Off Roading Must Have

Check out the 1982 Chevy K10 here:

The world's best beginner RC Crawler Just got better by removing the body That everybody hated we now have the Brand new 1982 Chevy K10 and here are my Top five reasons why I love this thing Number one are the looks but Specifically the Chrome there is no Shortage of shiny shiny Chrome covering This scale Beauty number three some Trucks don't come with lights like the Base camp they've made sure not to Forget the lights this time on the Chevy Number two is the performance to price Ratio right out of the box this thing Can keep up with the rest of them number Four it is ready to run so you plug in Your favorite battery and go and number Five this thing is just fun axial Literally bringing my childhood hobby to Life where model cars aren't just model Cars that only sit on a Shelf they come To life and can be heavily modified and Even upgraded if you want to compete With it but right out of the box it's a It's this RC will be linked in the bio

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