$63 Ready to Run 1/24 RC Car Wltoys 2428

Check out this RC car here:
Save with code to make it $63: BG209b12 (exp. 3/31/2024)
With our coupon code this is $63 for a fully RTR 1/24th scale mini rc car crawler. In this video we try this RC car out on our buddy’s new crawler course! Let us know what you think of this RC car and the crawler course in the comments!
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Check out this RC car here:
Save with code: BG209b12 (exp. 3/31/2024)

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We are back in the mysterious pine tree Woods Village I want to call it Shady Pines that's the name I came up with Finally like Golden Girls isn't that Golden Girls you guys Shady Pines like The retirement home or something anyways Within 2 days of posting uh the video Here our friend built a mini crawler Course and he did this in 2 days and I Am so impressed so of course when he Sent us photos we instantly got out the Mini crawlers we had ready to go so Today I have this WL toys crawler it Comes in under $100 it has under under $80 under $80 man light bar on top two Lights here spotlights headlights fog Lights bumper lights rear lights why am I doing the intro I'm excited it has a Metal chassis this this just looks Awesome and we're just here to have some Fun today so let's go one body clip on The front the back of the thing hinges Opened and Abby this is a 2s lipo Everything looks good and solid Look at the control board for the lights W toys knocked this out of the park and The wild thing that blows my mind is This could easily be priced with the High-end competition price points but They chose to just knock them out from Under their feet at $80 or $78 in our Link so we're going to power this on and Abby is going to tear up the course and Give this thing a test run hey look at

The lights Abby looks good yeah tail Lights I'm wondering yeah yeah turn Signal turn Signal got our turn signals working And low high low high so at least we Have that option too that's great $77 and that's a good size 24th scale Too with lots of details and I'm trying To get a coupon code so be on the Lookout in the description box for that That's nice it's got the thumb extension Too oh I love these radios okay let's Try the course out Abby off to the Gravel yeah okay nicely done this is Really cool he's got this gravel section With held in with this old pipe off to a Mulch Hill so of course that's going to Be loose and challenging to climb up but There she goes nice and then this he Didn't even have in the pictures he Showed us he made a bridge so that is Very cool I like the variety too with The mulch down the hill we go dirt Hill Into a valley oh and it rolled Abby We'll reset you I'll see if I can make It through the course any easier than Abby or any Better okay oh no we've got that rear Weight with that tire this simple little Spot might prove to be actually kind of Challenging but there she goes she's Almost almost got it just got to dig in And she got it okay hold on okay you did That fast he has this slick Boulder that

Would be very challenging to climb Up as we we go around there's a tire Over here ab's doing good on the course And then we have some nice Sticks into another pit back up and out The pit and down the Slick rocks oh you Almost made the whole course Abby Without rolling what'd you roll a couple Times okay let's see what I can do okay You did a good job the mini crawler did I think honestly really well so let's See how I Do loose big GR travel a little Challenging to get up it could be slick But we got it now we're going to climb The Mulch mulch Mountain can we call it Mulch Mountain love naming someone Else's stuff for Them yeah the loose mulch is a little Challenging isn't it okay but with a Little speed we got up to the bridge all Right let's cross this bridge actually Feel like we need a little trim now I Like this tightly compacted dirt now Abby you rolled here yep so I'm going to Hit it with a little speed right Here I have the benefit I got to watch You struggle on the hard Spots now he also has these rocks over Here we could play on but I want to keep Doing the course now this Boulder is Very slick and kind of steep let's see How it goes got to hit that with some

Some Speed then like the Tire now this is so cool I love this Spot too oops we rolled one of the Sticks out of there and has anyone else Noticed how he has mulch Mountain held Up right there I love that that's really Creative and then into the Pit we could have a deep if it rained it Would get pretty muddy okay now it's Doing really good you definitely did Better than I did I think I did a little Better I have the benefit of watching You so you want to hit it in reverse oh You can hit it in reverse I in Reverse That's fine you ready Yep made it up that pretty easily just Had to hit that with some Throttle Guys for a crawler that's ready to run Under $80 I'm extremely impressed now we'll Have to start running this course more Often so he told us when we got here This is a very challenging spot and that It could only be hit one way we'll see If that's true I don't think that's the Way as I tell him how to do it but not Doing it myself I'm a great backseat Driver oh that almost worked I wouldn't Say it's the highest like competition Performance little crawler But Oh nope I could cheat and hit it this

Way but that's off the course so you Know I don't think that counts at All all right you're about to get fired I Know there we go I'm hung up But dig there I got it I got it let's Hit the rest of the Course wow though wind you guys we chose Crawlers instead of flying something Because of this wind but it's picked up There we go I like this little gravel Spot over here with the pipes boy that Is awesome that's such a good course That's so Cool all right I almost ended the video And Abby said she wanted to give it a Shot so let's see if she can make it Around the course any better than me Abby I had to hit that with a lot of Speed there we go she got it takes a Couple tries sometimes But this is such a treat to be able to Run this course Abby and I we say this Kind of thing all the time our course so To speak is our YouTube channel people Ask us why I don't build kits kit Airplanes or even kit crawlers it's cuz I have a kit YouTube channel that Consumes a lot of my Time and uh just seems like we never out Of bounds that's Okay o Almost hey you did it right up I think That was a good angle to hit

Abby then I Failed struggle with the back yes it it Is back it is heavy in the rear uh oh Don't fall off the bridge Abby's the First one to fall off the bridge I Didn't think it was Possible a girl and her Crawler it's fun it's a fun hobby uhoh Did people get a glimpse of what's to Come around the tree over There We haven't had a place to crawl Especially with our mini Crawlers for Years unless we're driving them inside And what a treat this has been to be Here and uh drive on this mini crawler Course that he just whipped together and Gave us permission to come drive at yeah There are a couple trees down there I Think that have an expiration date on Them for uh ending the life of one of Our RC Buggies I think we're safe here if we Get get this much air I deserve to be Hit cuz there's no way you ready Y oh Man so that's kind of fun to hear but uh This this was a blast and I got to give Credit where credit is due uh this ran Through the course forward and backward And I think it's a really good bar Standard for a ready to run budget RC Crawler if you like small crawlers and Let's just face it you collect the FMS

You collect axial and I think Traxus Even has a small crawler or two now as Well this belongs in your collection Because of the price point especially But even if they priced this right with The competition I think it would be Worth it uh I'm excited to drive some Other mini crawlers here on this course And see how this actually does compared To others I love the lights on this I Think they just knocked it out of the Park and again it's under $80 who can Complain we'll have a link in the Description box below where you can pick One up for yourself know that using that Link does help support our Channel and Our family at no extra cost to you and We're very grateful if you do choose to Do that I want to say a massive thanks To God for getting us in front of the Camera to share this experience with you Guys and blessing us with this beautiful Day here at the very beginning of February so I'm very happy and uh just Want to share that gratitude with you Guys I want to say a big thanks to our Patreon supporters too because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do It without your amazing support and a Big thanks to our friend for letting us Drive here as well if you're into small Ready to run RC vehicles or maybe you Just want to see some destruction of an RC we'll have a handpicked video popping

Up right about now thanks for watching We'll see you there Bye

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