Put the PEDAL to the METAL!!!

Check out the Losi Baja Rey 2.0 here:

Everybody loves the world's newest RC Car the Losi method Ford Raptor Baja Ray But the one question everyone wants to Know is how fast does it go this thing Claims to go 50 miles an hour so I've Got my GPS speed meter strapped to the Back and we're going to see officially How fast it's gonna go [Applause] Man this thing is awesome look at that Front end lift up when we Full Throttle Punch it I love the lights on this thing it is Insane Guys this thing has been just completely Rebuilt from the ground up being 2.0 It's not just a new body with some extra Lights they've made harder composite Tires to increase durability of the Tires they've increased durability of This thing all over because on 3s power We are hitting 53 miles an hour

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