NEW SUPER UPGRADED Losi Mini-B RC Car!!! Brushless is Better!

Check out this RC car here:
This is the new super upgraded Losi Mini-B RC car. This 1/16th scale RC vehicle now comes brushless! You know what they say, brushless is better!! In this video we speed test this RC car and put it to an extreme durability test. Let us know your thoughts about this RC buggy in the comments!
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Check out this RC car here:

-Check out this budget RC car here: Check out the rc car here:
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Today's an exciting and fun day because Losi has released the super upgraded Brushless and then some mini B this is a Very popular 16th scale racer because It's ready to run and it's extremely Popular worldwide Indoor Racing to take These especially on carpeted tracks I Think that's really where they kind of Shine however this is an RC car and just Because it's kind of designed to be an Indoor maybe dirt track or carpet track Race buggy that doesn't mean you can't Take them and drive them wherever you Like in today's video we thought it Would be fun to see how fast this goes Right out of the box and I think Abby Said she wanted to see how much air she Could get on our ramp so we're going to Have a lot of fun in this short little Video so let's get right to it all right AB our bash Queen and Speed Queen is Going to see what kind of top speeds we Can get out of this right now I do have The throttle limit set on 50% and it's Pretty fast already so I'm sure that at 100 it's going to be really Quick that's 50% and it's I'm going to Guess 19 M hour what do you think 21 21 18 18 I got that one so bump it up to 75 it's right up here we'll see how fast That goes now it's kicking pretty Good so the reason this exists For the speed limit is if you pass the Controls to a more beginner driver and

You don't necessarily want them to have Access to Full Throttle it's just like Beginner intermediate and advanced Modes and obviously Abby was a beginner Here that's pretty quick I'm going to Say 28 miles an hour that's pretty big Increase 31 okay I was closer so 24 2 it's pretty Good why'd that feel way faster than That it's as tiny cars always seem Faster than what they actually are true Okay so now we're at 100% so Abby I'd Say eat up the full length just about of The runway yeah a little further Down get some gravel down there all Right ready let's Go oh yeah holds really well that wasn't Know if I hit pink right there and we've Got a little bit of loose gravel over Here So wo girl in the grass it's okay the GPS meter there hey it got through the Grass I'm impressed that's Tall Grass Too Yeah it slid across that grass with that Metal chassis like it was Ice okay there's the ramp it's waiting For some fun what' your gu what was your Guess I didn't have one okay well I got To get no I'm going to see if I can beat You 35 35 is your guess you've been high On all of Them but that's a pretty good guess I'm Going to say oh nice it popped a Willie

Wow okay hang on let me think let me Think 30 34 I'm 34 30 30 m hour out of the box is not Bad ramping it yeah let's do [Laughter] It you look like Hamburglar or something Pulling your pants up like that that's So funny here she goes she is Trying good Landing first try nice and Smooth now ran in this grab no big deal That was really Nice we wanted to give it a slightly Softer Landing than Asphalt good job there Abby oh my goodness hey somehow you Magically landed on your Wheels I know that this is really Designed to be an indoor race track kind Of buggy but in our opinions woo what Happened there that was crazy in our Opinions RC is meant to be fun and for You know they'll recommend where this is Meant to be driven but if you want to Drive it in the Mud all right I'm fire yep my turn and You're upside down my turn my turn my Turn if you want to drive it in the mud Go for it if you want to ramp on a ramp Go for it if you want to do speed test On asphalt go for it it is a toy ramping Is not my strong point not lately almost Never now Nate will show me Up this is his favorite part of car Videos when he gets to show me up

Problem LIF up yeah I know it's not Sitting Level Oo that look like a professional jump Nate oh My Goodness you're making it Fly granted You've got it sitting the ramp sitting On a better surface now my [Laughter] Goodness you meant to do that right yeah Right you better leave It oh my Goodness you're making it fly like you Guys it's like jumping like 30 40 ft That's a Lot [Music] Wow how are you making it go so Far Full Throttle 30 m hour 30 mph [Applause] Jump wow it's upside down all right we We got some uh red scratches down here At the bottom but Functionally it's like doing amazingly Well Wow Wow I mean for how crazy it's ramping And it's only landed upside down what Twice in this Video why does that fly so Beautifully I'm impressed I am impressed With this one you guys with this hitting The ramp I mean this would be awesome

For Indoor Racing or just racing in general that's Crazy Fun Wow that is so Cool woo hey Donuts are my job Sir I'm just going to throttle punch With no steering watch 3 2 1 go okay go To the right a little bit one more Second okay ready ready 3 two 1 Go that's just throttle with no input so The reason this thing is super fun and Flies really well is that really well I Got the steering trim set up nicely but Here's a throttle punch again and it Just holds I mean this is race ready for Sure I can see why they got this thing Really Steed up this is fun and drives Well and tracks well as soon as I punch It you know it holds I mean you got that Little bit of right to compensate for Because of all the torque and then after That once it starts going straight There's like 100 geese flying it tracks Really Well Nate's counting ability needs some Work maybe 30 20 but it holds really straight I mean You really don't have to do a lot of Work to keep it straight and I know Because Abby and I did just drive a Budget vehicle very recently on the Channel and though it's super budget Friendly it doesn't drive as well as

This the soft tires on this and the the Tire type too even though this two wheel Drive by far outperforms that budget Vehicle we just had on the channel it All depends on how much money you want To spend in this hobby uh but this is Really high performance for the 18th Scale size that it is and as I said guys There are a plethora of upgrades it is Not just the brushed version Transitioning into brushless there's a Lot there's so much that has been Upgraded I think it's best that we link The car in the description box so you Can actually check the long list out Yourself and that's what we're going to Do this vehicle will be linked in the Description box below know that using That link does help to support our Channel and our family if you so choose To buy this and for performance I give It two massive thumbs up we have it Linked down there for you to check out When you click the links in our Description box in a working perfect World it is supposed to help our Channel And our family at no extra cost to you And we are eternally grateful for that Help if if uh you just enjoy watching Our content another great way to help Support our channel is to sign up on Patreon that's the most direct way where Your dollar has the most bang for its Buck they take the least amount from

That and more goes to us and we're very Grateful for that you can get your name In the end screen credits and the top Tier actually has the ability to text me Whether it's about RC or Halloween your Favorite trick-or treat candy all that Stuff it's uh we can talk about whatever You want so we have a couple slots open Still to that if you want to check that Out no matter what aspect of the hobby That we're getting to share with you Guys no matter what the weather is it's A very beautiful fall day look how Beautiful those colors are out there It's amazing I just feel very grateful And very blessed to be able to share These experiences with you guys and I Want to say a massive thanks to God for Giving us this time to be able to share It with you finally I want to say a Massive thanks to our patreon supporters Because we couldn't do what we do as Often as we do it without your insanely Amazing support and if you're into small RC Vehicles we'll have a handpicked Video popping up right about now just For you thanks for watching we'll see You there Bye

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