How to Flip an RC Helicopter? Blade 230 S Heli

Check out the RC helicopter here:
In this video Nate starts learning how to flip an RC helicopter. This RC heli is the Blade 230 S, and it is looking to be the RC helicopter that Nate has made the most improvement on with his RC helicopter flying skills. Let us know what you think of the RC heli in the comments.

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Throw a hold is off we're going to take Off and safe again guys what a person Really wants to see when you're learning To fly an airplane and I think the same Applies to Helicopters is successful repetition and Repetition really does train muscle Memory and how to react in a situation Where you need to have an eork reaction And you're going to have crashes while Learning always especially if you're Pushing Yourself so let's talk about what I just Learned and it's because of someone in The comments that told me uh what to Look for and like how to try this Maneuver so what I've been doing is Kicking it out of Safe doing a flip or loop with throttle On and then kicking safe back on and you Guys saw that was more of like a circle Shape in the air a bit of a loop we Should all be able to notice the Difference in my maneuver here now I'm Going to go same Deal and you see how I didn't look lose Altitude right that was really cool and I actually did not kick safe one I'm Still out of Safe good J I recovered That without using safe I'm still out of Safe and that was throttling down Through that here's without throttling Down through That see how we go down a lot when we

Don't Throttle Down that's feeling good let's see I'm Going to do going for two and then I'm Going to lay down from my heart attack We go Wow that was three that was three the Last time I really tried to push myself In the helicopter world this Happened some cut wires and bent shafts Here so you know it was a little Discouraging and I put this back in the Box and I kind of just turned a blind Eye and then the blade infusion 120 came Out I got it out and I got a little bit Excited and encouraged and so I've got Another helicopter which is really cool And hopefully by now you guys will have Seen my maiden flight and this has me Kind of motivated because it's just a Cool looking helicopter but I want to Progress I want to learn more in the Helicopter world so I picked up a new Blade 230s ready to fly and I'm going to Keep the old one for parts for when the Inevitable day Happens that this poor little guy Crashes well hopefully not But I thought it'd be fun just to bring You guys with me today kind of show you My experience I don't know I've got two Batteries charged because I have one Battery from the old one and one battery From this one and that's what you see me Doing here I've got two I actually had

Three but this one and this is the real World we live in sometimes these Batteries die I think their storage Charge system just drains it too low and And kills the battery and that's in all Fairness it has sat in a storage charge For over a year probably and maybe That's why it shouldn't happen but it Did so I'm down to two batteries they're Topped off and then these batteries I'm Charging for that really cool black Helicopter I just showed you and while I'm waiting on that last battery to top Off you guys can see the current mess if You here this is going to help me a lot If you could pick two airplanes out of All of these to get rid of which two Would you pick because this what I want To know what in the world is in this Futaba box that's to fly my 46% ultimate Bike okay yeah that's my radio he Actually threw in for me to make it so Much easier for me so yeah I mean you Can pick a baby airplane you could don't Don't pick the Draco I'm not getting rid Of the Draco but you could pick Something real small it could be that Bang good jet or you could tell me time To get rid of this but I'm at a point Where I'm struggling everybody wants That the wilga I know I'm struggling I Have to pick something at least two to Get rid of cuz I've got a couple that Need to take their place and yeah take a

Good look pick an airplane for Me I'm almost thinking the new FMS I Don't know what you guys think the shark This one wait where is it it's out there In the garage man there's two that look The same the that's the 6s Futura then You have this Futura which is fors no Ret tracks right yeah no ret tracks I See okay and then you got the Yeah I'm excited because we just got Done flying the new Eclipse 360 and it Actually went pretty well so makes me Feel like I've got a couple ideas that I Want to try to do pushing myself with This helicopter looks good new out of The box I've got to put my batteries and The transmitter and everything and just Wanted to bring you guys kind of along For this experience there's the radio People ask all the time can this radio Pair up to other things that are binding Flying it can the annoying thing is you Have to rebind it every time you want to Fly something new like if I take this Radio and I buy an AOS scalp bind and Fly I'll save money cuz I won't have to Buy another radio but I got to go Through the binding process every time I Switch from my helicopter back to my Aeros Scout then to my commander and to My Apprentice or whatever so it's nice To find eventually a universal radio That has a multimodel memory and you can Just easily turn it on and switch

