Check out the rc plane here:
After Nate completely through his buddy under the bus for crashing his Conscendo, he got a nice taste of Instant Karma with a crash landing. This is the E-Flite Conscendo. We love this plane and the speed it offers. Let us know your thoughts on this jet like RC air plane in the comments.
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Check out the rc plane here:


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[Applause] This is the world's greatest RC jet That's not an RC jet and I'll show you What I mean by that I mean it's not a Jet cuz there's a prop but in some ways It is and I can't wait to show you a Little bit more of this plane in action But guys it's been forever since I've Flown this plane so long as a matter of Fact the last one got destroyed and it Wasn't by me or Abby I'll tell you about That while I'm flying don't throw him Under the bus he's not getting thrown Under the bus he's a good friend and It's not as bad as it sounds but he did Destroy it so I had to pick up another One because this is one of my favorite Planes and correct me if I'm wrong Please I'm sure some of you will I think This is still under $200 so in my Opinion this might be one of the best Planes or jets in some ways under $200 Let's put it in the air and have a good [Music] Time launch with confidence launch Fidence go Nate he that that was pretty good to the Moon Abby to the moon so what did I say About this being a jet well that doesn't Look like a jet does It oh that doesn't even sound like a jet That's quiet it's like a stealth bomber Okay was I Wrong no here we

Go to the Moon I said it's a jet cuz man it is a Very fast airplane this is flying on 4S and uh here we [Music] Go you just crank this thing and it is Wild it needs a lot of up trim We're getting there so is this Technically your maiden with this one is A Remade snap it up here I mean it'll fly It does not snap oh you need to Ask how dare you try to do that without Me asking the question I got exit will It snap well let's keep it upside down And then I'll snap it a I'm inverted Right now I'll snap we totally messed Our little stick up oh we got it is it a Shtick you ready this is a flying stick Yes no what Ask it ask it well it's S no that's About it it's just a little roll you're Going to fly it over no where did you go Man you turned and it just was Gone there you go so I really like Flying this I have very fond memories of Flying it I would travel to a Vince with It a couple summers ago I think it's a Good size it's a great size it just Takes up no room I mean it's got a big Wing but really in the car it takes up Almost no room it's very radiant like But but not really not really Lookss lookwise yes performance- wise oh

No no so I had a buddy of mine and I Won't name drop very very good friend You know who you are yeah I was flying And I showed a uh touch and go with this Believe it or not a I don't know if I Could do it here cuz the grass is kind Of tall but it was you know throttle off High speed and I'm not going to do it Here on the asphal but I would touch the Belly down and then pull up and then Throttle and I was like hey you want to Fly it and absolutely he wanted to fly It and then I convinced him to try that Maneuver that I was doing because I Always push people out of their comfort Zone and uh when he did it didn't end Well I think I think it just caught the Wing and it throttled at the wrong time And yeah So uh question to you guys watching do You ever let people fly your stuff if You do what are your general rules do You accept that if you let a friend fly If it crashes into a th pieces are you Okay with that or do you think it would Be better if they uh helped you pay for Those damages I would love to hear from You guys in the comments and here in Just a minute I will tell you my Thoughts on letting a friend fly and What to do when they crash if they [Music] Crash this thing sounds so cool when you Throttle off listen to this I'm going to

Go full throttle and then Listen I filmed that terribly let's do It again Ready okay we're going to Full Throttle Crank by then zero Throttle that's zero throttle you're so Fast it's very fast okay so that was a Zero throttle loop I don't know if you Realize that let's see that again crazy Okay we're going to zero throttle in Front of the camera and keep it zero Throttle you're [Music] Listening zero throttle still zero Throttle Isn't that cool very zero Throttle is this a 4 minute light no no Longer than that a little longer cuz we Can zero throttle and do crazy stuff With it like this watch zero throttle Now zero throttle at the bottom of a Loop now that is stinking Awesome let's do some zero throttle Rolls okay crank it and then do one Again out here zero Throttle oh man that's cool double roll Zero throttle let's see that in front of The camera a little better Oh I've had this plane not this exact One but the Kendo and I've flown it many Times and I've never done that zero Throttle stuff that's really fun this is A maiden of this just a remen of this Exact Airplane yeah so

