RC Airplane CHALLENGE!!! – FMS 1300mm PA-18 Beginner RC plane

Check out the FMS PA-18 1300mm RC plane here:
There is no way this beginner airplane can actually do this challenge, right? A question we get all the time is about each aircraft’s ability to take off in grass. We decided to put the FMS PA-18 1300mm RC airplane with its air-filled giant tires to the test. Let us know what you think of this RC plane in the comments.
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Check out the FMS PA-18 1300mm RC plane here:

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A dang lead eater broke and I need to Clean off a Runway here we Go you can do it buddy you can do It W yes just look around look at this we Have blue skies white clouds green grass No wind Mostly and hold an airplane we are at Just the peak of flying an RC season With warm weather shorts t-shirts Aben a Tank top we're just having a great day You can see my arm oh man it's nice and A lot of people are going to be getting Their feet wet in the world of RC [Applause] PLS this is one of the more advanced Beginner airplanes out there it comes Packed full of all of the standard Features they're not cutting anything Out and a few exceptional things like Air filled rubber tires these are not Foam you've seen this on the channel Before to those of you that are Subscribers but I want to try something A little bit fun today normally we're Very spoiled and we fly off of this Asphalt location but because of those Massive landing gear and wheels I think We can take this plane off and land it In our insanely Tall Grass where usually Only 6s airplanes can function it's it's Tall it hasn't even been mowed yet so We're going to put this really up to the Challenge and show you guys why it's a

Great beginner airplane potentially it's Completely ready to fly I think it comes In as a plugin play too so if you don't Want to buy their radio and their Battery they offer a cheaper version and We'll have both of them Linked In the Description box below but we're packed With lights flaps it's all there it's All there and a nice flight stabilizer For the beginner pilot that will keep The plane automatically level good Trainer plane because of that makes it Easy to get in the air so today we're Going to fly and have some fun and put It to the test off that tall grass so Let's Go okay this pretty tall grass this Would be the smallest airplane to take Off from this grass that we've ever had So let's see if we can actually taxi Through it oh yeah nice we're chopping The grass a little bit but it's moving I Wanted to get it behind us Abby before We took Off just for o wow quick take Off kill those flaps we don't need Them okay we're in the air and yeah that Handled the grass really well now they I Think have maybe mowed the little strip Closest to us one time so I might have Been cheating a little bit but I'm Definitely going to try that tall grass Out there too we're just going to fly it Around and have fun we've never flown

Exactly out in this spot you are closer To the hill Today don't hit it can yeah so this does Have a flight stabilized mode and I'm Going to show you guys what that's all About here in just a minute but I wanted To have some fun with this plane too to Show you that there's a lot you can Learn on this plane it's not just a Trainer boring airplane it's it's a Great airplane now the first time we had It on the channel we had a bad Servo and I'm not I am not going to ignore that Fact but luckily FMS did do the right Thing and they sent a whole replacement So that's what you guys are seeing Is as long as companies do the right Thing I'm okay with it and we're always Going to show you guys when that kind of Thing happens so all right I'm going to Try a touchdown in the grass close to us Maybe maybe not maybe we'll do out here And we'll keep flying this oh that was Pretty tall grass that was very tall Grass it grab hold w w Well I'm going to be checking him for Ticks Later hold it down get some speed up see If you can like nudge it through it do The Tall Grass try It oh my gosh can't even see it hardly Don't hit the Light don't hit the Light you can do it buddy you can do

It wo a Yes nice I knew it could do It now we got to clean up that grass Landing Nate's walking Back did you hear all that grass I was Cutting you were mowing it that was Really nice of you participating in the Management of the airport good job that Was cool I can't believe it did I really didn't think it would I mean I Knew once it got going it was good yeah Man I mean it was tearing through the Grass like really chopping it up not Great for your crop but pretty cool that This can actually handle that this is Definitely the smallest plane that we've Been able to do a grass takeoff like That I kind of like flying out here like The grass I miss it grass is more Forgiving which was pretty cool to show You guys it's okay to nose over like That you still touch the wheels down and It was good all right I told you I would Show you the flight stabilized mode yeah So let's turn that on and make sure it's Still working okay I tend to not fly in Stabilize mode that often so we'll go up A little more just make sure it's still Working turn it On and what it's happening now is the Plane is auto leveling and that rocking Was me just testing it so instead of Being able to do a roll with the plane If I push all the way left it just turns

