Check out this RC tank here:
This SMOKING RC Tank RUNS off WATER!!! That’s right this RC tank smokes with the use of water! This completely RTR (ready to run) RC comes with everything you need in the box and in this video we test it out for you! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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Check out this RC tank here:

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Oh my gosh that's awesome to the left There's a little jump Abby I'll bet this can get some Air just a little bit of air let's See Nice Yeah what OG's on the channel have been Around long enough to remember this tank Now I like this tank so much I've kept It that long because it's Unique I Thought it was a lot of fun and these Things were really cheap for as much Performance as you got out of them and a Friend of the channel knows that so for My I think Christmas I'm pretty sure it Was a late Christmas present she got me This which is really awesome this is an Upgraded version of my old police tank Now this one has some lights and things But this one has more lights and things And a very awesome feature that I cannot Wait to show you and it might be part of The thumbnail we will see but it Apparently has a smoke feature out of The back you guys know me I love when RC These have smoke feat so we're going to Put it to the test now Abby this Actually just runs on water not the RC Itself it's a battery operated vehicle But the smoke feature runs on water and Uh yeah this little baby bottle included Is what you use to fill it up it's kind Of funny But it's cold

Outby now it took me forever to figure This out but look where You actually load the water okay this Part of the fake engine pops off and Then you fill the tank up back there That's where the water goes we already Have a full tank pop that back on and We're here at a new location you may Have seen us destroy that buggy very Recently on the Channel oh you almost have the Trey I Think we're safe here if we get this Much air I deserve to be hit cuz there's No way you ready Y oh Man we're going to kind of explore the Whole track back there or at least parts That you haven't seen with this this Awesome tank so let's put it to the test And see how it does I thought the Controller was a little confusing it's Got this onof with obvious arrows but Hit the button yeah you just hit the Button yeah you hold it but isn't that a Little bit confusing I did get you wet You soaked me there power button on the Bottom and look at those lights W nice Yeah I told you they were upgraded Lights for sure wow and a uh oh tail Lights purple those look Purple in my With my vision but on the camera they Kind of look red now this is fully Proportional you can steer very Slowly you can go faster same with the

Throttle Variable okay I'm excited to run it but Here's what I'm really excited for the Spray button look at it there it goes oh My gosh okay I can see it the light can You guys see it it actually needs to Warm up I think okay so it might take a Minute but there is some foggy smoke Coming out of that okay let's try this Is like your dream it I love this okay It started picking up I can actually Hear it so I'll be quiet for a Minute look at that though that's a Decent amount of smoke coming out of There it's actually Just Mist look at that Though smoke as I thought we just gave It a minute there and it kind of warmed Up and check this out see That it's actually coming out at a Pretty decent rate This thing will turn on a dime because It's a Tank that's so cool all right let's uh Let's blast it up here so it's a Crawler but also it's got some Spe it's not going to get stopped by Anything we've got some really cool my Gosh ruts up There we can hit these pine needles Nothing is going to slow this down this Is just how I remember the police Version and now we've got them amazing

Lights and the Smoke I love it best RC Christmas Present ever cuz this was not on my Radar I didn't know this existed I knew The old white one still existed but I Have one I don't need another one you Know look at those ruts Abby we got to Get up closer to those ruts and show This thing off a little bit that is Really cool poor old ab's not her back Hurts pretty bad so she's not getting Down low anymore but I Will oh smoke looks so cool [Music] [Applause] That's such a cool Vehicle Yeah we told you guys we'd show the Course a little more you haven't really Seen this section it goes up here and Then there's a little Back Road There and it connects down this Side which leads out to the field and Then there's one little jump I want to Try to hit with this just to see what Happens ab's going in the backside you Got to cut through the pine needles cuz This thing off-roads so well Abby yeah nothing is slowing it down Let's go down here [Applause] Some isn't that the coolest oh my gosh That's awesome to the left there's a Little jump

Abby I'll bet this can get some Air just a little bit of air let's See Nice Yeah you don't usually like gimmicky RC's but this is cool isn't it I do oh Here's an actual ramp let's see it Nice this is the one that killed the Buggy oh Yeah there she goes oh could you imagine Like 10 of these running through the Forest together be like a scene out of a Movie and those tracks don't fall off For those of you that are thinking oh Yeah tank tracks fall off nope they Don't not my white one the white one They have never fallen off and this Thing is pretty much identical to That except the extra lights and the Smoke it's hilarious yeah oh it's Awesome though the lights make it look So good hold on I want to do this you Don't that buggy when it got in these Pine needles it got stuck this thing we Can crawl we can go fast turn on a Dime oh did I got stuck you got stuck Power through look at that though oh It's so [Music] Cool I had to try the rim I'll be honest And it's still still got smoke pourn out Of There the water tank was about half the Size of that little bottle that comes

With it and I imagine that'll last Probably the run time of the of the Battery comes with a little rechargeable Battery and the USB charge cable it's a Very simple RSC and I could see a person Having a ton of fun with this and it Holding up for quite some Time have no issues with it this is just A really cool unique RC and I'm so lucky And happy that we had the chance to Drive it at this unique spot too so very Cool well you know I'm going to end the Video just like this right here I mean That is just the best I love this why Don't all RC's have cool stuff like this On them we pay you $1,000 for big RC it Should have 10 of these smoke machines On it why not yeah arm a fire team could You imagine if if it had 20 of these or Like a bigger version of this I really Uh it's just a happy moment in RC it's Something that's not on four wheels and It's there it just stopped oh cuz I Tipped it it ran out of water right so Ran out of water so we must be getting a Little low at least so what I can do Is yeah oh I'm a huge fan this will stay In the collection right next to the White police version I absolutely love It thank you Jan for the Christmas Present it came a little late but that's Okay very very cool if you want to pick One up for yourself this is actually Sold on Amazon so I'll have it linked in

The description box below that's always Very cool highly recommend this if you Just like fun if uh you know giant scale And 60 MPH isn't necessarily your thing And you just love having fun and Something a little different this is Really cool because it's kind of a Crawler mixed with a a little bit of a Basher as you guys could see uh but Definitely more on the crawler side of Things and just all around a very fun And cool RC again it's linked in the Description box below I want to say a Massive thanks to God for giving us the Opportunity to get in front of the Camera today and share this experience With you guys and a big thanks to our Friend for letting us use this space Remember we need to hear from you guys In the comments we need a name for this Location we've got to have a cool name Uh just like bash Mountain so let us Know your thoughts on a name and Hopefully one of those will stick and It'll be famous Forever he's not allowed he's not Allowed to name his I don't think he's Named it yet so at least he'll get some Ideas okay I guess I guess we'll let him have the Final that's okay uh and then finally Guys I want to say a massive thanks to Our patreon supporters because without You guys we couldn't do what we do as

Often as we do it now if you love cool Unique little RC's maybe you missed the White version of this from years ago I Think the white version is only 50 or 60 Bucks or sometimes I've think I've seen It even cheaper than that and it's Pretty much the same RC with just less Bells and whistles so we'll have that Video handpicked just for you guys Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there bye [Music]

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