RC Airplanes for Beginners – Standard VS Pusher Prop?

Check out the Arrows Prodigy here:
Check out the Arrows Trekker here:
In this video we take a look at two of our favorite RC airplanes for beginners, the Arrows Trekker and Arrows Prodigy. Let us know what you think of the easy to fly RC planes in the comments.
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Check out the Arrows Prodigy here:
Check out the Arrows Trekker here:

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If you're just getting started in the Hobby of RFC planes it can be a little Overwhelming knowing where to start and In this video we're going to take a look At two great options that are actually Really big and you get a lot of bang for Your buck with these airplanes that's Not to say there aren't cheaper options Out there but if you spend less than This either one of these you're going to Get something about half the size or Maybe even smaller now both of these are Ready to fly that means they come with Everything you need to get in the air Some things ready to fly aren't fully Ready to fly but these are this is the Arrows trecker and the arrows Prodigy They'll both be linked in the Description box below now the only big Difference between these two is the Price first and foremost this one ready To fly I believe at time of filming is 170 maybe $10 that's under $200 for a Giant, 1400 mm wingspan airplane fully Functional brushless and 3s power this Guy is a little more expensive over $200 The ready toly version at $230 but what you're getting is a more Realistic scale airplane it's also Brushless as I said earlier completely Ready to fly and flies on the same as The Prodigy the exact same battery a 3s Battery they both again come with Everything needed to get in the air and

We are going to fly these and show you The difference between the two but one More thing they both have which is Awesome something called flight Stabilization these planes have with the Throw of a switch on your controller the Ability to keep the airplane completely Auto level even if you're upside down When you throw the switch it'll flip Back over quickly and just hold level Until you throw that switch again so They are great beginner airplanes let's Put them in the air and have some Fun [Music] [Music] One of the biggest key differences Between this which is The Prodigy and It's the cheaper of the two and the Treer is the fact that this has to be Hand launched well it doesn't have to be It uh if you had snow or ice you could Probably take off from the ground in Fact when I throttle tested this before I took off it wanted to scoot along so I Think we could take off without hand Launching but that's not what it was Made to do so if you're not a fan of Hand launching then you may already have Decided which one is is for you and then Of course you have to do a belly landing Which means we're probably going to want To land this in the grass now I did take Off with my flight stabilization on uh

It makes it very very easy to do hand Launches because I don't like doing hand Launches most of the time however this Airplane has that prop mounted up in the Back you can see it as we pass by there The prop has stopped there it Is which makes it safer for hand Launching much much safer some props are Just in the whole rear of the wing and And easier too um but it also makes this Plane louder so listen to [Music] This pusher prop airplanes tend to be Noisier than non pusher prop airplanes We'll do one more throttle pass Well let's turn stabilize off and climb It as I said this is a 3s airplane so It's nice and Powerful so I just with a Throw of a switch I turned my stabilize Mode off and we can do rolls very nice And easy with this airplane should be Able to pull off a pretty good Loop good Elevator Authority it's a very Punchy Airplane it's really nice it's got a lot Of lot of power to it I don't remember Being as Brave with this the last time It was on the channel We're doing inverted flight too what a Cool airplane for something that's Completely ready to fly that's the Transmitter I'll show you guys at the End of this flight the battery the Charger literally everything for 170 now That's the normal price I believe I've

Been told anyway that there is a Valentine's Day sale going on if it's Not going on by the time you're watching This video it will be very soon and most Of the things that they make at least a Handful of them will be on sale so it Might even be a little cheaper than that Let's do a zero throttle Pass nose into the wind so it'll go a Little Slower it's a great airplane this has Elevator Authority which means we have a Lot of ability to push up and down like This on the Airplane we have our throttle we Actually have Rudder control on this and Two aerons the Assembly of this and the Trer together to took me less than an Hour so i' would say about a half hour Each but I've put these together before And similar airplanes so don't don't Beat yourself up if your assembly time Is longer than mine in Fact I don't like assembling The Prodigy It is probably one of the worst foam Airplanes to put together because you Have to fish the wires through the long Fuselage and it can be very frustrating And very annoying other than that it's a Really awesome airplane and we could get Easily a 20-minute flight time or more On the included battery but we're not Going to do that because I want to show You guys the treer so Abby we are going