Between models instead of rebinding That's on that works and this is kind of What I was talking about in the eclipse Video I don't love the way these Helicopters look just cuz every Helicopter looks the same but I will I Will say I like the way this one looks Just because it's bright orange and even The blades are bright orange it's very Easy to see and that's good when you're Learning to fly it's a good size Helicopter too And a good size battery these batteries Are not too expensive they're 3s 850 m Amp batteries that's the one that comes With the ready to fly it's so funny Ready to fly stuff now is not really Ready to fly anymore is it they've taken That away from us and eventually all Companies will have to um go along with That new Ruling we'll do a ground test you know We want to make sure everything moves The servos are working the way they Should we don't want to touch throttle Just yet especially sitting so close to It but as I step back if I throttle up And that moves I want to make sure Throttle hold Works which I think that's My throttle hold yes it is so now I can Give it throttle and we should have Movement for our pitch of the blades and I don't actually have any Spinning rotor here okay I've got my

Finger ready on my flight mode switch But we should be in safe to start let it Spool up some [Music] And then we throttle up and take Off just want to make sure controls work Well cuz this is a maiden of this Helicopter though I've flown this Helicopter before it wasn't this exact One so I just want to make sure left is Left right is right forward is forward Back is back rotation works Properly there we go Nice okay let's Zoom this around a Little bit up and down the runway kind Of comparing it to the eclipse cuz That's my most recently flown helicopter I do like the bright orange blade I can Actually see that in some like right There under the under the hill I can see The the main blades really well the tail Rotor stands out so I can see Orientation of this really well I can See the front of the helicopter really Well orientation is good on this and I Do like that a lot not that the eclipse Was bad but this one I just feel like I Can see a little better so that's that's Good when you're learning to fly Especially so let's take it up and try To see how it like rolls and flips Compared to that Eclipse that I just Flew we're going to kick that off we Going to

Forward and safe back On okay refresh my memory how did you Crash this one doing something like that Yep doing something like that pushing my Comfort okay and I for me if I'm not Pushing it I'm not not getting any Better I'm not learning so I just want To keep doing that [Music] Right so someone told me to do that But Throttle Down When I'm going through The loop because instead of eating up This airspace like That I should not use as much because It's not flying down as fast so let's Try That there we go and there throttle up That was cool because I didn't fall out Of the sky that was more of a flip than A loop did that make sense yes so what I Did was when I went forward as the Helicopter was upside down I throttled Down because if I'm full throttle and Upside down I'm flying toward the ground At full speed but if I'm at like zero Throttle I shouldn't be flying down as Fast so if I can do that again it's more Of a flip than a loop so let's try that There see that like didn't lose altitude So let's try that a little Lower not much lower little lower if I If I mess up and I don't Throttle Down At this height guess what's going to Happen Okay that's so let's do

It wow that's so different flip rather Than a loop and if I didn't do it right We would have just crashed into the Ground I've never seen do it like that It's awesome that was pretty cool so Let's try that Backwards that was one thing that I was Excited to try today just thought about The whole process let's try Backwards and actually went up you see That yeah iil Z throttle so I I gained Altitude on that one that was Cool sure we can do these sideways Too so that's that's a confidence Builder let me tell you that's really Cool Yeah that's just playing with the Throttle that's Cool I like that flight mode that's fun Okay now here's something crazy I'm Going to go a little higher try Something similar but with Rotation cannot believe I'm going to try This but I'm going to very heavily rely On safe so I'm going to do a front flip Or maybe a side flip that also mix in Y'all with that flip is that a bird There's a bird out there Oh weird big And just kind of I lost you I'm very Sorry straight up it's okay so we're Going to try a flip with some y'all are You ready for this Yeah oh my God okay that was just bad Idea what just happened well I just