Cool just one of the highest performing And well most well-rounded airplanes oh I think I'm dead that's I told you I Thought it was like a four or five Minute Flight that's one of my good batteries Too that's hilarious that's all right so Let's bleed off you have no juice no I Mean I can I can definitely I just don't Want to anymore cuz I don't want to kill My Battery where you Landing over there Over here in this grass over here cuz it Takes a while to to bleed off that speed Oh no I hit the light are you kidding Come on think the lights's okay don't Know about the shindo though I canot Believe you just did that I can't either That's what you get for bad mouthing our Buddy yeah Karma Instant Karma instant Absolute Karma look at this this is Where it hit oh my gosh which isn't too Bad I'd fly it with that but look at This ouch I'm going to need some hot Glue to hold that sucker back in place It's got to you know I mean honestly It's fine it's not going anywhere right But it does need some hot glue to Reinforce that Yeah oh and then look oh no my tail too Oh no I'll never say anything bad about You again friend I'm sorry Oh Karma nailed Me and I've never hit camera I just say

You guys know I was like you're not Going to name his name you better not oh Look at that that's he's a good pilot oh He's way better pilot than me it just Fun okay had extra Batteries golly I can fly it again I will patch this up Hot glue will get this back in the air But not today I planned on it I guess That's that right there is truly this Isn't just a plug but I'm just thinking About it that's why I fly on these Batteries this one's fried right I Killed it it's not dead it's just very Very low cuz there no Telemetry on this Model but or actually there is but it's Messed up um the other two that I Brought are smart batteries too and they Will discharge themselves is that a First that hit a light out here yeah it Is that's so because I was saying Something the light's Fine By the way Yeah of course no lights were harmed in The making of this video that's like a Hundredy old light and people are all Worried about foam foam foam toys got to Have numbers and license and regulations And it's a foam toy and it's you know I Could snap it in half just with ease of Old 100y old light but got to go so Dangerous so you have Ama yeah I got AMA That's right that's a good point Wouldn't fly this especially somewhere That I don't own though I have

Permission to be here without AMA Academy of model Aeronautics insurance For those of us that fly listen if I Would have hit that light and it would Have broken I mean I've always flown Responsibly I knew I was coming in depth Perception is the only reason I came Down where I did and I've I've flown Here probably at least 1 thousand times Now think it's got to be close to it and I've never come close to hitting one of Those and I didn't think I was close to Hitting that but but if it would have Finally been damaged with that airplane Which would be very hard to do that's Where AMA would come in I'm glad I fly With them they're Linked In the Description box below but also we were Talking About foam toys and everybody's scared Of them and why are we Prioritizing all the things that people Think need to happen with these foam Toys foam toys AMA does fight the good Fight for us AMA takes a portion of that Money not just you know we get a Magazine subscription we got the Insurance but they're fighting a good Fight for us too someone's got to Represent us the hobbyist flying our Foam toys but uh yeah I'm I'm grateful For them so anyway if you're not an AMA Member or if you just need to renew your Membership highly encourage you do so so

We can continue flying our foam toys Without as much wor As would probably be if they didn't Exist hey I promise I'm going to take This home and slap some hot glue on it And we'll get it back on the channel Again that's not bad at all this is not Nothing this is just pull the wing back Out put glue in the seam and then this Is fill the seam back here people keep Asking me to do hot glue repair videos I Think you guys would get really bored Really fast do you really want to see That if you do just blow up the comment Section and if if it's it's exploded More than normal I'll show you me gluing This back together because people I Don't think people believe me that all I Do is hot glue for the last 10 years and I've only had one failure and that's cuz I used cheap bad hobby store hot glue Okay this is linked in the description Box below as usual if you want to Support our Channel our family you Appreciate the honest content that we Bring to you use those links click like On the video leave a comment share the Video all these things are totally free For you the same as the content that we Provide to you all free so it's a good Way to say thanks for the free content And we really do appreciate it while We're on the subject of gratitude I want To say m thanks to God because it might

Have been supposed to rain today and it Held off long enough so that we could Get out here in front of the camera and Fly this plane and share this experience With you guys though it ended poorly and I expected to fly two more batteries That was a lot of fun and I was doing Some stuff on this plane that I've never Done before and that says a lot because Uh I thought I could do everything on This plane so it's really cool that I Learned how to do a couple more low Throttle zero throttle Maneuvers that Was really neat really fun and a little Different so thank you God also a Massive thanks to our patreon supporters Because we couldn't do what we do as Often as we do it without your insanely Awesome support if you love high Performance not crazy expensive Airplanes we have a handpicked video Popping up right about now just for you Thanks for watching we'll see you there Bye [Music]

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