To line this up for a nice smooth Landing let's just try to put it down in The grass back there behind the asphalt I believe I could catch this airplane But we're not going to do that because It's pretty big so let's put it down Across the runway Tall Grass back there Sometimes we land behind us but today I Just felt like this is a good spot to Land so let's go for it nice and slow And we'll flare at the end what a Perfect Landing now let's just test my Theory really Fast it is pretty wet out today no we're Grass we're I can hear the grass sh [Music] Up now I may have told you guys wrong This arrows treer I believe does not Have the vector stabilized at least my Version now it can come with a Stabilizer uh but this one the one that I'm flying the ready to fly version here Does not so bear that in mind that may Affect the price some now this is a very Cool scale looking airplane the one Thing that I will always complain about With this arrows truer with the ready Toly arrows planes is their radio now I Did notice the trer comes with the Arrows radio let's go Loop but the uh Prodigy that I just flew It had a Fly Sky radio and I think that Was a hugee improvement over the one That they have been including so this is

A very capable airplane but also a Really nice trainer and that's the Reason I'm showing you guys some loops And Maneuvers and Things now who remembers when we last Featured the tracker on the channel the Uh plug andplay version which means it Doesn't come with a radio receiver or Battery or charger we showed it on the Channel and it was on sale and I think We broke the internet at least the world Of RC internet when that happened Because they sold out instantly the next Shipment that was coming in sold out and They had to get caught up on orders for Months and months and months and months And finally they did they should have Just cut the orders off I think so too It should have just said out of stock Can't buy it anymore and that's it but There were people that had to wait for Literal months I think like 6 months uh But they finally got them fulfilled and These are back in stock for the first Time we kind of thought we'd never see The trer again just Because it kind of destroyed the Internet I mean tons of these things People bought them it was it's just such A good deal it's already a really good Deal but the plug-and-play version I Mean it was an absolute steal so that's Why it's kind of exciting to get these Back out and to show you guys oh my gosh

I wasn't ready for that I thought you Were about to crash in front of us to Got both of these really good trainer Airplanes I don't know why I jumped that There's this really awesome Valentine's Day Sale nice little touch and go it's a Really predictable airplane to fly it's A good size I like the bright orange on It but if you need a little bit more Decals like we've put on both of ours Today we'll have our RC sailor patreon Page linked in the description box below So you can go to support us if you uh if You so choose very awesome airplane very Forgiving pretty easy to assemble both Of them were let's see if we can do a Hammerhead right up there where the Clouds oh we have nice ruer Authority Great little airplane super fun to fly Let's do an actual Landing see if we can Get a nice pretty smooth Landing keeping It nice and scale we Hammerhead it into A Landing oh and I I should have been more Clear I didn't mean straight into the Ground kind Of not too bad not too bad guys what We'll do is have both of these airplanes L l in the description box below but Know there's other airplanes on the Website that you can pick up that are on Sale too it's not just these here's the Difference in the controllers I like

This controller it's fine but it has That annoying one minute beep some People might find that useful so you can Track the time of your flight but I Don't like it uh and then this Fly Sky Radio came with the Prodigy so I like That they're doing this it's a it feels More hobby grade 2o so it just felt Better and a lot of times when the radio Feels better you feel like you're flying A higher performance airplane so Personally today I enjoyed flying The Prodigy a lot I hope you found this Video useful especially if you're Looking to get into the hobby of RC Planes there are tons of other options Out there some way more expensive some a Little cheaper just be careful when you Do go cheaper you might find something Like the ehen war Birds they're great at About $100 or so so about half the price Of these but like I said they're at Least half the size of these too there's Nothing wrong with that but if you want To get into something bigger and more Hobby grade this is a great place to Start now I also would like to recommend To our new pilots that you sign up for An insurance program if you're flying Something big and powerful like this and Some people might say these are small Airplanes but that's okay they are Getting bigger I think you should fly With AMA that's the Academy of model

Aeronautics it's an insurance program For those of us that are flying RC Planes for about half the price of one Of these airplanes you can be insured For the entire year it's not just Insurance so you also get a magazine Subscription every month is a very good Read I love always flipping through ours And it gives you access to events across The country so I highly recommend you Sign up for AMA these ples will be Linked in the description box below guys I mentioned that a couple times in this Video and that's pretty important Because if you use those links to buy These it doesn't cost you a single extra Penny in fact using that link will help Support our Channel and our family it's A great way to say thank you for making This free content but it'll also get you Right to the sale that is happening Right now Valentine's Day sale if you're Watching this video later it's fine to Know that these are just great airplanes Are great prices anyway so you're doing Okay if you pay full price for these now Finally I'd like to say a massive thanks To God for getting us out in front of The camera to share this experience with You guys I uh I'm just super grateful For really everything in our lives but It's awesome that we get to have these Moments and have some fun and share it With the world so for that I'm thankful

Also a massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your Insanely awesome support and guys if You're into about this size maybe this Price point of RC ples Abby and I will Have a handpick video popping up right About now just for you thanks for Watching we'll see you there [Music] Bye

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