OH NO!!! PILOT ERROR!!! Opps! – FMS Pitts V2 RC Plan Flight

Check out the FMS Pitts here:
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If things can go wrong, they will go wrong…Luckily the plane walked away unscathed! In this video we fly our FMS Pitts V2. Let us know your thoughts about this RC plane in the description box.
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Check out the FMS Pitts here:
Check the plane out at FairRC here:

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The pits is undeniably one of the best Looking B planes that's known to mankind When this thing is in the air it just Pops I mean look at that bright red and White two wings and it's just got a Really good stance it's known to fly Really well whether you're flying the Tiny little UMX 3s it's called a 1s pits But it's a 3s little airplane that thing Flies extremely well and then all the Way up to the 6s version we'll be flying On a 4,000 mAh battery today and it's Just been a while since I've flown this Plane I will be honest with you too FMS Has been a Generally good brand recently I would Say more on the exceptional side of some Of their aircraft and in my opinion if We go back in time to when this was Actually released it was probably one of If not their best airplane especially Prop driven since the release of this They've made Leaps and Bounds to make Even bigger improvements in their Aviation lineup but I've got to say that This was probably their Flagship and Still could be as far as prop planes go I know it's been out for at least a Couple years or so but it absolutely Deserves the attention of another flight Today I just love I love that red and White it pops so good so let's put it in The air and have some Fun you want to talk about an airplane

That's got like tons of room inside even The battery tray slides out good on them For just making it excessively large I Could live in that if I needed To beautiful airplane right right so the Last time I flew this was back when I Didn't believe in Expo so what I just Did after I plugged in that battery was Add some Expo to this a good amount too I went 25% Aeron 25% elevator and 20% on The Rudder uh I've I've generally not Cranked it up much higher than that so You guys let me know how high do you put Your Expo on certain things let's let's Talk about that in the comments maybe we Can all learn Something it just started to Veer off I Need yeah straight up yeah I wouldn't Say that was straight yeah so yeah we're Just having fun it's been a while since I've flown This not a pretty Plane big airplane very powerful lot of Runter authority it just flies really Well for a b plane like a kind of a Clunky looking B oh no my canopy my Canopy why is that popping up wow wow Can you land it yeah I'm going to land It thought I heard something go click Look at that look at that it's just Barely hanging on there it goes there it Goes that's fine that's fine that's That's fine don't hit that on your

Landing how in the world did that happen Never happened on this airplane before Never I thought I heard a click and then You said that Okay W okay let's see why that Happened what happened I don't know Yeah looks fine my guess is I didn't Make sure that was clicked in all the Way so there that's probably what Happened it was just not whoopsie that's The second canopy I've lost I know What's going on with you All right Nate the canopy loser that Well I don't like that much the canopy Loser what' you say about straight up There you go that's full Problem pretty airplane oh yeah I love Filming this One they should be Rock Solid now I Would hope the knife edge the knife edge On this pits oh love it yeah and it Holds it well it doesn't need much Rudder and thank goodness that you can Pull that off so easily just because the Top of that Wing look at that ain't that Beautiful mhm that's what we like on This plane R it Over a nice Loop out here the only thing It needs is smoke I mean you can't Really fly a big pits without smoke Right in the Electric World it doesn't Really exist but there's so much extra Room in this airplane if there was a

Smoke system it could fit easily there Have been attempts by some people to Make like talcum powder or baby powder To come out of it but it only lasts for Like 20 seconds so you're only getting Like one Loop out of it so you know it'd Be great if someone could make I've Always said and I don't care to put my Idea out there publicly for everybody to Take I think that an ecigarette kind of Thing you know those they're very very Popular um you can make a larger version Of that that ran off of a lipo and just Had a really big tank in there there and That I believe would look pretty [Music] Good and if someone invents that and Makes it and they make a million bucks Off of it just send me a couple of them Please that's really all I ask because I Think it'd be super Cool there's that knife edge yeah Beautiful right over the hill on a blue Sky in the winter not officially winter Yet but man it's cold is't that nice Mhm and we'll kick it out of that so it Don't fly over our Heads rolls nice it's just a pretty Airplane and you can fly this one a Little bit on the wild side and it's Still scale so to those guys that don't Like you know keeping it they want to Keep it scale this is a show plane you Can really fly it and keep it scale and