Started spinning ya'all all I could do Was zoom out cuz I lost you completely I Didn't get upside down fast enough I Tried to give it some ya'all with my Flip just to see what it would do and I Knew I had stfe choke up should we try Again if I can find any straight Up we're going to try that again I know My battery's got to be getting a little Low so let's try it one more Time okay all right and I'm in safe I'm In safe so what's going on save it baby Yeah oh my gosh I'm so sorry I didn't Film that well that was like the most Out of control thing I've ever seen that Was crazy and that's why we fly with AMA Yeah you know what safe switch saved me That time like I just zoomed out and Just watched it with my own eyes cuz That looked insane that was I was just Trying to see what happens when I throw The sticks like in a crazy Direction you Crash yeah so I don't want to do that Again I saved it though safe saved me From pushing to do something wild go I Can't believe that that was pretty cool Though right yeah took a minute for it To kick in cuz you were so out of Control I was like inverted and wild I Want to check my battery level cuz I'm Pretty sure I'm pretty sure this has the Type of telemetry on the radio if I Remember right I might I might be saying I might be wrong in that but yeah no it

Does so I have Telemetry and I'm at one Flashing light out of four out of four And it's solid light now so that's low Enough let's put another battery in and Just have some more fun it's all about Getting stick time so let's do it throw A hold is off we're going to take off in Safe again guys what a person really Wants to see when you're learning to fly An airplane and I think the same applies To Helicopters is successful repetition and Repetition really does does train muscle Memory and how to react in a situation Where you need to have an eork reaction And you're going to have crashes while Learning always especially if you're Pushing Yourself so let's talk about what I just Learned and it's because of someone in The comments that told me uh what to Look for and like how to try this Maneuver so what I've been doing is Kicking it out of Safe doing a flip or Loop with throttle on and then kicking Safe back back on and you guys saw that Was more of like a circle shape in the Air a bit of a loop okay what they told Me to do was just simply Throttle Down As I maneuver my way through that loop As I get upside down sorry I lost you Reverse that throttle tag it's okay hold On sorry sorry okay and so we should all Be able to notice the difference in my

Maneuver here now I'm going to go same Deal and you see how I didn't lose Altitude right that was really cool and I actually did not kick safe one I'm Still out of Safe good job I recovered That without using safe I'm still out of Safe kind of want to try to keep going Into this without using safe yet let's Just do a side Loop out of safe and see If I can recover That there we go I've recovered that With no safe that's still out of Safe thank you progress that's progress Huge progress really I'm still to say so Let's try Going getting a little wind and I'm Feeling it so I'm not I don't want to Just push myself into a loop when I Don't feel comfortable but let's go Sideways and back to orientation still Recovering that myself without safe uh Just the wind is affecting my flight I've been lucky on everything I've shown You so far with almost no Wind and the wind is continually picking Up I knew it was coming okay let's do a Side loop again And that was throttling down through That here's without throttling down Through That see how we go down a lot when we Don't Throttle Down that's a huge Difference so we're going to do it Lower Throttle Down and that that is

Really cool that is a big difference Wow Let's go sideways and do like a front Loop again let's Go level Yeah all this is not clicking safe On there that's that's getting fun this Is getting Fun I'm doing something right learning Learning a little bit Progressing feel like I've progressed More in this flight in like any of my Helicopter flights Ever feels good not kicking safe on I'll Tell you guys when safe does kick on I'm Trying to get it back over to us I don't Fly out of safe with helicopters this Long maybe ever I understand what's Going on I'm keeping it Within line of sight so that I have good Orientation of the thing right I'm Trying to plan ahead on what I want to Do think about it before I do It if the wind is affecting it don't do It just wait think about what I want to Do and then do It and if I need to my fingers are on Safe I can kick it And save the helicopter Hopefully not always but that's why I'm Doing these stuff right here not Lower that's feeling good can I do two Looks really good thank you I want to Try two I see how that goes two mistakes On well let's see let's see I'm going to

Do going for two and then I'm going to Lay down from my heart attacks Wow that was three that was three wow I Three sld two I did three I just did Three in a row that was really cool your Buddy Ethan's got nothing on you oh Ethan Abby didn't say that Kidd I don't Want to crash just kidding just kidding Oh God ready for another tip Ethan what's My next thing okay no I need I need to Do this 30 more times without crashing 30 more batteries without Crashing there was two that was two I'm Pretty CL sounds crazy does I like that I like that this is not anything I've Ever been able to do you guys when me Look at my Telemetry oh I have one Flashing battery I'm going to land out Of Safe I've had this without safe since I told you guys let's land it out of Safe Easy oo stuck The Landing let's see here Why am I not throttling Down okay well apparently even in the Intermediate mode there is some level of Reverse um flame yeah yeah so when I was Throttling down I was essentially giving It that's why it was going up yeah well Okay okay I didn't realize that Helicopters hurt my brain me too but we Did it all right wow I needed this this Was good this is going to become for me If I come up to the Airfield here and we

