OPPS!!! I Went TOO LOW!!! – Arrows Corsair 100mm RC Airplane

Check out the Arrows Corsair here:
This is the 1100mm Arrows Corsair RC warbird. In this video we Let us know what you think of this warbird in the comments.
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Check out the Arrows Corsair here:


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This one you know it'll do a few not Scalish things but I really do like Keeping this one scale let's half flap It we're going to drop that landing gear Cuz I'm loving that was just awesome That was awesome wasn't it I almost Didn't make it down in time amazing Landing gear up flaps up half flaps no Landing gear we are going to just skim The runway Here oh no that was my fault why did you Do that do I have Rudder no yes I do do you really it's Right here I still have it it's right Here well we're having a great time Flying our very budget friendly coarse Air by arrows would you believe this Comes in just a little over $200 I'll tell you what when you're Flying a warbird and you hear air Chatter pretty cool makes you feel like You're doing the real deal it's almost Non-stop today it's been a lot not for Us though Good it's a very nice hobby Grade very nice hobby grade airplane it Flew really well but I'm curious to see How it's going to fly with The drop Tanks off of here now you just Slide these off on the rail System and there you go and check this Out beautiful beautiful retracts and Flaps and lights look we have red nav Lights super bright Wing lights there's

The green nav light it's just dying for Another flight other than the uh very Ugly nose art I'm ready to get this Thing back in the air so let's go you Putting in some Expo okay also got Expo So let's see how she taxies I really Didn't taxi it at all I just sat it out There the last time on the maiden and uh I didn't use any flaps we've got a Tailwind so let's turn it around and the Last takeoff was kind of ugly so see if I can clean it up some probably not We'll see yeah yeah yeah yeah much Better much better not as sharp as a Term it's not as sharp cleaning gears Up Expo feels good I like it 25% AER on Standard fuel tanks are off looks good I Can see that G Wing a little better my Uh my rat's just it just all feels a Little better and soft looks a little More scale I think it's nice this Nice that nose the nose of the airplane Having that white really really makes a Difference when you're flying this thing It's the first one I believe someone may Prove me wrong by looking back but my Brain my brain can't recall the 3,000 Videos like a YouTube search can I think We have some I think we have currently Like 2,000 videos on YouTube over over 10 almost 11 years and how many of those Are gone now we we had to delete some Because of the whole YouTube kids Protection thing where some of our RC's

Were more toys we actually had to delete Those we had apparently we didn't have To but we did we didn't have to cuz now Everybody's doing that stuff again like But even then we didn't have to cuz it Was our our videos were more geared Towards let's say the parents you know We never were like talking in squeaky Voices trying to appeal to children just We just tried to be better safe than Sorry cuz the unknown was very scary and Not a lot of information was out there On it So yeah oh the world of social media It's it's mostly I think there's a lot Of bad now but we try to be some of the Good out there try I don't know we're We're grateful to still be here this is A very good airplane you guys it's Sometimes funny on our Channel we get to Talking about more like life things and Stuff that stuff that impacts us and our Lives we even used to have a vlog Channel but we just kind of stopped that Around the time little bit before uh That we had kids because we just thought You know if they ever want to be on YouTube with us they can make that Choice when they're older so that that Was kind of our deal with that let's Half flap it we're going to drop that Landing gear cuz I'm loving that was Just awesome that was awesome wasn't it I almost didn't make it down in time

Amazing laning GE up flaps up oh that Was cool I like the touch and go on the Warbird especially dropping the landing Gear last second like that man that's Fun this one you know it'll do a few not Scalish things but I really do like Keeping this one's scale it just feels Right it doesn't have any bad flying Tendencies it's really nice rolls great Both Ways oh yeah super cool airplane and I'm Just cruising at about 3/4 throttle or So but here's Full Throttle hold just is zip it around a Little bit because we don't have the Fuel tanks On why not just tear up the skies a Little bit since this is a follow-up Video we can do a little bit more with It oh I lost you there we go how did I Just completely lose you that's okay cuz I'm Full Throttle Abby we'll do that a Couple more times that was fun you know When I give it the roll I give a little Up elevator that was a little too much So I don't drop in elevation but at at a Reasonable throttle here when I roll it Give a little up elevator or down when You're upside down and you're not going To nose down much if you do it Right I'll tell you what when you're Flying a warbird and you hear air Chatter pretty cool makes it feel like You're doing the real deal it's almost

