RC Helicopter with Flight Stabilization! – Blade Infusion 120

Check out the RC Helicopter here:
This is the brand new RC helicopter from Blade, the Blade Infusion 120. In this video we had some help from a friend to get this all set up and it is flying better than ever! Let us know your thoughts about this RC helicopter in the comments.
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Check out the RC Helicopter here:
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My maiden Flight of the new blade Infusion 120 was okay was okay could have been Better it didn't crash though so I don't Know some guys would say that's perfect But I really beat myself up over that Because I need to know more about Helicopters I need to get better at Flying helicopters I've always wanted to Be maybe not a 3D pilot but just a good Pilot for helicopters and I don't think I am so I reached out for a little bit Of help from Ethan and I want to say a Massive thank you for taking the time to Actually help me out it really means a Lot that you dropped what you were doing To pick up and and just give me a hand And so my issue is this is a bind and Fly and to me that's kind of a whole new World I like ready toly helicopters to Be honest cuz they're easy you just get Them in the air I got it bound fine and It flew okay but I didn't have any of my Functional switches working at all I Couldn't get safe to work says it right On the box safe ready to go as3x Stabilize I just couldn't figure it out So so I gave him a call and uh he helped Me get it assigned to switch B it was Like two things in the menu very easy to Do I think I could do it again now but Not knowing the first time going into it It just makes a big difference so I'm Excited to see did that work and if it

Did it might make the world of a Difference in my experience with this so I wanted to get it back in the air and Give it another shot so let's see how it Does That should be it it should be it should Be in safe I think it's really important To note that when in doubt with Helicopters or even drones take off with Thing facing away from you because at Least you'll have the right orientation For controls with that I'm going to try To take off if we did this right and Hopefully we did I should be in Safe and we are yes thank you Ethan so we have three flight modes now Safe which keeps me stabilized I can Rock this around and it's going to auto Level back to center it's not going to Guarantee that it saves the helicopter In a potential crash but it certainly Helps it's assigned to switch B so that Means I can fly around with a little More confidence and pick up some Orientation skills play with throb that Auto focus oh that's the one time time I Try to use it it's okay and know really Just play with the controls and see what Throttle does up down up down you know Really get a feel for that before I try To go nuts with the thing if I try to go Nuts with the thing flight mode too Should turn that off so if I wanted to Like roll it I should be able to and if

I'm going to do anything like that I Have to take it like five mistakes high So it's probably almost impossible to See on camera but it makes me want to Give it a try because I have safe now Can you push it out push it out further Yes you're like so I'm want to tr try Like a side roll what we'll do is put it In flight mode two and then just side Roll it and here we Go and then safe on and it worked hey That's great so I feel like maybe I can Try that a little lower now right not Much lower is bringing it down some and This is what I encourage beginners to do With helicopters and airplanes you want To keep your finger ready to go on safe That needs to be your primary focus for Now secondary focus is safe off roll it Safe on now that was simply done that Was throttle holding where I want it and Then just pushing right over until it Was level again and turn safe back on Now I can try let's just do left I know Going crazy here let's try it okay so We're fine that was a dog okay here we Go you got me yeah I got some wind now So not great but we're going to go left And safe on that was wild that was wild It was wild helicopters are a front flip Abby helicopters are confusing they are Now now I have safe so I'm okay with This but what I'm want to do I'm want to Rotate sideways and then we're going to

Push it forward and try a flip okay Ready ready so we're going to go forward This Time and safe on and then just pick up Orientation right that's it that's it And I think that's all we're you know What we got to do back flip got to do All the directions and then I'm going to Say that is Mission success so safe off Backflip safe on pick up orientation and Bring her down to a nice safe level Where I feel comfortable now what I Noticed on my maiden flight was when This was out of juice who where we go When this was out of juice it just fell Out of the sky so I really got to get my Flight times down and know you know that Was a two-minute flight I think not a Long flight but kind of see where I'm Comfortable pushing it so I don't want It to be up 30 ft high and then fall out Of the sky on asphalt so so calling that Mission success if you watch my first Flight video of this and then you watch This video I hope you'll see a world of A difference sometimes having a friend Help you is all you need in the world to Build the confidence and just understand The simple throw of a switch can truly Make the world of a difference I try to Do that and be that for all of you guys Especially in the airplane world I want To steer people in the right direction My experience with this infusion 120 on

My own was horrible the minute a friend Stepped in to help me and took 10 Minutes of their time to help me made a Significant enough difference that now I Like this and want to fly it more and Feel like I can have a good experience In the RC Helicopter World I had to go Into Channel assign okay which is just On the main system setup Channel assign Had to go to Channel 5 which is Gear hit enter on on it and scroll all The way left and you'll have inhibit but You scroll right one and it's flight Mode you back out of that that might be All we did and go back and we just threw This switch channel channel B it worked So that's what we did to get safe on Here to some that's probably very simple And self-explanatory to me it was like a Whole new language and a lot of times When you're learning this whether it's The airplane world the car world or Anything that's what it feels like and Let's face it most of us that fly RC's Or enjoy cars and we go to the racetrack And we get you know third place first Place we've been doing this for a while And it just goes a long way to take the Time to help the new guy to welcome the New guy into the hobby because I can't Tell you how many times I've seen people And heard stories about people get Turned off and turned away by bad first Experiences and that's my goal here on

YouTube and has been since day one to Make sure you have a good first Experience don't go by the wrong first Airplane it's sometimes very situational Yes there is an airplane that I Recommend to 90% of most people for Their first airplane if their budget Allows for it if they have the right Amount of space to fly it that's not Always the case so sometimes it's nice To hear from you individually and help You situationally and that's what Ethan Did for me he helped me individually Situationally we got it in the air and Ready to go because of the experience or Lack thereof that I have in the Helicopter world so this is like a video Just to say whole different experience Because of the help of a friend and I Want to encourage you guys to be that Friend to help other people strangers Even get into the hobby don't shame People for not knowing something and the Hobby will be in the world not to get Too mushy will be a whole different Place on the subject of thanks I want to Say a massive thanks to God for blessing Me with today to share this experience With you guys to giving me the right Connection the friends to be able to Make this happen because in my opinion World of a difference also guys know That this helicopter and everything that I used to get it in the air will be

Linked in the description box below when You use that link it does help to Support our Channel and our family and No extra cost to you and we thank you From the bottom of our hearts subject of Thanks again I want to say a massive Thanks to our patreon supporters because Of you guys we get to get in front of The camera and share realworld Experiences with you it's not a Commercial it's just a real world Experience and I say thank you to our Patreon supporters for financially Supporting what we do if you like RC Helicopters we'll have a handpicked Video popping up right about out just For you thanks for watching we'll see You then Bye

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