RC Off-Road Showdown: Traxxas TRX6 vs. TRX4 in MUD, Bog, and Trenches

Hey guys, it’s Wilimovich, and welcome back to my channel! Get ready for an off-road adventure like never before as we unleash the power of the Traxxas TRX6 and TRX4 rc trucks in the roughest terrains! In this adrenaline-fueled RC challenge, we’ll be pushing these mighty trucks to their limits, navigating through unforgiving mud, treacherous bogs, and deep trenches. Watch as the rc beasts tackle the elements with precision and power, conquering the toughest off-road obstacles. Can Traxxas TRX6 Mercedes AMG G63 6×6 stuck in MUD? From mud-splattered terrains that test these radio controlled cars traction to boggy landscapes that challenge their endurance, every moment is a pulse-pounding display of RC prowess. These detailed look like real RC trucks are built to withstand the harshest conditions, and in this video, we’re putting them through the ultimate off-road gauntlet. Join us as we navigate the challenging course, showcasing the incredible capabilities in the heart of the mud and trenches. If you’re a fan of RC off-road excitement, hit that like button, subscribe for more, and ring the notification bell to stay tuned for our upcoming RC adventures. Let the off-road showdown begin! 🏞️🔧

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Body – Mercedes G63 6×6
Chassis – Traxxas TRX6 6×6
ESC – Hobbywing AXE Waterproof Brushless Sensored
Motor – Hobbywing AXE 2300KV Waterproof Brushless Sensored
Remote Control System – Stock
Servo – Power HD Waterproof Super Torque Digital Servo 23kg
Tires – Stock
Battery – Turnigy Graphene Panther 6000mAh 3S 75C Battery Pack

The world’s largest YouTube channel about rc cars in the mud! My videos are the beautiful stories of rc trucks off road adventures: in the mud, on rocks, in the sand and water – only 4×4 and 6×6 trucks!
On my channel you will see reviews, mud and off road test drives of rc cars 4×4 or 6×6 – Axial SCX10, Wraith, Tamiya Tundra, The Beast 6×6 RC4WD, Thunder Tiger, hand-made rc trucks Hummer H1 and H2, Toyota FJ45, Land Rover Defender, MAN KAT1 6×6 and Globe Liner 6×6 …
Do you like speed racing, bashing, off road jumping? So you`ll enjoy the reviews and test drives of rc cars 4×4: buggy, truggy, monster trucks, short courses by Traxxas, Team Associated, Losi, Thunder Tiger, King Motor, HSP, and others.
My name is Sergei and in my videos I want to show the fascinating world of RC cars that drive through the deep mud and extreme off road. Also you`ll see interesting videos with real trucks in the mud. I hope you`ll like my vids and have fun watching them!

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