Even if you're flying this thing far Away it still looks good just because It's bright red and contrasting bright White and it pops so well That's about a half throttle half Rudder Knife edge somewhere around there maybe 60% throttle or [Music] So up up up up up I don't know how Much time we're going to put on this Maybe about 4 minutes or So a little careful with my [Music] Time what do you think you glad I got The pits out to fly it today oh yeah This is one of my favorite planes you Own cuz it just looks so good to now That I say that let's not jinx it I know Where we at on our time we got about 30 More one thing I like about FMS is they Make goodlooking planes very goodlooking Planes Agreed Maybe let's bring it around for a Landing right to left because we've got Some wind Now pretty right just pretty just pretty Pretty pretty it's not really too hard To fly uh you know it's a little bit Maybe you could say kind of like Topheavy feeling occasionally it's it's Hard to describe but there's some weight To it but then again it also floats Really well I mean we're coming in

Pretty slow here you can see but I like To land this with just a little bit of Speed now that that last Landing I had Was so much better than that one do I Have enough juice to redeem it I would Say yes we're going to try one more [Music] Time we're just going to take it easy Though nothing crazy keep the throttle Fairly low we just want to get it back To the other side of the Airfield and try for another landing and We'll we'll do a voltage check at the End here too because that's a 4,000 mil Amp and I'm curious to know where we're At cuz I'm not flying with any kind of Telemetry or feedback on this Setup man still got a little skip but That was definitely better I think we Can all agree that was significantly Better but the one without the canopy Was the best landing it was butter Compared to that not Landing that's okay Though we got to fly the pits today I'm Really happy on such a beautiful day had A little mishap what would RCB without The occasional Mishap stressfree Battery is not warm at all I'll bet We're I'm guessing we'll be at like 3.95 Volts on that let's See oh man am I good is that you're at Yeah that's hilarious yeah well by the Temperature you know you fly too much

When it's it's 3.9 cuz it's settling Down some since I just pulled it but if I check that again in 5 minutes we'd be At 3.9 maybe closer to 3.8 Vols per C am I a nerd or What I don't care I'm a happy nerd I got To fly my plane today and for that I am Very grateful you guys I'm grateful to God for the opportunity to get in front Of the camera and share these kind of Experiences with you and I just I just Ask that if you if something like this Catches your eye please do us a favor And check it out using the link okay There's there's links in our description Box and in our comments section usually Pinned to the top and what those do for Us is gives us a very small amount of Commission if you buy anything through Those links it doesn't cost you a single Extra Penny the whole system is in place Because you know you watch the video for Either entertainment or maybe somewhat Educational purposes and then you make a Decision on what you want to buy and if You do so whether it's this or anything Else on the website you can click that Link and buy your thing we'll make a Little bit of commission it doesn't cost You a single extra Penny and it just Helps to support our Channel and our Family helps fuel the channel and keep Us going we thank you finally before we Get back in the warm of the uh heat of

The car I want to say massive thanks to Our patreon supporters for literally Putting fuel in the tank to get us here To make these videos to buy the camera Equipment to keep us going it really is A full circle here guys if we didn't Have your support you know we'd still Jump out and make videos but it Certainly wouldn't be as often as we do Or it's not maybe the best quality in The world but it's better than just like A cell phone or a GoPro or something and It's because of our patreon support that We are able to do that we thank you guys From the bottom of our hearts if you Enjoyed this video we'll have another Awesome handpicked video popping up Right about now just for you thanks for Watching we'll see you there Bye

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