Left and if I hold it this is what Happens I'll show you guys watch push Left I can't see the plane that's well That's okay it just I'll do I'll keep it There okay and show them what the Plane's doing it's just holding a left Turn right mhm now if you're out of Stabilized mode this is what happens if You just hold Left if you just hold left you just keep Rolling see that so well Nate's a little More skilled you would actually crash Into the ground while you're rolling I Was giving a little reverse elevator to Maintain that altitude and stuff I need To learn rolling uh continuous rolls Like that a little better but stabilize Mode's nice because it's going to limit Your climb rate too watch this we'll go As fast as we can okay it's pretty steep Pretty steep but it does help it does Help am I am I out of it let me you hurt Your brain oh yeah I hurt my brain okay Let's now we're now we're in it that's As steep as it'll let us climb which is Still pretty steep and that's as steep As it'll let us nose down basically Stabilized isn't going to let the Airplane go upside down and that's That's when most people crash their Planes is when they're upside down or Going upside down for me I like to turn It off and fly out of stabilized mode so We can do things like rolls like this

And Loops cuz it's fun to get the Airplane upside down but there's no need To do that until you've gotten a little Bit of training in in stabilized mode Pretty capable airplane though and it's Really fun to fly because of its Versatility and areas that it can fly See like our jets are extremely limited To Flying here because we need that Asphalt right this airplane I could go Take to a random field somewhere and fly It even if they have obviously and Apparently Tall Grass oh that's all Right just about sto now this is flying On a 3s 2200 mil amp battery and you're Going to get long flight times out of This too and the nice thing about that Battery is it's just an xt60 plug very Common very common Battery and uh they're usually like 15 Or 20 bucks for a battery so you can Pick up extra batteries this plane comes With a charger if you get the ready to Fly version and I'm actually flying the Ready to fly version so I'm doing all These Maneuvers and things with the Radio that's Included Abby got a bug on you're doing The dance yeah you know it's not the Most stunt capable airplane in the world But it can it can do stuff with Confidence let's see if you can clean up Your Landing yeah we can try that let me

You haven't asked the one question yet Then oh yeah you need me to ask that Yeah do it will it Snap kind of our favorite game show here On the RC Sailors okay so if I'm going to clean up That Landing it's got to be along the Edge of the grass I think I don't think I can do the tall so let's see if I can Get a nice smooth Landing I only have a Very very thin strip here to do this are You going to try to do it on the other Side of the light no we got like the Closest to us oh my gosh oh gosh scared For my life we got it we got it there You go hey nice and smooth Yeah clean Pass that light we can taxi It yeah let's do one more takeoff that's Just fun one more takeoff in landing go Go Go not so steep that time just a nice Healthy climb out rate we'll bring it Around and bring it in for a nice Smooth Landing again that was not Bad yeah fun fun airplane and really fun Day to fly what a beautiful day to get Out Here it's going to get closer to us this Time oh watch a light light light we'll Take it that's why we don't fly in the Grass here there are lights and Obstacles I got to pick the grass off of My wing Struts this took me I think about 15

Minutes to slap together if someone's Never built a plane before it could take Him an hour possibly you know not bad I Do have look at all that grass on my Wing that's okay that's from chopping The grass and then throwing it back on The on the wing it's a glorified mower It really you guys I mean I truly think We could take the airplane like this and Just go over the grass let's see this Standing line right here do you have it On oh you really do have it on there we Go hold on I didn't film it good do Another one ready for the sake of the Video see Dandes okay a dang weed eater broke and I need to clean off a Runway here we Go I've actually never done that before After 10 years of flying planes you'd Think I'd have thought of that but no That's the first time you talk about Your jets being a leaf blower all the Time how have you not thought about a Weed whacker before that's better than Weed eater string too right there Now I've forgotten what I was going to Say about the airplane but it's a really Good airplane and just don't be confused They have a bigger version of this too And it is not ready to fly uh this is The newer smaller version but it comes Packed with all of the coolness that the Big one does like the squishy air filled Tires it even comes with a valve to plug

Into your favorite air pump to put more Air in there if you need to ever do that Uh the landing gear entire assembly is Just Rob bust and really well made they Designed this from the ground up and I Think they did a good job with it this Was a blast flying it off the grass I Hope you guys enjoyed this and it'll be Linked in the description box below uh Here's the radio it comes with it was Doing all that on this radio I Absolutely love that this is a really Good setup now when you click that link It does help to support our Channel and Our family at no extra cost but I Actually might maybe it's not a Guarantee so you want to check in the Description box but I think I have a Discount code just for our subscribers I Asked if we could get one and I think They gave us one but it might have had Like a certain time frame so just please Look down there it might save you 20 or 30 bucks the more I fly this the more I Like it flying it off of Asphalt I don't know I guess that's what Jets are for right flying it off grass This makes me want to throw this in the Car anytime we go on a family adventure So I've got a very cool airplane that I Can just pop in the air and show people What I do it's a really fun hobby to Share and this airplane does a good job At that I want to say a massive thanks

To God for blessing us with this just Perfect day this is when I think of Perfection this is it and I'm so happy To be out here enjoying it and sharing This experience with you guys and again I'm grateful to God for that I also want To say a massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because of you guys we get to Get in front of the camera and do what We do as often as we do it we're very Grateful for that support so thank you For the bottom of our hearts we'll have A handpicked airplane video Just For You Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there bye [Music]

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