7 LOSI PROMOTO-MX Things you NEED to Know!!!

Check out the Losi Promoto-MX here:
This is the WORLD’S BEST New RC Motorcycle, the Losi Promoto-MX dirt bike. In this video we go over 7 things you need to know about the Losi Promoto-MX RC dirtbike. This is a brushless 1/4th scale RC motorcycle with a built in gyro and fly wheel to maintain stability. Let us know what you think of this RC dirt bike in the comments.
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Check out the unboxing of this RC here:
Check out the speed test here:
Check out the bashing video here:

Check out the Losi Promoto MX here:
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The entire world of RC whether you're Into RC or not is super excited about This brand new groundbreaking RC Motorcycle that was amazing that was Amazing This is the Losi promoto MX and we'll Have it linked in the description box Below whether you're an RC Enthusiast You've got this on pre-order you plan on Buying it or you just think it's awesome In today's video I want to tell you Seven things that you need to know about This RC [Applause] The number one thing that everybody Always wants to know about this RC and Pretty much all RCS is how fast does it Go we got this to hit 42 miles an hour Right here Right out of the box with no Modification that's on the included Battery if you get the ready to run Version or the recommended battery which Is the same as the one included with the Ready to run we'll have the battery that We're driving on linked below There you go he's up now just because This thing hits 42 miles an hour out of The box that's never good enough for Anybody so everybody says put a 3s Battery in it and we would but guess What if you put a 3s battery in this Bike as is the way it sits Electronically you will fry the gyro

That is the system that keeps this thing Stable yeah I'm gonna get knocked over I'm not saying that this couldn't ever Run on 3s you may have to rewire it so That it could get those higher speeds I Think the bike itself could handle 3s But the onboard flywheel the gyro just Can't handle that so do not put a 3s Battery in your bike that is extremely Important Wow now yes this does have a built-in Gyro and that helps keep it stabilized But one thing that makes it so unique That a lot of people wouldn't know is This has airplane technology built into It RC airplane technology it's called As3x and safe I have flown hundreds of RC planes on our Channel and Through the Years so I know what I'm talking about When I say that that makes this RC Ground vehicle very groundbreaking and Extremely awesome technology to keep This thing upright so that it can ride Wheelies for a couple hundred feet Easily right out of the box yes There you go oh that was cool that was a Good wheelie people are pretty amazed When they find out that this is really Chain driven that is an actual chain Drive with metal spokes that does Require chain oil and the awesome thing Is it's included and an added bonus this Has an actual functioning disc brake on The front of the bike this is a first in

The world of RC All right Another thing that makes this bike so Unique and light years ahead of any Competition on the market are the three Very unique driving modes right out of The box when you turn it on it is in Street mode which keeps the front end of The bike down no matter how hard you Punch the throttle this is a great mode For beginners getting used to driving Because it's going to keep the bike Completely upright and help you from Having to go recover the bike if it does Fall over the second driving mode that You access just by pressing this button Is off-road mode this is great for Getting air if you want to hit ramps and Jumps like we've done a bunch on the Channel this is the mode you want to be In it also gives you a little bit more Freedom so you can hit those curves and Just have a little bit more Punchy Control if you Full Throttle the front End can come up in off-road mode the Third driving mode is my favorite and I Know it's my wife's favorite that is Wheelie mode it will keep this bike Upright realistically if you have Throttle on so you just get moving punch That throttle and it does a great job at Holding a wheelie it can't just sit There and balance like some of those Trick toys that you've seen in the past

But it does a very realistic running Wheelie and Abby and I have tried our Best to see how far we can get this to Run and we're looking at easily 150 feet Or more This bike is actually completely Opposite so when you turn right the Wheel goes left and people think there's Something wrong with that that's the way It's supposed to be so when you start Yours up for the very first time and you Turn right but the wheel goes left there She goes That's okay because the bike leans into The curves and so this is just like the Real deal where you want to counter turn On Sharp Banks when you're driving it Also helps because the gyro in here is Helping keep things nice and level so The steering is opposite but not really Because if you turn right it will still Go right yeah that's right but if it's On the ground looks up and you're just Doing the steering without it driving It's going to look like it's opposite But once you start moving and you turn Right the bike still magically goes Right [Music] Last but certainly not least this is one Of the most fun ground vehicles that Abby and I have had our hands on in Years it is ridiculously fun I don't Know what it is maybe it's the driver

Maybe it's the realism there's just so Many different aspects about this bike That you can bring to reality with a Little bit of imagination and a lot of Fun but to have a real final tip thrown At you let's talk about this knob on the Back of the radio which is brand new This knob gives you new technology with This dirt bike and it's really important To know how to use it because it can Drastically affect how your bike rides Not only do we have new spokes on the Steering wheel but when you turn this Knob up in wheelie mode it allows your Bike to go farther back so if you want To increase your skill level a little Bit and try to do trick wheelies where You're actually scraping your skid plate In the back you can crank that knob up And get farther back wheelies There it is nice nice And that's why that skid Plate's on the Back good recovery if you turn the knob Down you can get lower wheelies and my Guess is maybe you can do wheelies a bit Faster this way I've played with the Knob a little bit and it's a lot of fun I can definitely feel the difference but I won't say that I'm good at either one Yet I like the knob to be right in the Middle or I can ride perfect wheelies Right now also if you're in off-road Mode this knob will allow your bike to Tip further or less so depending on your

Skill level and how aggressively you are Racing you may want to adjust that knob So you get actual more tip while you're Running [Music] Have it guys seven things that I think You need to know whether you have this On pre-order you plan on buying it or You just think it's one of the coolest RCS you've ever seen these are some Great things to know before you actually Get into this yourself hopefully I save Some of you guys your gyro before you Put a 3s battery in or help you get to Having fun faster the minute you get Your bike I know you're going to unbox It and go in with knowledge that Abby And I have learned kind of the hard way As we play around with this thing but That doesn't mean the content's going to Stop here so what I want to know from You guys in the comments below if we did Not answer one of the things that you Wanted to know about this bike let us Have it hit us up in the comments and we Will continue to make content on this Amazing groundbreaking technology in This RC dirt bike I absolutely love it And if you're in love too and you Haven't pre-ordered one yet they are Linked in our description box below and If you're watching this video after They're released hopefully they're in Stock you can still order it using our

Link and when you do you help support Our Channel and our family it really Does mean the world to us helps us a lot Keeping us motivated to make this kind Of video for you which we love doing but It definitely helps I want to say a Massive thanks to God for blessing us With this beautiful weather today it's So nice to see blue skies and clouds and The sun I'm sweating profusely but it's A refreshing breath of fresh air Compared to what we had just a couple Days ago so thank you a refreshing Breath of fresh air I like it super Refreshing A massive thanks to our patreon Supporters guys we couldn't do what we Do as often as we do without your Insanely awesome support we thank you From the bottom of our hearts if you've Missed our very fun off-road bashing Video of this guy we'll have that video Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there bye Foreign

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