Do like an airplane video maybe we got The kids with us or something this day And we're going to just hang out a Little bit this is going to be something That I also bring with me at least one Battery and just try to try to do a I Don't get to fly off camera hardly ever I'd say 90% of the flying that I have in My life you guys see if not more but if There is a rare opportunity for me to Throw something in the air this is going To it I love that Eclipse 360 cuz it's Pretty and it's cool but this is it for For teaching me to do some stuff because I think the way Ethan described this and It's a fair thing to say is this is a Great helicopter to to learn some things On but in his opinion it's more like 50% The rates of some of the other stuff That he flies maybe even compared to the Infusion that we just did but I kind of Need that I don't need it to go super Fast over that was a really really good Rate for me me to wrap my head around And I've I don't think I've ever done These Maneuvers on the flight Sim or Anything and that's another thing I told Ethan I said Ethan these flight Sims They're fine but and they're fun they're They're great especially to get you Through the winter but they just don't Hold my attention the way real life does I can get on there and hover around on The flight SIM for a minute and I just

Get bored really quickly but this held My attention and it was a lot of fun and I really wish I had more than I only Have two of these batteries right now so I'm hoping to get a couple more really Soon and keep putting packs through this Helicopter because that was fun I Progress I've done these flips on cheap Like bang good $130 helicopters uh but Ultimately when I do it I crash I've Never not that that was smooth in any Way but for me it was smooth and I'm Pretty proud of those flips I've never Done those so smooth and repetitive Without ultimately crashing so this is Like probably the most successful Helicopter two flights I've ever had Very grateful for that I'm grateful for The help it'll be linked in the Description box below but also guys AMA Will be linked down there too because This is way out of my comfort zone like Extremely out of my comfort zone and I'm Trying to push myself to learn more Whether you're taking off flying for the First time ever on your airplane and You've got a trainer buddy box set up You should have Ama when you're flying Or you're trying to do inverted passes And scrape that vertical stabilizer down The runway you need AMA it's just an Insurance program for those of us that Enjoy the hobby of RC and it comes with A lot of perks and benefits too so we'll

Have them linked down there as well and I'm going home today with my head held Pretty high pretty proud of these Flights with this helicopter and I'm Very happy with that level of success For me I know it was not much probably For most people to watch but man it Feels good it really does to be bringing This home in one piece knowing that I Had it inverted and stuff maybe maybe Down the road we'll try some inverted Hovering or something I don't know but That's a that's a good good start to the Year of helicopter flying for me if you Guys have any tips for helicopter flying Maybe the next thing that I should Practice let me know in the comments Because someone left that comment I Don't know if it was Ethan or if it was Someone a viewer told me kind of how to Do that flip without losing the altitude And I put that to practice and it worked So thank you to whoever that was I just Can't Remember I'd like to say a massive Thanks to God too because right now at This very hour it was supposed to be Like 8 m an hour of wind and yes we felt Some small gusts there maybe four or 5 Mil hour uh but just for keeping the Wind at Bay long enough for me to do This video for blessing us with this Beautiful day waking up today and just Everything in our lives good and bad I

Just want to say thank you God for those Blessings and one of those blessings Many of those blessings are our patreon Supporters you guys have been supporting Our channel for years and years a lot of You and we thank you from the bottom of Our hearts we couldn't do this channel I Couldn't stay motivated to get stuff out Even after I've crashed one before uh Without your encouragement and your Support so it's very much a two-way Three-way sometimes four-way Street and We're very grateful for you we thank you Guys very Much I talked about the eclipse 360 a Couple times in this video and that was Probably a pretty recent video on the Channel but you may have missed it and If you did we'll have that video it's Very much worth your time checking out Because it's a helicopter made of foam Which is crazy we'll have that video Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there bye

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