Non-stop today it's been a lot not for Us Though it's been a Lot just a great great airplane it's Flying really well and that's there's a Lot of me pausing talking today cuz I'm Having to listen to the radio I didn't Expect it I think everyone's just had Cabin Fever want to get out and fly Let's do some uh let's do a cub eight Here little bit of a wild one yeah we Got it we'll we'll uh triple it Here feel really good flying this Airplane it's uh it's very capable Warbird and sometimes they have bad Flying Tendencies this one you got to Give right r on takeoff but otherwise it Flies great it's got just enough of that Gall Wing to look good and I think I Probably prefer flying it without the Fuel tanks I can I can say that pretty Confidently now but some people might Like having them on there so it's nice That they're included and it's just a Matter of seconds to take them on and Off see if we can get in half flaps no Landing gear we are going to just skim The runway Here oh no what that was my fault why Did you do that I I was pushing my I Pushing my luck skimming the runway and I clipped it that Happened it almost seemed like that's What you wanted no what get as low as

You can got too low I filmed that Terribly why did you do That like I'm pretty sure you just Pushed that into the ground just for fun No I think that's your most ridiculous Crash ever oh maybe but I was trying Something a little new so it's like Limbo right the just try to get low as Low as you can without touching your Prop clipped my prop clipped that's Right and I think what happened was it Clipped one of the four blades and That's why it sounded so horribly on the Climb out okay half flaps no landing Gear we are going to just skim the Runway Here oh no that was my Why did you do that and then I I tried I Tried to get it out of it but the rumble And not having power I stalled and came Down and crashed that's what happened I Was just pushing my luck but listen guys Crash for different reasons usually it's Because we're trying to do something a Little bit out of our comfort zone how Often do I try to fly that close to the Ground not very often so I was just you Know how many more rolls can I do so Let's have some fun kick half flaps on Get it over the runway no landing gear We're getting Brave we're getting daring Here and having some fun and I just Pushed my luck too far but to guys that Have never done a right-and turn and

Their entire life is leftand turns don't Make fun of us the equivalency right I Mean that's and I know people like that And there's nothing wrong with that one Of my best friends WJ at the airport has A leftand flyer and he made it a big Deal out of this one day he's going out On the Airfield he's said guys I'm going To turn right today I'm doing it I've Turned left my whole life I'm turning Right today and we all did not fly this Is going to be fun cuz he's either going To do it and it's going to be great or He's going to crash and he did it and it Was awesome and after that right-and Flight he went back to left hand turns And I think that's what he's still doing To this very day I can relate so you Know hate if you want to I guess I was Pushing my luck but but isn't that what We all do when we're flying and we all Crash we're always continuously pushing Our luck and and I don't think that was Anything to be too uh too embarrassed by I was trying something a little bit new And I just didn't do very well let's see If everything still works how about that That should be fun as we plug this in And take a look here I'm going to Strugging encourage you guys to fly with AMA because whether you're just flying Boring circles and never ever ever ever Crash but you will eventually crash I Promise even just doing that or you're

Pushing your luck you should fly with AMA Insurance because I was flying Within my safety limits and guidelines Here but you still never know I clip That prop and I try to go around and it Kind of is out of control something bad Could happen and that's where I'm glad I've got AMA the academy model Aeronautics there'll be linked in the Description box below do we have Elevator sure do do I have Rudder no yes I do do you really it's Right here I still have it it's right Here it's right there I did see the tail Wheel moving though do it again and my My push rod works just fine do I have Flaps I sure do do I have AER on no Problem no stri gear let's not do Throttle I'll do a tiny touch throttle Just a little just a little tiny bit of Thrott oh that's why we Heard okay no more Throttle and uh retrack that'll fly Again have ret tracks ret tracks are Fine they were up so they should be Perfectly fine Okay well here I do think I can probably Fix this the hardest part is just going To be hinging that Rudder that will be a Little challenging so I'll be honest With that but not impossible I've done It before I've made hot glue hinges uh With cloth I've made hot glue hinges With just hot glue before too so we'll

See if I can't get that back in the air It might end up being a project for a Friend or something I'm not sure uh uh Yet but it's definitely not impossible Just that Rudder is the only real issue Here and a new prop so overall you know It could be worse but hey I had a blast With it and I still think it's a great Airplane that was at no fault of its own And I'm grateful to God that we got to Get out here in front of the camera and Share this experience with you guys I'm Not going to let this discourage me from The Hobby in any way shape or form and I Hope that when you crash cuz it will Happen if you never have uh you don't Let that discourage you from the hobby As well even if your wife gives you a Hard Time or your friends or usually I laugh But that one that one I didn't find that One I didn't find it funny I was just Pushing my luck a little bit that why Are your what's going on with your Hoodie strings by the way Daniel oh my Daughter Wa I don't know she tied them together Or something I think they were Braided my Daughter guys uh this will be linked in The description box below I think There's a sale on the website it might Be getting close to being over but there Was a sale anyway it's it's just a good

Priced airplane right over $200 and They've got a couple others that are Really well priced too and I want to say Massive thanks to our patreon supporters For encouraging us to get out here as Often as we do I'm very very grateful For your support each and every one of You and and finally uh they make some Other really good airplanes but we'll Have a handpicked video Just For You Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there Bye [Music]

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