Check out the UMX Conscendo RC plane here:
THIS RC PLANE WASN’T MADE TO DO THIS!!!! This is the E-Flite UMX Conscendo! In this video we have a littler bit more fun with this RC airplane. Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments.
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Check out the UMX Conscendo RC plane here:

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[Music] Oh Yeah we have been having a blast with Things that fly and should break but Don't break off of snow and I wanted to Get something out on the channel too That's not um that's not that but it is Still small and fun and I'll be honest With you guys it's kind of a pain to get Out my big 6s Jets when you've got Weather like this and they're going to Get a 2 and 1/2 minute flight so it's Not nice to have high performance fairly Affordable options like this to just Take out throw it in the trunk backseat Of the car go fly for 15 20 minutes so You don't get brutally cold but you got Some fresh air and you you just feel Better life's better after you fly isn't It so that's what we're going to do Today we're going to fly the Kendo the UMX Kendo I've only had this on the Channel Once Abby took the controls from Me you remember on that Maiden flight Because you felt confident enough to fly It has safe but but it's a blast out of Safe 2 and I just want to fly it again So we're going to put it in the air and Have some fun with the very popular and Rightfully so they did a good job on This airplane UMX Kendo let's Fly oh yeah just put it in safe give her About a third throttle and a nice solid Little hand launch and she's flying so

It's in safe right now uh it likes to Climb because it's a Kendo and zero Throttle Glides really well I think by Now enough people have seen videos on YouTube I just kicked it out of Safe uh That they're excited about it it's a Blast if you don't own one you own five You know this is just an awesome Airplane and if for some reason you Missed it well I'm glad you're here on The channel watching it now I got to Give credit where credits do they just Killed it on this one it's probably one Of the highest performance most Well-rounded you airplanes that does Exist you need to trim it and I is want To climb a lock Can't remember if it was windy on the Day I did the maiden or what but yeah so There's you know it's a 3s battery climb Rate's insane there's an outside loop I Don't think I've even done that with it And what's great is the bottom of the Wing has those black stripes that you Just saw so orientation awesome Abby my Wife which is recording right now Pointed that out when she made into the Thing too and man it just flies good Right out of the box the only thing you Have to be careful about is the lock key Turning thing that holds the wing on Because the way they ship this I'm sure To save money is with the wing Disconnected so it's a long skinny box

And you just have to put the main wing On plug two wires in and then click the Little thing in place and you could Potentially twist that the wrong way and And break that if you tried to force it Into place so just be careful with that Other than that it's awesome this is Going to be anytime I go to an event This will be one that just fits on top Of all my other airplanes and comes to The event with me because if the skies Are crowded you don't want to fly your Big expensive stuff with other people or Just just want to Lounge on a chair and Kick back and fly for like 20 minutes on One little magic power bank battery uh Or more then this is it it's just it's For everybody it's a plane that's for Everybody man that's rare to say but I Think this one is because maybe maybe You don't like flying this I would call The way I'm flying kind of like casual Semi sporty a person could go nuts with This and hotline it here I'm there's Full Throttle when you're Full Throttle On this it's just unlimited climb Unlimited Performance unlimited speed I'll try to get a I still have a lot of Climb in this and I don't know why but I'll uh Full Throttle here Okay and up see how fast that is very Or maybe you don't like speed here's Zero Throttle okay let's just get it zero

Throttle we just Glide it around here Did you guys hear it coming In Z Throttle you can glide it you can put Safe on and it's a trainer you can turn Safe off and practice some nice rolls It's not the fastest roll rate in the World it's not the slowest you can Practice Loops oh Loops great there's no Weird Tendencies on the loops at all you Can practice a Cuban eight with this Thing up hold it roll it up hold it roll It there's your cubin eight in tight Spaces or big spaces we can do aby's one Her favorite Maneuvers it'll just it's a Good airplane to practice a lot of Things with and it's not going to break The bank practice Abby's little favorite Maneuver I don't know if it looks good On this or not no not really I only got One little roll out of it There's not a ton of elevating Authority With this but another nice thing too is The batteries your battery cost on this Is Minimal you uh I can't remember what They cost but even the Spectrum Batteries which are probably the most Expensive 3s batteries out there and That's the ones that I'm linking because They perform insanely well are still Very cheap uh compared to especially Like 6s things or even even just a 3s 2200 which which is what everybody used

