E-Flite P-47 Razorback 1.2m RC Plane – HIGH PERFORMANCE WARBIRD!!!

Check out the P-47 Razorback RC airplane here:
This is E-Flite newest RC airplane added to the fleet. We introduce the E-Flite P-47 Razorback 1.2m Warbird RC plane. This comes as BNF with AS3X and SAFE or as PNP. In this video we maiden this RC plane to see how it does. Let us know your thoughts about this warbird in the comments.
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Check out the P-47 Razorback RC airplane here:


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The new P-47 Razorback is an extremely Fun plane to fly but as it turns out it Has a fairly short flight time on the Recommended 2200 milliamp battery now I've learned that a 30C just ain't quite Enough it likes the 50c and in today's Video we're just going to do a nice Quick Flight of the brand new P-47 Razorback because I just haven't had Enough yet so let's go Now I definitely have not perfected the Takeoffs and landings but I feel like I'm getting there that's definitely a Lot better other than going into the sun It made it look like a stall plane that Was a spot so that was a nice takeoff Wasn't it yeah no wind we're going to Put retracts up on this this is safe off This entire flight We're just gonna have a little fun with It it'll probably be a fairly quick Flight because I am going to really have Some fun with this everything else that I've done so far has been pretty scale I'm still going to have a lot of scale Maneuvers but we're gonna not hold off On that throttle too much Roll that over there And we'll come into the Cuban 8 back Here Not quite perfect We'll take it we'll take it we're just Having fun this is a really great flying War Bird I just didn't expect it to fly

This good What is getting ready as I said 50c and Abby that was not even that was not even Uh Full Throttle felt close it felt Close just because you felt the speed The tornado speed trying to keep it back Here behind us The Flies inverted really well as you Guys may have seen from a really cool Chase shot that we got oh yeah great job Right in here it did so good thanks [Music] You haven't even seen it yet no I Haven't I've been playing the live Hopefully Okay we want to come up and slow down I Just want to try a little spin if we can Get it here Not too bad I was hoping to go the Opposite it's a nice little twirl you Know it happens pretty quickly so I just Don't think it likes to do those 3D Maneuvers that Wing is not made for it Likes to roll though a lot I do hear a Full scale guys so I'm going to just Keep my head on a swivel here we're Going to hit safe for just a second Because they didn't radio I hear them why don't I see them well We're going to land it really quickly if We don't see them and I think this will Be a really good opportunity to talk About RC in full scale we're allowed to Mix we're allowed to combine AMA knows

We're here and this this is just a good Example guys when you're in a full scale You really do need to radio end to let Everyone know what your intentions are Not just because there could be an RC Pilot here but let's say someone's Mowing the grass you know it's very Important to radio in letting everybody Know around what your intentions are We've seen this happen a handful of Times where that doesn't happen but That's not really the focus of this Video just want to let you guys know if You're ever curious It's just very important to have Permission and know if there are any Rules when you're flying When they apply I think it's a good Opportunity to mention AMA The Academy Of model Aeronautics anytime I've ever Had questions like hey by the way Can I fly here is it okay am I breaking Any rules no absolutely there's hundreds Of people that fly across the country AMA flying sites full-scale flying sites Combined so all good you guys all good This Razorback though flies perfectly on A 4S 2200 milliamp battery it is really Really a good flying warbird it does Want to fly a little bit at scale but as You've seen we can pull off some really Good looking snaps so let's go into from Inverted Into a snap way up here oh inverted

Snappy I've never come into a snap from From being inverted like that the one Thing I had an issue with on a fast Landing it's probably my fault one of my Rocket pods got ripped off from a very Speedy Landing it could have been from a Weed reaching up and grabbing it just a Little dab of hot glue we'll put that Back on this happens on large scale Looking you know cool things short-ish Flight times so if you're after really Long flight times the recommended 2200 Milliv and Battery probably isn't going To be your best friend you're looking at Like a five minute flight time on Average But you can up to a 3200 milliamp Battery and have longer flight times Yeah it does it just flies really well Though it's it's a great flying airplane The last thing that's not really my Favorite thing about this airplane is The turd NATO on the side some guys it's Going to be controversial some guys love It some guys hate it I do wish that was An optional sticker at least on this Airplane a lot of times e-flight does Fantastic on their sticker placement Everything is great but well I mean they Could have put it on the rear of the Plane oh that would have been funny okay That's funny but you know uh the Displacement was good the placement was Good no disrespect meant to the actual

Pilot that had that as their nose are But you know they even included the Brown in there I I just we'll show you On the ground okay I've never I don't Know it is brown it would have been a Good optional sticker it might even keep Some people from buying the plane so Let's go in here what I'm gonna do Abby Is a fun little Landing Style I want to I want to climb it Okay we're gonna come in from a dive and On the dive I'll drop my flaps or maybe About right there so let's half flap it Because that feels really good Landing This airplane And straighten it up off that dive we're Gonna drop the landing gear right down On the I wish I had a little bit less Speed here but There we go we're going to do it anyway Right over here I like to land closer to The camera but I'll take I think that Was your best landing yeah great landing Considering I came in so fast I just Wish it was a little closer to the Camera but that was pretty good off that Crazy dive dropped the flaps and uh Dropped the landing gear right on the Runway which is kind of like my new Favorite thing to do with warburgs and That should say something this is only My third flight of this airplane ever That means it's my about third Landing We're already Landing it with a lot of

Fun so I yeah I really do overall like This thing just I don't love that noise What do you know NATO So as I said as I said it's about a four Or five minute flight time that was a Five minute flight time and we were at 3.71 volts per cell That's pretty much spot on I wouldn't Push it much past that so I'm a huge fan If you like a nice four to five minute Flight time I really should try a 3200 Milliamp battery in here just to see how It does but this if I was looking for a Warbird that wasn't a P-51 or a Corsair I would very strongly consider this as a Viable option it flies really well There's a lot of history behind this Airplane and there are some really cool Looking optional ordinances that you can Put on or take off if you like now today It's just been amazing I I can't believe The weather we've got almost no wind That God has blessed us with and for That I'm super grateful so I thank him For the good the bad everything in our Life the opportunity to share this Experience with you guys also a massive Thanks to our patreon supporters because We couldn't do what we do as often as we Do it without your insanely awesome Support you guys are the best you Support our Channel and our family Financially which really means the world To us it lets us know that there are

People out there that appreciate our Videos so thank you from the bottom of Our hearts if you missed the Maiden Flight of this we go into a little bit More detail about the plane at the Longer video if you're on the fence Still wondering if this is a great Airplane for me or not we'll have that Video popping up right about now thanks For watching we'll see you there bye

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