh what did you say what did you say Made me mad saber Landing okay I don't know we're going to Try for a smoother Landing it's an okay little airplane It's okay you know if I had to give it Like a are we doing points now can we Start doing points points don't matter Out of 10 yeah we're like Whose Line Is It Anyway just the points don't Matter well that was definitely better That was like a trick Landing yeah see Here's the problem here's the problem With YouTube unfortunately we feature a Cool Jet and everybody wants to see that Right and YouTube will show to everybody And I get excited cuz it's a cool Jet And so you know I'm like man this is a

Great jet like the FMS saber 80 mm it's Amazing and everybody watches it and They're like okay Nate loves it Obviously and then I do something else That's really cool and so YouTube shows It to everybody and so everybody sees The really cool stuff like the losu Promoto MX oh the sailors all they ever say is Great stuff about things but what YouTube doesn't do cuz people I don't Know like maybe they don't watch the Full video cuz it's not a great airplane So YouTube won't show it to people or Whatever but even our subscribers not Everybody will see this video and for Some reason there's like a small group Of people out there that think I only Ever say good things about stuff but I'm Telling you in Flight stabilized mode Which is where this thing should shine It doesn't shine at all out of flight Stabilized mode it's a mediocre trainer At best and you know it has weak points That was very fragile plastic obviously I can tell you these mufflers and just The engine cing and stuff up here the Fake little decal decorations those are Going to be fragile if I came down on Asphalt on a cool day that will shatter It's just it's an okay plane and Definitely a subpar uh Stabilized system and transmitter in in My opinion and not everyone's going to

See this video so like I don't know that Little group of people that say I only Say good things about stuff will Probably not see this or any of the Videos where we just don't say great Things about something so I it's it's Okay it's a bright yellow airplane it's Very easy to see even on an overcast day That would be nice it retails for 140 And we might have a coupon code I don't Know it just depends and you might see a Price drop because you know I don't Think they're going to sell a lot of These after people see our video so look For a price drop I do like that it has a Steerable tail wheel that was nice it's Okay it's like a Solid 5 out of 10 or Something why do I feel like we got to Do points now but it's linked in the Description box below if you want to Check it out for yourself and I'm just Grateful I'm grateful that we got to get In front of the camera today and share This experience with you guys I love Getting to test things even if they're Not super great things and it's just fun It's fun to have this relationship with You guys and you know we get to bring You content and it is just a really fun Hobby and uh and for that for this Experience I thank God I also want to Say a massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your

Amazing support now if you like budget Friendly ready to fly things I flew the Coolest little ready jet in the world And if you miss that one you've got to Check it out that is a very fun video And it'll be popping up right about now Thanks for watching see you there Bye

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