To fly on I think 4S is the most popular Size Now very cool airplane you guys and I'm Just glad we got to getting out the Fight today can we do knife edge not Really almost a show pass showy showy Showy showy showy out of it little There's our knife edge falling out of it For sure that was full Rudder maybe if We Pushed uh gave it a little more Servo Throw we could hold it but that's that's It right there it Falls super fun airplane I mean we can Just I think in the maiden flight I did This you got me Abby no no I do not okay We're done we're done again I I just Gave up ready you're going to zoom out a Little bit and I want to show that just So it's up okay you ready here go zoom Out just a little all right everybody You know what airplane can do that I Mean you want the whole video to be this We can do it oh no you can't cuz your Battery well okay Isn't that cool how Many was that everybody get some rewind Action going and count it Please it's very cool plane that's it Just a cool plane nice casual flyer and I'll be honest with you this didn't even Get a full charge when I charged it it Got like maybe a 3/4 charge so what this Performance is is not even on a fully Charged battery cuz I just ran out of

Time now I'll be honest with you another Reason I got this out today is cuz I Want to do a touch and go with it so I'm Going to try I think I can I've done it with my Full-size Kendo on grass many times and It might just PLP down in the snow and That'd be the end of it so it's either Going to be a cool Landing or a cool Touch and go let's See push it oh Yeah there's no denying I clipped the Snow there that was cool okay now I Don't encourage anyone to do this but I'm going try To I Did let's talk about a few things really Fast so the airplane Linked In the Description box I think it's a plane for Everybody I honestly do nice little Casual flyer but it's also very high Performance and it doesn't break the Bank so that's linked below probably the Second most important thing because We're starting to fly a lot of our Littlex planes on these this is a magic Battery the UMX pits and there's a Couple others but now the Kendo Especially flies on on this battery it's Awesome and I seem to get very long Flight times on a 300 milliamp so those Will be linked in the description box You got to get some of these batteries I

Have been flying on this there's a Couple things I'm not a huge fan of but There's some things that I love so far My white transmitter doesn't seem to be Showing too much dirt but it's showing Some dirt so you know strange choice on Their part for that it would have been Nice if it had some like black grips on The side or orange or something my Favorite thing about this radio is you Can't see it now cuz it's off and even If it was on it's very bright out so It's hard to see but this light that They put on here when it's charging is Green when it's on inside it's a very Bright orange and it looks really good Spectrum keep putting the cool lights on Your radios they look amazing I no one's Going to complain about that this is a Weird system actually I know someone Will complain about it so sorry I said That this uh my Al alternate piece that I could have put on here for a lanyard Hook I wanted to put the small one on Here so it wasn't I don't like that it Covers my button and yes I did flip that Around so it's not covering my screen But the one that I got came bent all to Oh it was really bent up I don't know How a person like were they trying to See if it was real gold and bent it it's Bent and doesn't work in there so Whatever um but yeah for like it's their Cheapest newest radio and it definitely

Gets the job done so I'm a huge fan That'll be linked down there too and Finally people keep asking about them These gloves these gloves are heated Fingerless gloves it's the only type I've ever seen Abby surprised me with Them for Christmas she bought them for Me for Christmas and I love them uh Because I do fly with fingerless gloves So I can actually feel the transmitter Joysticks or gimbals and uh it's nice to Have a little bit of heat here so it Helps a lot and I know a lot of guys Have been asking about them so now my Fingertips are still cold but they would Be colder I feel like my hands are still Colder yeah so it's working it's got a Couple different settings and I've flown Now like 3 days on with these without Having to charge them yet so that's Pretty cool they'll be linked down there Too before we jump out of here and get Warmed back up I want to say massive Thanks to God for blessing us with this Awesome day and it's funny because now We're done recording and here comes the Wind so thank you God for just allowing Us to get out here and have some fun and Share this experience with you guys and A big thanks to our patreon supporters Because we couldn't do what we do as Often as we do it without your amazing Support we thank you from the bottom of Our hearts if you like UMX airplanes or

Just you know small but very awesome Airplanes in general we'll have a Handpicked video popping up right about Now just for you thanks for watching see You there Bye

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