Check out this RC Car here:
This is a cheap and durable RC car that won’t break the bank. This is the SMRC S910 rc car. It is a completely ready to run RC car. Let us know your thoughts about this RC car in the comments.
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Check out this RC Car here:

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In today's video we are checking out This very cool four-wheel drive Completely ready to run RC vehicle that Comes with the controller the RC itself A battery and a charger Believe It or Not $70 a lot of people think you have to Spend a lot of money in this hobby if You want to enjoy it on a hobby grade Level but kind of jokingly I would like To say if anything were to break on this Vehicle for some of the prices of some Of the parts we see on the big stuff you Could just buy another vehicle and have All new spare parts for the entire Vehicle at that price point the only Downside to this vehicle is it's brushed So my question is will it be fast enough To be fun and hit the ramp and get some Air and really have a good time with it Now some of you will remember recently On the channel we had a blue version of This vehicle it was identical down to The velcro method of holding the body on As you can see there and it actually Works really well I think what they're Doing is just taking a popular style Which is in my opinion kind of like the Arma Outcast and just a lot of companies Have rebranded it for themselves and This is the brushed version I don't Think I mentioned this even has lights At that price point so if a company can Do a ready to run hobby Gres vehicle

With lights my question is why can't all Of the big name brands always have Lights on Them there got it light Button Hey really quick if you don't love the Way this looks I think there's a white Version too and all the decals on here I Put on myself comes with optional orange If you don't love the kind of reddish Pinkish but of course I let ailia our Daughter 5-year-old pick four us and Should pick Pink guys this is just a little $70 Thing it's brushed I don't expect expect Crazy speed out of it but let's see if We can hit the ramp right out of the Gate first try is not bad how's it do in Grass everybody's going to want to know Can we power through grass this is Full Throttle but at least it can power Through grass and check that out see That vehicle right there that is a 10th Scale budget RC truck we're going to Check out very soon on the channel uh Really just kind of taking a look at Some budget options going into 2024 to Show you that you do not have to spend a Fortune in the Hobby and believe it or Not that one sitting over there for 10th Scale is 130 bucks so when I say budget We're really looking at budget stuff oh My goodness I knew it was there I just Didn't know it was

There Wow good way to start off 2024 Nate you Know what that's RC right stuff's going To break and I think it's amazing that You can buy something like this for 70 Bucks and that's not even like a sale Price if Abby can work for magic we Might be able to get you guys a coupon Code but that's really cool about this Hobby now these are not oil fil shocks They're just spring Shocks but it's getting the job done We've had worst performing and a fan of The channel driving by we've had worst Performing vehicles that cost way more I've SE we just had a $250 car that the Tires blew out on completely in 2023 this is more fun than that and it's Way more durable my turn that's what I Was going to say abvious Thank you now here's where it gets good Cuz I get to uh I got to chase the Vehicles I got to go like this Chas them Abby she's special she just gets to Stand there and drive driving at Le or Record whatever so you can't no let's Let's see if you can hit this first try Cuz that was legitimately legit Legitimately my first try now that was Granny mode at first but you did hit it And you punched it there at the end so Good Job what I didn't do no well okay that Was I didn't either on my first run it

Was the second second Pass who well that was pretty Good I didn't I didn't film it very well Though but everybody knows you hit it And landed it So nice you know with more speed you get More air and that is cool but also Things tend to break when you're going Faster hitting ramps like this Especially landing on asphalt the good Thing about this brush system is you're Going slower so you're going to be less Likely to snap Parts when you're hitting Ramps it's proving to be very durable And I like that and it can actually Off-road you know we're here at a new Spot where we usually do not run Vehicles because ab and I we went out to Bash mountain and those log trucks are Destroying the road so we've been on a Kind of a long adventure today to try to Find a new spot to set the ramp up and I Think I think we found a pretty decent Little spot if we just want to keep Hitting the jump like this we seem to be Like nailing this yeah I don't know if That was intentional But like I mean every time it's landing On its Wheels how often does that happen Pretty wild it's performing really well A good speed to ramp ratio I think so I Think so too it really Does and you can power through the Sycore leaves this just reminds me back

Of our iron track Spa the days do you Remember that That's a battery oh no it's blinking yep I'd say you're Right I try to juice it okay that's the Battery okay winter time what gets cold When you're driving or flying especially The fingers and body Clips are the worst In the winter time so that is one more Reason to love this RC because I can Just get right under there and not have To uh mess with body clips espec Especially in the Cold so I am surprised that that's Already dead but these batteries are Really really affordable batteries and It's just a Deans plug there's nothing Proprietary about this you know I'm not Sitting here saying that this is better Than an Arma Outcast by far an Arma Outcast is superior but I know I know Hundreds of people that can't afford or Don't want to afford an Arma outcast and This is their option so if you have $100 To spend on the hobby you really need to Shop around and make sure you're Spending it well and I'm not saying this Is the best $100 you can spend in the Hobby but if you like a $70 four-wheel Drive off-road Basher this is great and It's obviously durable too the run time Was pretty short and I think that could Be that it didn't get a full charge Abby When I plugged it in we plugged it in a

Couple hours ago and and you unplugged It so I mean I didn't check to see if if It was fully charged when we unplugged The battery So as you said it's not very often we Actually run these down completely dead But it is very cold out and battery Performance drops when it's cold out so If you're interested in this we'll have It linked in the description box below Where you can pick one up using that Link helps support our Channel our Family at no extra cost to you the Downside to this vehicle is the fact That it's brushed and that short runtime Could have been maybe not getting a full Charge but after at least 2 hours on the Charger and uh stage charge I would Think that that got a full charge for Being able to get in front of the camera And share this experience with you guys I want to say a massive thanks to God Also I want to say a big thanks to our Patreon supporters going into 2024 Because of your guys' support we're able To bring this content as often as we do To everyone in the world to enjoy for Free if they so wish so massive thanks From the bottom of our hearts if you're Into budget but awesome RC ground Vehicles we'll have a handpicked video Popping up right about now just for you Thanks for watching we'll see you there Bye

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